Studimi I Fizibilitetit Per Kosoven Pdf File

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

Recommend Documents. Gruppi e Sistemi Antincendio - unipumps. Permbledhje e vendimeve te Gjykates Europiane per te Drejtat e. Omeostasi e sistemi di controllo. Sofferenza cellulare. Morte cellulare. Ridotta efficienza di organi ed apparati. Ridotta efficienza di.

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Analisi Strutturata - Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica. Sistemi Doganor ne Republiken e Shqiperise - Universiteti Viti I - Kolegji Evropian Dukagjini. MBI - Redfame Publishing. MBI - Academic Journals. Udhezim Nr. Keywords original equipment manufacturing, software component markets, component-based The LE Paper 1 examination, which is offered by.

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Sistemi personali. Download PDF. Editor in Chief: Prof. Albania Prof. Kosovo Prof. Enver Duran - Trakya University - R. Turkey Prof. Marko Bello - University of Tirana - R.

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

Suzana Bubic - University of Mostar, R. Sarajevo Prof. Serbia Prof. Joseph Minsfud - Emuni University - R.

Slovenia Prof. Macedonia Prof. Flora S. Kastrati - State University of Tetovo, R. Montenegro Prof.

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

Liljana Elmazi - University of Tirana - R. Ligor Nikolla - University of Tirana - R. Rovena Vata The Heritage — Nr.

Atributet e Poseidonit kishte edhe Redoni ilir, Neptuni latin e hyjnesha Tetis Po ashtu: a cura di L. Ky gjigant haset edhe me emrin bajloz i detit ose bajlozi i zi. The greater the economic, social and cultural growth, the greater the importance of the insurance contract.

This is due to the fact that the economic and social growth and prosperity of the society lead to the increased supply of items, objects and goods and therefore their coverage by the insurance contract.

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Which in turn increases the value of human life in terms of safety and guarantee. Consequently the number of people who choose life and non life insurance, caused by death, health problems, etc, has increased. Nowadays insurance of any kind has become a high profit making business.

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

Besides social necessity to ensure uninterrupted production, enterprises with enormous capital invest their capital in industry, transport, trade, construction, housing and infrastructure.

Not only big companies and enterprises, but also individuals, feel the necessity to ensure their "capital".

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

In this way, it is created a complex system of interwoven connections between insurance companies on one side and the other capitalist enterprises, on the other hand.

Under this state of affairs what will happen with these companies in the event of risk, if the insurance company does not have enough capital to pay compensation?

In a similar example, in the United States of America, where the insurance contract is one of the most important contracts in the period of 21 Juliana Bylykbashi The Heritage — Nr.

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Those situations are promoting reinsurers to reassess the terms of catastrophe coverage. Thus the insurance goes beyond national boundaries and gradually opens its way to the export of capital from reinsurance companies. Insurance and reinsurance companies become more introspective and specific when determining the nature and extent of coverage, the way they communicate, the way they deny coverage, and what they expect from each other. It is recognized that coverage disputes were once almost non-existent in the reinsurance field.

Bundo, Z. Notes on origin and development of reinsurance 3 Haar, Matthew M.

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Key words: insurance, reinsurance, the reinsured, the insurer, selfinsured, premium, proportional planes, non proportional planes. Understanding Reinsurance Contract Almost all insurance companies use reinsurance contract. Reinsurance is when an insurance company transfer a portion of the risk to another insurance company or to a specialized reinsurance against payment of the premium.

No society has the necessary capital to pay all insurance obligations when there is a natural disaster.

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The more limited the capital and surplus of the company, the smaller is its ability to cope with a natural disaster. This means that small companies tend to be highly reinsured than large ones. Reinsurance activity consists in transferring part of the risk from an insurance company to a reinsurance company, upon payment of the reinsurance premium by the insurance company. The contract between two insurance companies, is known as a reinsurance agreement or co-insurance.

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It is called an agreement and not a contract because it goes beyond the concepts of a legal business contract. Reinsurance agreements have a business history of over years, therefore the terms and understandings are based on industry norms and understanding, things that are not necessarily included in a legal dictionary. In addition to these basic concepts, reinsurance involves various plans and underwriting methods, Reinsurance Plans7.

Each of the following plans impact how the premiums are treated.

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Proportional Plans 1. Under this type of plan the loss or risk is shared proportionately. Usually a fixed percentage. Surplus share. The face amount of the policy or the policy limit depending on the type of insurance is shared on a quota basis.

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Non-Proportional Plans 1. The reinsurer on a particular loss pays an amount above the attachment point. Stop Loss Aggregate. An aggregate attachment point is defined and the reinsurer pays the claims over that amount.

Kosova fillon studimin e fizibilitetit për procesin e stabilizim asocimit me BE-në

If losses exceed the trigger point which is set, the insurer pays all claims down to a particular amount. Horizontal Excess of Loss. This plan contemplates the adding of additional reinsurers. Both types of coverage can be used in both insurance contracts and facultative reinsurance. The terms and conditions of the policy depend on the concrete past situation and the relationship of reinsurers and reinsurance..

The terms of the reinsurance policy can be flexible for the right facts at the time it is signed. This is a reinsurance device used by a company not qualified or licensed to do business in a particular state.

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

The licensed insurer issues a policy with the understanding that another party will pay under the policy. Reinsurance Contracts9 There are basically two types of reinsurance contracts written by the underwriters: a. Treaty Reinsurance Under the pure treaty contract, the reinsured cedes a block of business on an ongoing basis to the reinsurer.

In such situations there could be more than one reinsurer each taking a specific amount or percentage of the total liability. Such a sharing could be open and automatic or secretive and blind. Facultative Reinsurance This type of reinsurance deals with a specified risk insured by a particular policy or group of policies.

Studimi i fizibilitetit per kosoven pdf file

The reinsurer individually underwrites the specific risk. North River Ins. Juliana Bylykbashi The Heritage — Nr. Interpretation of Arrangement Most claims professionals and practitioners are familiar with the concept that ambiguous provisions contained in an insurance policy are generally interpreted in favor of the insured and against to the insurer.