Trading Day By Day Pdf Files

Trading day by day pdf files

Some even wanted to make that money everyday from Rs.

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Now for the time being forget stock markets. Does any business comes to your mind?

Trading day by day pdf files

No, Nada, Nothing. There is no business that can generate that kind of returns. If there was some business like that — all other businesses would simply not exist. This in my view is significant if you can compound accumulated profits month after month to make more money.

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The idea is not to withdraw profits and re-invest the profits back in to trading conservatively and keep making profits. Click here to read more about the course. This is an impossible dream which traders love to dream.

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Their day-dreaming does not end there. They then dream of pulling crores from friends and relatives even from banks and make crores every year.

Yep I am not lying. Hell they do not even know why they need so much money in the first place. Sadly this dream costs them dearly. Hell even I am a victim. I wasted Rs.

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But fact is its very easy to sell a dream. You will see dreams being sold. Tell me now, do you think its possible? If no then why do you buy such dreams?

Trading day by day pdf files

Let me tell you in a very blunt language — making money is hard — you cannot make it rich by getting tips from someone.

If making Rs. Hell borrow 1 lakh from your parents, open a trading account, and pay a tip provider 2k a month and laugh your way to banks. Is that even remotely possible? In fact Thank God its not possible else the world would had collapsed.

No one would work.

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All would wait for that next tip to get rich. It would be a strange world. No, I never said that. I only said if you are thinking tips providers will make you money giving Intraday tips then that will NOT work.

You can of course work hard and become an expert day trader. There are many books written on them, you can do online research or try your own strategies to try your hand at day trading.

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But its only you who can help you to become an expert Intraday trader. No one else can. When I was losing money I tried several Intraday strategies on my own.

Trading day by day pdf files

Most of it is not worth sharing but there is one that I feel may work if you try which I will reveal shortly. But I tried a lot of strategies. I will tell you something that may work Intraday, but you will have to practice to perfect it. Note: What you will read below needs a lot of patience and practice. However there is an easier way to trade Intraday trading not written here.

If interested to know please please contact me. There is something known as scalping. According to Investopedia.

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The reason these individuals are so active is that they hope to reap a small profit on each trade and that these small profits will add up to big dough at the end of the day. In other words a trader takes lots of trades mostly done in equity cash because of high liquidity — but it can be done in Nifty Options as well and will try to make small profits in most of the trades. Of course the profit in terms of cash should be double that of loss.

So one profitable trade means the trader can take two more trades. Scalping is an art. Whether you know technical analysis or not is not important.

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Lots of practice, planning and patience is required to be a successful scalper. Also its a full time job. You cannot become a successful day trader with another full time job. Day trading needs your time and attention. Not monitoring your trades or leaving your monitor without stop loss in system can be disastrous.

To reduce stress, especially in western countries, there are many automated trading systems that are based on the scalping methods. Since its automated hundreds of trades can be taken in a day. And they can book profits in tenth of a second. You got the idea of how fast it can be if automated.

Highly liquid stocks. Here is something I tried but could not take it further as I lost interest in Scalping due to the stress. Disclaimer: Please note that this is an advice. Please do your own research before doing real trading. Stock market investment is risky. Please paper trade before committing real money.

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Then click on NSE. See this:. Then I used to open graph of top 3 gainers and losers. The idea was to pick stocks with clear trend and with high liquidity.

Trading day by day pdf files

One I am trading in highly liquid stocks and two I can see the trend at least for the day. Also remember the idea was to scalp — so even a small profit would do.

Rs 2000 Intraday Strategy For Day Trading Using Scalping

Of course I used to trade in only 1 stock at any given time. After 2 pm I did not trade. Ok as you can see around HDFC not. Reliance Industries Ltd no. Bosch Ltd. Adani Ports yes.

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Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. In the above case Hindustan Unilever Ltd. According to news I used to pick my stock. News like being acquired by someone, or corruption charges on management, quarterly results etc have big impact at least on that day of trading. Based on how strong the news is a stock was picked. Of course its easy to understand that I used to go with the trend. For example if the news says Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Or news like Maruti Suzuki sales dropped means at least for day the stock will have more sellers than buyers.

You see in this trade your real threat is a whipsaw stock reversing direction.

Trading day by day pdf files

Well my account was really small after losses. I did not want to risk too much and I was in the experiment mode, so in terms of money it was very small. In terms of percentage you can try initially with 0. This has to be maintained. And both stop losses should be in system.

Of course if a trade is making profit you can keep increasing stop loss called trailing stop loss to take out the maximum profits for the day. But again that needs to be practiced. Its an art. Start with a small account.

100% A Month Return Is An Impossible Dream That Can Be Sold Easily

Risk only Rs. See if you are profitable doing this in 20 days of trading. If you are, double your risk or increase it Rs.