Tourist Places In Maharashtra Pdf Viewer

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

Vacations can be pretty and relaxing, especially if you plan a trip to one of the best places in India, Maharashtra…a place where the coast is always sultry, the hills are always scenic and the cities always tourist friendly.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

This stupendous destination is always welcoming and you may get a creasy forehead deciding where to go, considering Maharashtra to be the third largest state in India. However, in order to let you have the best vacation, we have shortlisted the top places to see in Maharashtra especially one week long trip. If you are one of those city life lovers wanting to constantly be surrounded by cafes, malls, restaurants, street markets, spend your week-long trip in places like….

Vacationing in Maharashtra means Mumbai being your first stop… why? Because it has an International Airport Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and a chance to have a luxury vacation. While in Mumbai, apart from the popular tourist places, you can also go exploring the local attractions like Global Vipassana Pagoda which is perfect place for meditation; Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount for its splendor classic architecture; and a ferry ride to Elephanta Island to see the AD caves and simply admire the artistic excellence.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

How I Spent 24 Hours in Mumbai. Though this city of Pune is a little laid back as compared to the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, it receives zesty crowd for its high-spirited nightlife and vivifying attractions. Go shake a leg at the swanky bars in Pune like Area 51 its specialty, check out the revolving dance floor.

You have to visit places like Sinhagad Fort , occupying a small part of Bhuleshwar Range of Sahyadris and also Mulshi Dam , this romantic escape might just fill your hearts with awe. With Ajanta and Ellora Caves on top of the must visit places in India, this fabulous Maharashtra destination of Aurangabad must be on your go-to list.

While these above-mentioned caves give recognition to this place, Bibi Ka Maqbara , a replica of the Taj Mahal, gives a chance to the visitors to hum romantic songs as you explore. The picturesque landscape of Aurangabad possesses some amazing places to spend solitary time with nature, and of course, its religious sites and historical monuments that date back to 3rd century BC are worth paying a visit.

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For those who appreciate the sounds of nature along with exuberating hill activities, spend your week-long trip in places like…. A visit up a secluded and charming hill destination of Matheran can be an interesting experience, so much that you can almost forget all your worries. Entrenched in the Western Ghats range, Matheran is an environment-friendly place that does not allow any vehicle, and thus, walking or taking a pony ride are the options you can choose from.

This popular getaway in Maharashtra is ideal to offer you respite from the hectic urban life.

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Enjoy basking in the warm sun, panoramic views of the rolling hills and pleasant weather that can compel you to extend your holiday. Such exhilarating vibes this hill destination of Mahabaleshwar offers, you can hardly think of any other destination while here, obviously! Its quiet surroundings and cool breeze make it a famous summer destination for the people, especially the city dwellers of Mumbai.

Mahabaleshwar enchants every visitor by its best-kept tourist sites like the Wilson Point, which is the best place to see the sunrise and the Venna Lake where you can make the day out of it by boat around the lake.

Mahabaleshwar is also famous for having trekking spots and beautiful waterfalls like Chinaman and Dhobi Waterfalls. So to say, you may feel like being in a quaint little Italian town like Portofino. If you seek a quick getaway to see the nearby beauty of Lavasa, go for a trek to the surrounding wet forest and Mulshi Dam, for a more romantic and scenic sight, visit this dam during the monsoon season and the thin layered mist will certainly add an oomph to the place.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

If you are one of those who enjoys the coastal scenes and are always in a mood to hit the beach to see the sunsets, spend your week-long trip in places like….

Malvan is a quite a fishing holiday destination where you meet sun, sand, and sea. Here you can explore the beaches that are picturesque and comely. If you are seeking for a more secluded and romantic beach in Malvan, take a trip to the Kolamb Beach, you can expect to have an uninterrupted sight of the setting sun from this beach. Malvan Beach, on the other hand, is rather opposite to calm, it has various beachside shops and cafes, keeping it quite crowded, most of the time. For sightseeing, there are various islands that are accessible from Malvancho Dhakko, where you get a ferry to nearby rocky islands like the Lighthouse island, Burnt Island, and Nivati rocks.

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Besides, you have to try the delicious Malvani dishes, all thanks to their generous use of coconuts and natural herbs offering amazing flavours. Just a few kilometers from Malvan, Tarkarli is another fabulous place to be in to have a perfect beach holiday; charming and green by its appearance, it offers a lot of joy to the vacationers.

This destination is perfect for a family holiday with kids and for honeymooners too. Just pass an array of coconut trees and you will be greeted with an outstretched beach which is the main attraction of the place. There is a wide range of resorts in Tarkarli that offer luxe treatment and all you have to do during your much-needed vacation is to sit back relax and enjoy every single moment offered by Tarkarli.

