Wanted Baby Maker Blacklily Pdf

Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

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Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Chapter One 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.

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Chapter Six 7. Chapter 7 8.

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Chapter Eight. Hi guys! This is my first real fic for the Haikyuu fandom and actually my first real fic ever- these boys have just inspired me! I'm aware that this is the cheesiest possible trope to write, so I tried to make it unashamedly cheesy.

Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

I'd like to dedicate this to nishinoikawa over on Tumblr because she is the best headcanon partner and source of inspiration I could hope for and has made me cry multiple times. I hope you guys enjoy! The meteors fly thick and fast, lighting up the sky, easily seen even among the last greenish remnants of the sunset.

Hajime rolls his eyes, suddenly knowing exactly what Oikawa thinks this is.

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On aliens? It could be magic instead of aliens, or maybe the aliens can hear us. Are you really passing up the chance for a free wish? Oikawa giggles, which somehow manages to simultaneously be the most annoying sound in the world and make the dusk blaze with sunshine. On three, the largest meteor yet streaks across the sky. This one is vivid yellow instead of white, and Hajime swears he can feel a faint crackle as it passes.

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Five more centimeters, please… Just let me be as tall as Oikawa, at least. And five centimeters would be invaluable for volleyball; if he can blast through blockers at cm well, It would be a nice change to look down on his kouhai instead of up for once. Oikawa sighs, faux-exasperated.

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I was completely justified! Hajime feels his face heat up as he protests.

Much more than documents.

Oikawa sighs dramatically and throws his free hand onto his forehead in a mock swoon. Hajime kicks him in the leg—making sure to avoid the knee. Oikawa snorts. You would terrorize any poor girl who was charitable enough to want to go out with you. Face it, Iwa-chan, you could never treat a girl as delicately and kindly as she deserves. Then, suddenly, the clouds clear from his face and he grins. I could never stand to disappoint my other fans. Oikawa laughs a little and turns his head back to the stars.

The meteor shower is ending now, with long pauses between one flash of light and the next. Hajime lurches to his feet and stumbles for a few steps, trying to work the pins-and-needles feeling out of his legs. We have so much homework to do. Hajime thinks that Godzilla movies are ridiculous, with nonsensical plots, horrible special effects, and enough cheese to feed Switzerland for a year.

[Blacklily] Wanted Babymaker

He absolutely loves them. My house or yours? Their hands are still joined, swinging between them as they stroll down the road. Do you want me to freeze to death?

Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

Something is wrong here. Wait a second.

Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

Something is even more wrong than he thought. He freezes and stares at the hand that still rests on top of the clock, with its long, elegant fingers. He knows it like the back of his hand. There is no way that at some point when he was sleeping he wandered into some horrible s American movie.

It hurts. Hajime levers himself out of the bed. When his feet meet the cold hardwood floor and he stands, everything seems slightly lower than usual. Five centimeters makes a visible difference, apparently.

Wanted Baby Maker by BlackLily

He looks down at himself in a hopeless confirmation that nothing has changed in the past thirty seconds. Hajime thanks his wave of incredulous amusement at the fact that Oikawa seriously still wears volleyball boxers for distracting his train of thought from falling off that dangerous little cliff. He feels panic rushing up through said chest again. Hajime is usually good at going with the flow and adapting to the situation, but this is a situation that he could never have possibly pictured.

Without realizing it, he ends up in the bathroom, staring at his own reflection in the mirror.

Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

His hair, unmanageable as it usually is in the mornings, stands out like a dark cloud framing the face sallow with shock. Hajime rakes his hands through the mop a few more times, making flyaway pieces stick out even more.

The slight pain in his scalp as he tugs too hard grounds him in reality, making him feel a little more connected to this body. The panic fades a little; in its place is left a familiar and somehow comforting overwhelming rage. From the next house over, he can faintly hear an answering terrified shriek at a volume and pitch much higher than his lungs were ever meant to create.

Well, that answers one question. Whatever happened, happened to both of them. Hajime squares his shoulders and marches out of the bathroom. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

When You Wish Upon a Star

Get an Invitation. Oikawa blames the aliens. The Iwaoi body swap fic that this fandom needs, if not the one it deserves. Chapter 1 : Chapter One.

How old are you, five? On the brightest one in the sky.

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Hajime has to admit that it kind of was. I went out with Hana for three weeks, not one! Is it my fault that she thought it was too scary? I think it was too scary for a date night. More high-definition horrible Godzilla puppet action.

Wanted Babymaker

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Wanted baby maker blacklily pdf

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