Weights And Measures Act 2011 India Pdf

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

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Explanation I. Explanation II. Provisions of this Act to override the provisions of any other law. Units of weight or measure to be based on metric system. Base unit of length.

Base unit of mass. Base unit of time.

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

Base unit of electric current. Base unit of thermodynamic temperature. Base unit of luminous intensity. Base unit of amount of substance.

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

Supplementary, derived, special and other units of weight or measure—their symbols, definitions, etc. Base unit of numeration. Standard unit of weight or measure. National prototypes. National standards. National prototype and national standard how to be kept. Reference, secondary and working standards. Power of Central Government to prescribe physical characteristics, etc.

Standard weight or measure. Use of non-standard weight or measure prohibited.

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Prohibition with regard to inscriptions etc. Supply, etc. Preparation and custody or secondary or working standards. Verification, stamping, etc. Secondary or working standard which may be stamped. Appointment of Director and other staff. Power of inspection, etc.

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

Part IV to apply to inter-State trade or commerce only. Use of weights only or measures only in certain cases. Prohibition of quotations, etc.

Weights And Measures Act 2011 Maharashtra

Any custom, usage, etc. Manufacturers, etc. Approval of models. Penalty for counter-feiting of seals, etc.

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

Weight or measure to contain number of the approved model, etc. Quantities and origin of commodities in packaged form to be declared. Verification and stamping of weights and measures sent from one State to another. Weight or measure of the first category to be presumed to be correct throughout the territory of India. Weight or measure of the first category not to be sold or used in any State unless it is stamped in the transferor State.

Weights or measures of the second category received from transferor State to be produced before the local Inspector of the transferee State. Procedure when any weight or measure is transferred from a transferee State to another State.

Weights and measures act 2011 india pdf

Persons exporting or importing any weight or measure to get themselves registered. Conditions under which export of non-standard weights and measures and other goods may be made. Non-metric weight or measure not to be imported. Penalty for use of non-standard weights or measures. Penalty for contravention of section Penalty for manufacture of weights or measures unless approval of model is in force.

Weights And Measures (1956)

Penalty for sale, etc. Penalty where no specific penalty is provided. Presumption to be made in certain cases. Penalty for personation of officials.

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Penalty for giving false information or false returns. Vexatious actions. Cognizance of offences, etc. Compounding of offences.

Weights and Measures Act

Offences by companies and power of court to publish name, place of business, etc. Repeal and savings. Establishment of a training Institute and provisions for training thereat. Training at other places. Survey and statistics. Conversion of non-metric weights and measures into standard units of weights or measures.

Non-metric weight or measure not to be mentioned in any document, etc. Levy of fees.

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Power to make rules. Continuance of certain weights and measures during transitional period.

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