Spaces Of Capital David Harvey Pdf To Jpg

Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

The right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is a right to change ourselves by changing the city. It is, moreover, a common rather than an individual right since this transformation inevitably depends upon the exercise of a collective power to reshape the processes of urbanization.

The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is, I want to argue, one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights.

Capitalism will never fall on its own. It will have to be pushed. The accumulation of capital will never cease. It will have to be stopped. The capitalist class will never willingly surrender its power. It will have to be dispossessed. The accumulation of capital and misery go hand in hand, concentrated in space. What kind of city we wish to build should reflect our personal wishes and needs. Cities begin to use cultural production as a way to market their city as being unique and special.

Of course, the problem with this is that much of culture is very easy to replicate. The uniqueness begins to disappear.

Spaces of Capital: Towards a Critical Geography

Then, we have what I call the "Disneyfication" of society. Capitalists behave like capitalists wherever they are. They pursue the expansion of value through exploitation without regard to the social consequences.

People must get active; go outside; get moving. This is a crucial time.

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You know, massive wealth and capital haven't budged one bit, so far. We have to give it a huge push if we want to see something different in our society. We need to create mechanisms and forms of organization which reflect the needs and wants of society as a whole, not just a privileged-oligarchic class of individuals. Because the earth is not a product of labour it cannot have a value. My advice to everybody would be to go out as much as possible and deal with social inequality and environmental degradation because these issues are increasingly prescient.

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The equilibrium between supply and demand is achieved only through a reaction against the upsetting of the equilibrium. The common-sense notion that 'there is a time and a place for everything' gets carried into a set of prescriptions which replicate the social order by assigning social meanings to spaces and times.

Towards a Critical Geography, 1st Edition

We're supposed to live under capitalism, and capitalism is supposed to be competitive so you would expect that capitalists and entrepreneurs would like competition. Well, it turns out that capitalists do everything they can to avoid competition. Skills that are monopolizable are anathema to capital.

Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

Speculation in land may be necessary to capitalism, but speculative orgies periodically become a quagmire of destruction for capital itself. The net worth of the richest people in the world was then found to be 'equal to the combined income of the poorest 45 per cent of the worlds population - 2. But planned obsolescence is possible only if the rate of technological change is contained.

Spaces of Capital

Neoliberalization has not been very effective in revitalizing global capital accumulation, but it has succeeded remarkably well in restoring, or in some instances as in Russia and China creating, the power of an economic elite. The theoretical utopianism of neoliberal argument has, I conclude, primarily worked as a system of justification and legitimation for whatever needed to be done to achieve this goal.

The capacity to transform itself from the inside makes capitalism a somewhat peculiar beast - chameleon-like, it perpetually changes it colour; snake-like, it periodically sheds its skin. The only solution to the contradictions of capitalism entails the abolition of wage labour.

What sets imperialism of the capitalist sort apart from other conceptions of empire is that it is the capitalist logic that typically dominates, though But this then poses a crucial question: how can the territorial logics of power, which tend to be awkwardly fixed in space, respond to the open spatial dynamics of endless capital accumulation?

And what does endless capital accumulation imply for the territorial logics of power? There are signs, these days, that the cultural hegemony of postmodernism is weakening in the West.

When even the developers tell an architect like Moshe Safdie that they are tired of it, then can philosophical thinking be far behind? Marx set out to resolve the contradictions and to correct the errors in classical political economy. In this he thought he had succeeded very well.


Judging by the sound and the fury of the controversy surrounding his interpretations, he either succeeded too well or deluded himself to the success of his enterprise. Rampant inflation is just as hard to live with as the devaluation of commodities. Every day we present the best quotes!

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Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

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Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

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Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

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Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

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Spaces of capital david harvey pdf to jpg

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David Harvey Quotes

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