Sree Rama Raksha Stotram Pdf Download

Sree rama raksha stotram pdf download

Sree rama raksha stotram pdf download

This is a very great prayer composed by a saint called Budha Koushika. Several verses are simply quoted from other great stotrams.

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It is believed that recitation of this great prayer would get rid of all the problems created by the nine planets. I meditate on that Ramachandra, whose arms reach up to his thighs, Who carries bow and arrows, who sits in a lotus pose, Who is dressed in yellow cloths, who has eyes like the petals of newly opened lotus flower, Who is always pleasant looking, who is the colour of the black cloud, Whose sight is fixed on the lotus eyes of Sita, sitting on his left thigh, And who shines in various decorations and who has a matted hair around his face.


The story of Rama is written in four billions words, But reading even one letter of that, destroys all great sins. Let Raghava protect my head, Let my forehead be protected by son of Dasaratha , Let my eyes be protected by son of Kousalya, And let my ears be protected by, he who is dear to Viswamithra.

Let my nose be protected by protector of sacrifices, My face by him, he who is dear to Lakshmana, My toungue be protected by the treasure of wisdom, My neck be protected by him who is saluted by Bharatha. Let my shoulders be protected by him who has celestial weapons, Let my arms by him who broke the bow, Let my hands be protected by the husband of Sita, Let my heart be protected by him who won over Parasurama.

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Let my middle be protected by him who killed Khara, Let my stomach be protected by the Lord of Jhambhavan, Let my hips be protected by Lord of Sugreeva, Let my behinds be protected by Lord of Hanuman.

Let my thighs be protected by the best of the Raghu clan, Who is the destroyer of the clan of Rakshasas, Let my knees be protected by maker of the bridge, Let my calves be protected by the killer of Ravana, Let my feet be protected by him who give protection to Vibheeshana, And let all my body be protected by Sri Rama.

The do gooder who reads the protective chant based on strength of Rama, Would live long, be blessed with sons, be victorious and will have humility.

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They who travel in the hades, earth and heaven and who travel secretly, Would not be able to see the one who reads the protective chant of Rama. On the man who remembers Rama, Rambhadra and Ramachandra, Sins will never get attached and he would get good life and salvation.

Sri Rama Pattabhishekham

He who wears the chant of the name of Rama as A protection round his neck, would get all the occult powers in his hand. The orders of him who reads this armour of Rama called the cage of diamond, Would be obeyed by everywhere and he will get victory in all things. This protective chant of Rama was told by Lord Shiva in the dream, And was written down by Budha Koushika without leaving a letter next day morn.

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There is no Lord like Rama who is like a wish giving tree, Who lives in all places and who is the prettiest in all worlds. Let us be protected by the brothers Rama and Lakshmana, Who are young, full of beauty, who are very strong, Who have broad eyes like lotus, who wear the hides of trees, Who eat fruits and roots, who are self controlled, who are ascetic, Who are celibate, who are sons of Dasaratha , Who give protection to all beings, who are great, Who are the best among those who wield the bow, And who destroy whole clans of Rakshasas.

Shri Ram Raksha Stotram

Let those Rama and Lakshmana, Who hold arrows ready to shoot, Who have the inexhaustible quiver on their shoulders, Walk in front of me protecting me. Let Rama and Lakshmana, who are ready for war, Wearing armour holding sword and having bows and arrows, Travel in the chariot of my mind and protect me.

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That devotee who daily chants with devotion the names, Rama, son of Dasaratha, heroic one, he who is accompanied by Lakshmana, He who is from Kakustha clan, complete man, son of Kausalya, Best among Raghu clan, He who can be known by Vedantha, Lord of Yagnas, He who is ancient, The best among men, Consort of Sita, Gentleman without properties and valorous one Without doubt would get more blessings than performing of the Aswamedha sacrifice. He who chants the divine names of Rama Who is as black as the bud of Dhoorva grass, Who has lotus like eyes, who wears yellow silk, Would never again lead another domestic life.

Salutations to him who is attractive to all the world, Who is the best among the Raghu clan, who killed Ravana, Who is Rama, Who is elder brother of Lakshmana, Who is a blessing to Raghu clan, Who is consort of Sita, Who is pretty, Who belongs to clan of Kakusthas, Who is the treasure of mercy, Who is wealthy of good characters, Who likes Vedic scholars, who is just, Who is the best among kings, Who is truthful, who is son of Dasaratha, Who is black and Who is the personification of peace and patience.

Sree rama raksha stotram pdf download

Lokabhiramam rana ranga dheeram rajheeva nethram Raghuvamsa nadham, Karunya roopamkarunakaram tham Sri Ramachandram Saranam prapadhye. Mano javam, maruda thulya vegam, Jithendriyam buddhi matham varishtam, Vatha atmajam vanara yudha mukhyam, Sree rama dootham sirasa namami. I again and again salute that Rama who is ever beautiful, Who destroys all dangers and gives all sorts of wealth.

Sree rama raksha stotram pdf download

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