Star Wars Saga Unknown Regions Pdf To Word

Star wars saga unknown regions pdf to word

Download STAR WARS RPG (D20) - Saga Edition - The Unknown Regions.pdf

The fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise features multiple planets and moons. While only the feature films and selected other works are considered canon to the franchise since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company , some canon planets were first named or explored in works from the non-canon Star Wars expanded universe , now rebranded Star Wars Legends. In the theatrical Star Wars films , many settings for scenes set on these planets and moons were filmed at real-world locations on Earth.

Star wars saga unknown regions pdf to word

The following list names prominent planets and moons from the Star Wars films or other canon media. The accompanying works were declared non-canon by Lucasfilm in April , following its acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in October The discovery of exoplanets in the real-world universe gained pace in the early 21st century.

Star wars saga unknown regions pdf to word

In , the US space agency NASA published an article which stated that many of the newly discovered astronomical bodies possessed scientifically confirmed properties that are similar to planets in the fictional Star Wars universe. Keplerb , a rocky super-Earth -type planet, is said to be similar to the Star Wars planet Coruscant.

Likewise, the planets Keplerb and Keplerb , planets discovered orbitting binary stars probably resemble the desert world Tatooine.

The hot, molten worlds of Keplerb and Keplerb are comparable to the volcanic planet Mustafar. Keplerb , thought by scientists to be an ocean planet , is compared to the planet Kamino.

Two non-canonical works also feature the real-life Solar System 's planets. Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas contains a feature, presented as a clip from a gossip column, in which a pair of Duros are abducted by humans and taken to "Urthha" Earth , where they create havoc by misunderstanding human objects and food.

Star wars saga unknown regions pdf to word

They jump to hyperspace without doing calculations and find themselves in the middle of our Solar System, overpassing Saturn , Jupiter , and Mars while decelerating and landing in Northern America.

Han is killed by Native Americans , and a mourning Chewbacca leaves the Falcon to live in the trees, where the natives believe him to be a sasquatch.

In an epilogue set years later, archaeologist Dr.

Why the 'Unknown Regions' are Unexplored and Unknown: Star Wars Legends & Canon

Jones and his sidekick Shorty , searching for the sasquatch, find the Falcon and Han's remains. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikimedia list article. For the video game, see Star Wars Galaxies. See also: Physics and Star Wars. Speculative fiction portal Film portal.

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Even with the Icelandic footage, it was more work creating the in-game environment for Sullust than for other planets, like Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor, all of which had real-world counterparts seen in the films.

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