This destination is also a popular hotspot for water sports activities, here you can enjoy scuba diving and motorboat rides along with other enthralling beach sports.

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Amongst the best holiday places, Alibaug is perhaps the most attractive treasure to visit that is adorned with the dense forest of Kanakeshwar, which is enriched with a variety of animal and plant species. It has a peaceful environment, beautifully surrounded by tall coconut and palm trees. This beach looks stunning during the sunrise.

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The other must visit in Alibaug is the Janjira Fort , which is a perfect spot to gaze at the Arabian Sea, this fort endowed in an ancient Mughal architectural style is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug.

On the other hand, the Kolaba Fort is also a best-kept tourist place you have to visit while in Alibaug, of course, a ferry ride to get here is necessary.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

For devotional and spiritual kind who seek soulful and religious places to devout their time with the holy, spend your week-long trip in places like…. One of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Maharashtra , Shirdi, where the home of the Saint Sai Baba is located is a definite place to visit. Also, one rare place to visit is Shani Shingnapur Temple , this Mandir in the village, so devoted to Lord Shani that none of the houses or shops here have doors.

A stopover in this unique place may offer a different feel in your journeys. During your visit to Shirdi , you may feel the presence of a supernatural power, a spiritual one… perhaps due to the positive vibe of the devotees or the place itself, the only way you can figure it out is by visiting.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

Nashik is a famous destination to go to if you seek a religious sojourn and a countryside ambience. A visit to some of the historical attractions and holy places like Trimbakeshwar and Muktidham Temples is the must thing to do here. Also, not to miss out is a visit to Pandavleni Caves which is adorned in vihara style of architecture.

Nasik is also associated with the Hindu Mythology of Ramayana as it is believed the three saintly figures — Ram, Lakshman, and Sita dwelled in this land. Nonetheless, to offer a rather relaxing and new experience, 30 minutes away from the heart of the city is Sula Vineyards.

Sample some wine brewed in the Sula winery and oh my!

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The beauty here are the glowing fireflies that illuminate the entire area and the best time to go there is during the first two weeks of June.

This pilgrimage destination is ideally visited for the temple of Khandoba , a Hindu deity who battled the demons — Malla and Mani. Apart from it, the place has wondrous architectural design and if you plan a visit here, you must pay attention the grandeur of the craftsmanship. If you prefer spending time a little away from the regular destinations, in an offbeat place or perhaps in some wildlife resorts, close to the wild, spend your week-long trip in places like….

Go for a trip off the tourist places to a land surrounded by the wild. It is certainly a drastic change yet something adventurous, and one such thrill-seeking place you have to visit is Tadoba National Park.

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This famed national park is the best place to see the protected Tigers in their natural surroundings. Tadoba National Park is an ideal place for a short family trip. It is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and while here, you can take up jeep safari and explore its dense forest, sight birds as well as other animals. These are nice places to have an enchanting wildlife experience in Maharashtra.

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Another best place to visit in Maharashtra for a rendezvous with the wild is in Chandoli National Park, Sangli. A popular national park in India, Chandoli is located near a coastal city of Ratnagiri and receives a mishmash of wildlife enthusiasts. You can visit here to see various species of flora and fauna like the mammals, birds, and reptiles.

If you want to also see the entire forest bloom in varied flora, the spring season is the best time to visit here.

15 Places to Visit in Maharashtra for a Week-Long Trip

Chandoli is home to species such as tigers, deer, gaurs, leopard, sloth bears, panthers, barking deer, mouse deer etc. Also, enhance your wildlife experience by staying in some of the best wildlife lodges and jungle resorts at Chandoli National Park. Adjacent to the Chandoli National Park, another wildlife place in Maharashtra is Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary perfect for a family vacation. Amongst other wildlife tourism places, this sanctuary is a bliss due to its open space and hills that together create a spell-binding and a picture-perfect place for nature lovers.

Koyna is a protected sanctuary for tigers, much bigger compared to Chandoli, this beautiful place encompasses three rivers, Solashi, Kandati, and Koyna. Also, here the Koyna Dam and Vasota Fort are two must-visits.

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Shivaji sagar Reservoir is also a charming place in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. While here, the best thing to do is to go for wildlife exploration and see many animals and birds. So, here we round up the 15 best places you can visit in Maharashtra for a week-long holiday and we are pretty sure you had your favourite pick.

Tourist places in maharashtra pdf viewer

Well, how can you not, this wonderful state has all sorts of places to travel for miscellany travellers and we hope our list has impressed you by its selection of destinations for city travellers, hill voyagers, devout pilgrims and wildlife enthusiasts. Also, to know more about Tour My India or a particular destination you can go through our detailed travel guide.

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