The Targets Of Mdgs Pdf

The targets of mdgs pdf

The Millennium Development Goals MDGs were eight international development goals for the year that had been established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in , following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. All United Nations member states at that time, and at least 22 international organizations , committed to help achieve the following Millennium Development Goals by Each goal had specific targets, and dates for achieving those targets. The 8 goals were measured by 21 targets.

Interventions evaluated include 1 improvements required to meet the millennium development goals MDG for water supply by halving by the proportion of those without access to safe drinking water , 2 meet the water MDG plus halving by the proportion of those without access to adequate sanitation, 3 increasing access to improved water and sanitation for everyone, 4 providing disinfection at point-of-use over and above increasing access to improved water supply and sanitation 5 providing regulated piped water supply in house and sewage connection with partial sewerage for everyone Hutton, G.

The targets of mdgs pdf

Critics of the MDGs complained of a lack of analysis and justification behind the chosen objectives, and the difficulty or lack of measurements for some goals and uneven progress, among others.

Although developed countries' aid for achieving the MDGs rose during the challenge period, more than half went for debt relief and much of the remainder going towards natural disaster relief and military aid, rather than further development.

As of , progress towards the goals was uneven. Some countries achieved many goals, while others were not on track to realize any. A UN conference in September reviewed progress to date and adopted a global plan to achieve the eight goals by their target date. New commitments targeted women's and children's health, and new initiatives in the worldwide battle against poverty, hunger and disease.

Additional input was prepared by the Millennium Forum, which brought together representatives of over 1, non-governmental and civil society organizations from more than countries. The Forum met in May to conclude a two-year consultation process covering issues such as poverty eradication , environmental protection , human rights and protection of the vulnerable. The approval of the Millennium Declaration was the main outcome of the Millennium Summit.

The Declaration asserted that every individual has dignity; and hence, the right to freedom, equality, a basic standard of living that includes freedom from hunger and violence and encourages tolerance and solidarity.

The targets of mdgs pdf

The MDGs set concrete targets and indicators for poverty reduction in order to achieve the rights set forth in the Declaration. The Brahimi Report provided the basis of the goals in the area of peace and security. The MDGs emphasized three areas: human capital , infrastructure and human rights social, economic and political , with the intent of increasing living standards. Human rights objectives include empowering women, reducing violence, increasing political voice, ensuring equal access to public services and increasing security of property rights.

The goals were intended to increase an individual's human capabilities and "advance the means to a productive life". The MDGs emphasize that each nation's policies should be tailored to that country's needs; therefore most policy suggestions are general. MDGs emphasize the role of developed countries in aiding developing countries, as outlined in Goal Eight, which sets objectives and targets for developed countries to achieve a "global partnership for development" by supporting fair trade , debt relief, increasing aid, access to affordable essential medicines and encouraging technology transfer.

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Thus developing nations ostensibly became partners with developed nations in the struggle to reduce world poverty. The MDGs were developed out of several commitments set forth in the Millennium Declaration , signed in September There are eight goals with 21 targets, [6] and a series of measurable health indicators and economic indicators for each target. General criticisms include a perceived lack of analytical power and justification behind the chosen objectives. The MDGs lack strong objectives and indicators for within-country equality, despite significant disparities in many developing nations.

Iterations of proven local successes should be scaled up to address the larger need through human energy and existing resources using methodologies such as participatory rural appraisal , asset-based community development , or SEED-SCALE. The MDGs were attacked for insufficient emphasis on environmental sustainability.

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Agriculture was not specifically mentioned in the MDGs even though most of the world's poor are farmers. The entire MDG process has been accused of lacking legitimacy as a result of failure to include, often, the voices of the very participants that the MDGs seek to assist.

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The International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty, in its post thematic consultation document on MDG 69 states "The major limitation of the MDGs by was the lack of political will to implement due to the lack of ownership of the MDGs by the most affected constituencies".

The MDGs may under-emphasize local participation and empowerment other than women's empowerment.

The targets of mdgs pdf

Without such accountability, no substantial change in national and international policies can be expected. MDG 2 focuses on primary education and emphasizes enrollment and completion. In some countries, primary enrollment increased at the expense of achievement levels.

In some cases, the emphasis on primary education has negatively affected secondary and post-secondary education. A publication from argued that goals related to maternal mortality , malaria and tuberculosis are impossible to measure and that current UN estimates lack scientific validity or are missing. Furthermore, countries with the highest levels of these conditions typically have the least reliable data collection. The study also argued that without accurate measures, it is impossible to determine the amount of progress, leaving MDGs as little more than a rhetorical call to arms.

The targets of mdgs pdf

MDG proponents such as McArthur and Sachs countered that setting goals is still valid despite measurement difficulties, as they provide a political and operational framework to efforts. With an increase in the quantity and quality of healthcare systems in developing countries, more data could be collected. The attention to well being other than income helps bring funding to achieving MDGs.

Prioritizing interventions helps developing countries with limited resources make decisions about allocating their resources.

The targets of mdgs pdf

MDGs also strengthen the commitment of developed countries and encourage aid and information sharing. They note that MDGs are the most broadly supported poverty reduction targets in world history. Achieving the MDGs does not depend on economic growth alone.

