Textbook Of Environmental Studies By Erach Bharucha Pdf Creator

Textbook of environmental studies by erach bharucha pdf creator

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Start your FREE month now! This timely book presents a core framework for conducting high quality interdisciplinary research.

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It focuses on the opportunities rather than the challenges of interdisciplinary work and is written for those doing interdisciplinary work rather than those studying it. It is designed to facilitate high quality interdisciplinary work and the author uses illustrative examples from student work and papers published in the environmental literature.

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This book's lucid, problem-solving approach is framed in an accessible easy-to-read style and will be indispensable for anyone embarking on a research project involving interdisciplinary collaboration.

Readership: graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and researchers involved in the interface between human and natural environmental systems.

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Based on the latest UGC syllabus, the book focuses on the concepts, structure and function of an ecosystem, threats to biodiversity and conservation of biodiversity, causes, effects and control measures of pollution, hazardous effects of human population on environment and management of environment quality and the several types of pollution. Maintaining a holistic approach throughout, the book offers easy and logical comprehension.

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Excellent clarity in concepts renders the subject easy for all the students irrespective of their background at school level. Key features Comprehensive coverage of Pollution, Components of Environment and Biodiversity core to the syllabus. Important topics like Genetic Engineering in relation to Biodiversity and Catalytic Converters and Electrostatic Precipitators dealt with in detail.

Textbook of environmental studies by erach bharucha pdf creator

Not a feature in competition Quality Diagrams: Enables clear understanding of the concepts. Quality diagrams. Currentness in the data given.

Textbook of environmental studies by erach bharucha pdf creator

Presence of strong pedagogical features. Toggle navigation Menu. Search for:. Anjali Bagad.

Textbook of environmental studies by erach bharucha pdf creator