Xperia C User Guide Pdf

Xperia c user guide pdf

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Sony Xperia C2305 User Manual

Also See for Xperia C White paper - 22 pages. Page of Go.

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Page 94 Page 95 - Playing files on a digital media rendere User guide Xperia. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently.

Sony Xperia C Manual / User Guide Download PDF

Table of Contents. Xperia e1 dual d; xperia e1 dual d 99 pages. Page 3 Contacts Page 4 Viewing photos and videos in the My albums tab Page 5 Legal information For example, you can add and delete applications, or enhance existing applications to improve functionality. Page 9 To insert a memory card Remove the back cover. Insert the memory card into the memory card slot, with the gold-colored contacts facing down.

The memory card may not be included at purchase in all markets.

Sony c2305 dead solution - Sony Xperia C Water damage

Insert the strap through the hole in the back cover, then wrap the strap around the strap holder. Attach the back cover.

Sony Xperia C user guide manual

Turning the device on and off To turn on the device Make sure that the battery is charged for at least 30 minutes before you turn on the device for the first time. Page Screen Lock To turn off the device Press and hold down the power key until the options menu opens. In the options menu, tap Power off.

Tap OK. It may take a while for the device to shut down. To force the device to shut down Remove the back cover. Page Accounts And Services Accounts and services Sign in to your online service accounts from your device to get easy access when you're on the move. You can sign up to new online services from your device as well as from a computer.

Do not touch the screen if the glass is cracked or shattered. Avoid trying to repair a damaged screen yourself. Glass screens are sensitive to drops and mechanical shocks. Cases of negligent care are not covered by the Sony warranty service. When you use two fingers on the screen to zoom, it is only possible to zoom if both fingers are within the zoomable area.

You can wait for the scrolling movement to stop by itself, or you can stop it immediately by tapping the screen. Sensors Your device has sensors that detect both light and proximity.

Page 17 Otherwise, your device repeatedly scans for available networks, and this consumes power. Hands-free devices demand less battery power than your device's own loudspeakers.

Sony Xperia C user manual

Standby time refers to the time during which your device is connected to the network and is not being used. Drag the slider beside Low battery mode to the right.

Page 19 The items in the bar at the bottom of the screen are always available for quick access. To set a pane as the main Home screen pane Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates. Page Rearranging Your Home Screen To resize a widget Touch and hold a widget until it magnifies and the device vibrates, then release the widget. If the widget can be resized, for example, the Calendar widget, then a highlighted frame and resizing dots appear.

Drag the dots inward or outward to shrink or expand the widget. To confirm the new size of the widget, tap anywhere on the Home screen. Page Accessing And Using Applications Changing the background of your Home screen Adapt the Home screen to your own style using wallpapers and different themes.

To change your Home screen wallpaper Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates. Tap Wallpapers and select an option.

Xperia c user guide pdf

In the first case, the next time you open the application, you can continue where you left off. Remember that some applications may cause data connection charges when they are running in the background, for example, social networking services. Enter a name for the widget, if desired, then tap OK. Application menu You can open a menu at any time when you are using an application. The menu will look different depending on which application you are using. Page 26 3 Display numbers and symbols.

Product documentation for Xperia XZ

This key disappears after the keyboard is personalized. All illustrations are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately depict the actual device.

Xperia c user guide pdf

The word you tap gets highlighted by tabs on both sides. Drag the tabs to the left or right to select more text. To edit text in landscape orientation Enter some text, then double-tap the entered text. Select the text you want to work with, then tap Edit and select an option.

Page Using The Phonepad To change the Gesture input settings When you enter text using the on-screen keyboard, tap , then tap Keyboard settings.

User guide

Tap Text input settings. Mark or unmark the Gesture input checkbox. If you want to automatically add a space between gestures without having to tap the space bar each time, mark the Space between gestures checkbox. A Phonepad with numbers appears. A grid with symbols and smileys appears. Scroll up or down to view more options.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra User Manual Pdf

You get incoming communication to both SIM cards, and can select from which number you want to place outgoing communication. You can switch manually between the SIM cards, or make settings so that the phone switches automatically for you, depending on, for example, time of day or communication type.

Xperia c user guide pdf

Page Time And Date To set your device to vibrate mode Press the volume key down until appears in the status bar. To set your device to silent mode Press the volume key down until the device vibrates and appears in the status Select the sound to be played when notifications arrive.

Xperia c user guide pdf

Tap Done. Get a more dynamic sound as you listen to your favorite songs. Page Using A Headset Using a headset Use the accessories provided with your device, or other compatible accessories, for optimal performance. To use a headset Connect the headset to your device. To answer a call, press the call handling key. To end the call, press the call handling key. If a headset is not included with the device, you may purchase one separately.

Page Controlling Data Usage access the Internet, have no data connection, or cannot send or receive multimedia messages. Page Mobile Network Settings To set a data usage limit Make sure that you have turned on data traffic. Select a SIM card. Mark the Set mobile data limit checkbox if it is not marked, then tap OK. To set the data usage limit, drag the lines to the desired values.

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Tap Service providers. Turning off data traffic You can disable all data connections over mobile networks to avoid any unwanted data downloads and synchronizations. You can browse these applications and games through different categories. You can also rate an application or game and send feedback on it.

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Page Permissions Sony does not warrant or guarantee the performance of any third-party applications or content transferred via download or other interface to your phone. Similarly, Sony is not responsible for any damage or reduced performance of your phone attributable to the transfer of third-party content.

Xperia c user guide pdf

Page Calling Calling Emergency calls Your device supports international emergency numbers, for example, or You can normally use these numbers to make emergency calls in any country, with or without a SIM card inserted if you are within range of a network.

A keypad appears. Tap the numbers you want to enter. Page Multiple Calls Multiple calls If you have activated call waiting, you can handle multiple calls at the same time.

When it is activated, you will be notified by a beep if you receive another call. Tap Call blocking. Select an option.

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Enter the password and tap Enable.