UNDP's MDG Mandate

The study argued that the emphasis on coverage obscures the measures required for expanding health care. These measures include political, organizational, and functional dimensions of scaling up, and the need to nurture local organizations.

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Fundamental issues such as gender, the divide between the humanitarian and development agendas and economic growth will determine whether or not the MDGs are achieved, according to researchers at the Overseas Development Institute ODI. In developing countries, significant funding for health came from external sources requiring governments to coordinate with international development partners.

As partner numbers increased variations in funding streams and bureaucratic demands followed. Further developments in rethinking strategies and approaches to achieving the MDGs include research by the Overseas Development Institute into the role of equity.

The targets of mdgs pdf

Examples abound, including Brazil's cash transfers , Uganda 's eliminations of user fees and the subsequent huge increase in visits from the very poorest or else Mauritius 's dual-track approach to liberalization inclusive growth and inclusive development aiding it on its road into the World Trade Organization.

Increased focus on gender issues could accelerate MDG progress, e. Paid work could increase women's access to health care and better nutrition, reducing child mortality.

Increasing female education and workforce participation increased these effects. Kabeer states that this access increases women's agency in their households, it does so in the economic and political spheres as well.

A study of women in rural Mexico found that those of them engaged in industrial work were able to negotiate and obtain a greater degree of respect in their households. Additionally, another study from Tanzania found that increased access to paid work led to a long-term reduction in domestic violence. Lastly, Women's employment and access to financial resources increased their political participation.

Millennium Development Goals

Data from Bangladesh indicates that longer membership in microfinance organizations have many positive effects including higher levels of political participation and improved access to government programs.

Although the resources, technology and knowledge exist to decrease poverty through improving gender equality, the political will is often missing. These seven priority areas include: increasing girls' completion of secondary school, guaranteeing sexual and reproductive health rights, improving infrastructure to ease women's and girl's time burdens, guaranteeing women's property rights, reducing gender inequalities in employment, increasing seats held by women in government , and combating violence against women.

It is thought [ by whom? Progress towards reaching the goals has been uneven across countries. Brazil achieved many of the goals, [42] while others, such as Benin , are not on track to realize any. In the early s Nepal was one of the world's poorest countries and remains South Asia's poorest country.

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Doubling health spending and concentrating on its poorest areas halved maternal mortality between and Its Multidimensional Poverty Index has seen the largest decreases of any tracked country.

Bangladesh has made some of the greatest improvements in infant and maternal mortality ever seen, despite modest income growth. However, the child mortality and maternal mortality are down by less than half.

Millennium Development Goals (8 Targets)

Sanitation and education targets will also be missed. Recipients would theoretically re-channel debt payments to health and education. Countries became eligible once their lending agency confirmed that the countries had continued to maintain the reforms they had implemented.

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One success was to strengthen rice production in Sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers had not found suitable rice varieties that produce high yields.

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Some 18 varieties of this strain became available, enabling African farmers to produce enough rice to feed their families and have extra to sell. School fees that included Parent-Teacher Association and community contributions, textbook fees, compulsory uniforms and other charges took up nearly a quarter of a poor family's income and led countries including Burundi , the Democratic Republic of the Congo , Ethiopia , Ghana , Kenya , Malawi , Mozambique , Tanzania , and Uganda to eliminate such fees, increasing enrollment.

For instance, in Ghana, public school enrollment in the most deprived districts rose from 4. In Kenya, primary school enrollment added 1. He chaired the WHO Commission on Macroeconomics and Health —01 , which played a pivotal role in scaling up the financing of health care and disease control in the low-income countries to support MDGs 4, 5, and 6.

On behalf of Annan, from to he chaired the UN Millennium Project , which was tasked with developing a concrete action plan to achieve the MDGs. The recommendations for rural Africa are currently being implemented and documented in the Millennium Villages, and in several national scale-up efforts such as in Nigeria.

The Millennium Villages Project , which Sachs directs, operates in more than a dozen African countries and covers more than , people. The MVP has engendered considerable controversy associated as critics have questioned both the design of the project and claims made for its success.

In The Economist reviewed the project and concluded "the evidence does not yet support the claim that the millennium villages project is making a decisive impact. A Lancet paper claiming a 3-fold increase in the rate of decline in childhood mortality was criticized for flawed methodology, and the authors later admitted that the claim was "unwarranted and misleading".

Malaria deaths declined by more than one-third, saving millions of lives. Although developed countries' financial aid rose during the Millennium Challenge, more than half went towards debt relief.

Much of the remainder aid money went towards disaster relief and military aid. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs , the 50 least developed countries received about one third of all aid that flows from developed countries.

Over the past 35 years, UN members have repeatedly "commit[ted] 0. Each economically advanced country will progressively increase its official development assistance to the developing countries and will exert its best efforts to reach a minimum net amount of 0.

In the European Union reaffirmed its commitment to the 0. However, the United States as well as other nations disputed the Monterrey Consensus that urged "developed countries that have not done so to make concrete efforts towards the target of 0.

Some nations' contributions fell far short of 0. The Australian government committed to providing 0. A major conference was held at UN headquarters in New York on 20—22 September to review progress.