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What are nutraceuticals pdf editor

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Next-Gen therapeutics for Skin Cancer: Nutraceuticals

Editorial Board. Her pluridisciplinary researches are focused on cardiovascular pharmacology of oxidative stress, redox and nitric oxide signaling. Linda Giblin is Senior Scientist at Teagasc www. She leads a vibrant research group interested in Food bioactives, digestion and bioavailability. To date, she has supervised 8 Ph.

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Sc to completion. Regional Editors Europe Josep A. Author of 65 books and book chapters, papers, and 8 patents. Supervisor of 26 doctoral theses.

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Africa Chukwunonso E. Chukwunonso E. Ejike, born in Nigeria in , studied all through at the University of Nigeria, and earned a PhD in Biochemistry in Chukwunonso had his postdoctoral training at the University of Guelph, Canada. He has won several grants to support his research and has published scores of papers in scientific journals. He was promoted to the rank of full Professor of Medical Biochemistry in Abbottabad, K.

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Jamal Mahajna has extensive experience in molecular, and cancer cell biology research. His research interests include molecular medicine, cancer resistance, kinase modulators, nutrigenomics, and natural products. Mahajna is author of over 50 publications, including refereed research papers, review papers, chapters in books and patents. He has wide ranging interests in the effects of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals on signal transduction pathways, and biophysical approaches to characterizing their cellular action.

Section Editors Section: Nutrition, lifestyle, health and their respective biomarkers. Section: Sulfur and Selenium Containing Nutraceuticals.

What are nutraceuticals pdf editor

He then obtained tenure in the Department of Physiology, at the same institution and was promoted to senior lecturer here in Throughout this time, Dr. Mackrill has maintained an interest in calcium signal transduction and more recently has become interested in how dietary components, such as oxysterols and selenium, influence signalling mechanisms in eukaryotic cells.

Section: Formulation and Delivery of Nutraceuticals. Section: Antioxidants. Vuong is an expert in the field of food science and Analysis. He has more than 5 years of working experience in the food industry and over 15 years of research experience in the field of food science.

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His research focus and interest areas are tea products, food dehydration, food product development, natural bioactive compounds and their utilization in functional foods and pharmaceuticals, utilization of waste generated from agricultural production and food processing, and development of edible coatings to extend the shelf-life of food products.

Section: Nutraceuticals and drug development. Masayoshi Yamaguchi, Ph. Yamaguchi discovered two novel proteins genes , which were named as regucalcin and RGPR-p , and published over English articles with peer-review. Editorial Board Members A.

What are nutraceuticals pdf editor

The experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of researching in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. He has published many originals and reviews in high-quality journals and selected as a recognized international editor and peer reviewer by famous publishers. In , Dr. Professor Batteux has published over international articles in Pubmed-referenced journals in the fields of systemic autoimmune disorders, inflammation and cancer.

His work focuses on mechanisms of gene regulation by nuclear hormones, in particular on vitamin D. At present he runs projects on epigenome-wide effects of vitamin D on the human immune system.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access

After reading for his undergraduate degree in Heath Sciences at the University of Malta , Dr Caruana started his career in nutrition and dietetics by successfully completing a Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics in at the same University.

Being interested in the field of dietetics, he then pursued an intensive two- year Masters programme in dietetics at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, including registration as a dietitian After two years in dietetics, Dr Caruana joined the University of Malta in collaboration with the prestigious Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich to read for his doctorate degree which focused on how natural compounds, known as polyphenols, could possibly alter physiological and biochemical pathways in neurodegenerative diseases.

A doctoral qualification was awarded in after publishing several peer-reviewed articles.

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Patrick develops analytical methods for complex biological materials mainly plants by Mass Spectrometry including Imaging MS. Since Head of the Biochemistry educational departement at the faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bourgogne. Tomy J. Nina Hermans studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Antwerp, where she graduated in From to she was senior research assistant in NatuRA Research group, and in she was appointed assistant professor. Her research focuses on oxidative stress and the metabolic syndrome, and the potential role of antioxidant plant extracts, foods and natural products in treatment or prevention.

Currently, she is the Program Director for postgrdaute program in her school. Her research interest is focused on the search for biologically important phytochemical compounds from natural products, leading to the discovery of potential anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory lead compounds.

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Besides, her research area covers the synthesis and structural modification of natural products for structure-activity relationship study, oil palm and functional food research. Mah has been actively publishing scientific journal papers in renowned international refereed journals. He got Ph. He has published more than papers in journal of international repute with cumulative Impact factor of more than He was decorated with prestigious Tamgh-i-Imtiaz in He has also earned best University teacher award and Research productivity award.

He has produced 5 Ph. D and 40 M.

What are nutraceuticals pdf editor

Phil students. She is presently Deputy Chair of the Mediterranean Foodways programme and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences where her preferred areas of teaching are food ethics, food policy, General and Food Microbiology.


His current research interests are on the development of sustainable manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical and food-derived nutraceutical products with a focus on enhancing the bioavailability of these bioactive compounds and their life cycle analysis. He is expert reviewer for 33 international journals. His main research interests lie in elucidating the molecular mechanisms that regulate gene expression involved in aging and various neurodegenerative pathologies, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis.

He also studies the immunomodulatory effects of organosulfur compounds in garlic, and the development of vaccines through genetic engineering. Pandey University of Allahabad India. Rozangela Curi Pedrosa did her Ph.

Her research interests are a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Cancer b Effect and mechanisms of action of antitumor natural products c Cancer drug research d Computational biology.

What are nutraceuticals pdf editor

Rai is a senior researcher in Teagasc, and an adjunct assistant professor in University College Dublin. He leads research in the extraction and characterisation of bioactive molecules from plant-food and marine sources. His current focus of research is in the application of organic synthesis in the medicinal chemistry, natural product synthesis and methodology development.

He has presented his research work in various international conferences including the US National Organic Symposium. Singh Dr.


Author of 14 book chapters, original and review papers and 2 patents. Supervisor of 4 doctoral thesis and 40 master thesis. He is also a reviewer of different scientific journals. He has also contributed his valuable publications in different scientific journals, having citations around 20, Armen Trchounian, Ph.

He is an Editor of 3 peer-reviewed international journals Elsevier, Frontiers and Editorial member of numerous international journals.

He has published more than papers in reputed journals, has received more than 2, citations h-index: 28 and has been serving as section editor of Turkish Journal of Biochemistry. His research interests are focused on click chemistry, C-H activation reactions, asymmetric organocatalysis, nanocatalysis, mechanistic investigations, and the synthesis of heterocyclic and naphthoquinoidal bioactive compounds.

Currently, he is also interested in obtaining fluorescent substances for the study of their pharmacological and DNA-binding properties. He has authored 86 scientific publications.

From the Editor-in-Chief of Nutraceuticals and Food

Associate Editorial Board Members M. Abu Bakar. His interest on medicinal plants herbs and fruits grew in Sabah, and he researched on the potential health benefits of endemic plants. Back in Johor, Malaysia Dr Mohd Fadzelly ventured into documenting traditional knowledge of the Jakun as medicinal plants diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes and gout as well as for healthcare including as food sources.

His research interest include studying on the efficacy and mechanism-of-action of medicinal plants that has been claimed traditionally to treat diseases. Oguz Bayraktar MSc, Ph.

What are nutraceuticals pdf editor