Shem Tov Hebrew Matthew Pdf

Shem tov hebrew matthew pdf

The Hebrew Gospel according to Matthew

View Page in PDF. Links to Shem Tov and Matthew Book Please Note: Updates include both new sections and corrections. You will need to overwrite for corrections. And the second week of the nineth month of in my sleep my mouth seemed full of something disgusting and I was trying to spit it out, wakening and nothing was and the "words for spit" out these implied a people, of no value.

The day of April 20th, , early morning before a.

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Then just two words were heard; "of man," meaning the end of man's laws and ways. I didn't understand this at first, but then I heard of the Supreme Court ruling on perverse marriage. It appears that this is going to be approved, and that would mean that Psalms 91 begins?

The time of Roman calendar the knowing the time parable of the fig tree now then the green figs. In a vision shown to me the fifth month of year was said I am showing you what is coming and the thing was like concrete held in the air a large lump white and not was powder or anything living in it.

Rabbinical translations of Matthew

And now the first of the six month said to me it is close-[to coming the plague that comes from among us caused by us this is from Shem Tov]. And now the 1st month of the year the 10th day , I was shown three large containers like bowls and to stack them sealing each make sure not to push out anything of the lower bowl, cover to [seal to support the top bowls not allow the bowls to settle into the lower bowl of the food stored] he made sure to understand this.

Shem tov hebrew matthew pdf

The three bowls are three years the food to sustain selves for the three year. Now the seed fails in the time of the plague, image line 26,27,28, first year of little no new crops, that means to recover it will take time to arrive at the next planting season, the seed available not to allow the planting of GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms, left over-still availability.

Shem Tob's Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

The end of the growing season to regenerate seed and food, do not allow GMO seed to be used. A time of the year to repentance and change to the instruction given to Mosheh called Torah then the famine will have ceased.

And Yoel-Joel speaking to the old men of the land and in verse ten the word changes to adamah-earth or global for the harvest perishes of the field and of the trees and gather the people declare a fast set apart an assemble of the land cry out to "H" your El for the time is great a ruin is at hand. The food is cut off from the house of El joy and gladness cut off the granaries torn down the beast are vexed the herds the flocks are perishing.

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To My El I will call for the fire has burned the pastures of the plains the trees of the field and have dried up the rivers and the wilderness the fire has eaten. Yoel-Joel shrivels the seed under the soil worked are laid waste the store-houses are torn down the granaries for has dried up the grain : 18 how groans the beast-cattle are perplexed the vineyard and herds for the morning comes not is the pasture burned up it gather's are missing are the sheep are guilty have punished: to ones of you "H" caused to call for the fire it has burned the pastures of the plains and the flame has burned all the trees of the field.

Kneeling to our Father in heaven, and turning from sins because You have afflicted us and hear in the heavens and forgive the sins of Your servants and your people Yisrael.

That you may teach them the way good which they shall walk and give rain on Your lands which you gave to your people for an inheritance.

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We confess, saying great and awesome Elohim, who keeps His covenants and mercys with those who love Him, and keeping His commandments. We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled this by departing from Your precepts and judgments. Neither have we heeded Your servants the prophets, who speak in Your Name. Righteousness belongs to You and shame of face to us, Yisrael, the ones near and the ones far off in lands which You have driven them.

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Not have we obeyed the words of our Elohim to walk in His Torot-Instructions, laws which He set before us by His servants the prophets. And now will pour on us the curses and the oath that is written by Your servant Mosheh.

Was The Messsiah Worshiped? (Hebrew Matthew 2:2,8,11 Shem Tov)

The blessing and curses of Devarim 28 thru chapter And confirm His words which He spoke against us and against our rulers and judges who bring on us evil great which not has been done under the heavens. Daniel 9. Why do you keep to your orthodox or doxology conforming to established teachings of doctrine of men, their formed religions theirs, commonly accepted a course of life in their religions their ways.

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We set through out the planet and watch from the grandstands the race to destruction following the words of preachers-priests you masters in the pits leading to the stacking of bodies a race to die, chose life in Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshu and His instruction to Mosheh, and win live. Hebrews the same change not, the I Am of John Hebrews covenant is not in the Greek text] Then the plague will cease and we rebuilt in His instruction-Torah, the days of man , his commonly accepted orthodox teachings are death.

Something to consider Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshu has said through the prophets I hate your days and get your foot of My Shabbat Shabaton, Hebrews The rest for His people, this word Shabaton only appears with the weekly Shabbat and the day of Yom Kippurim a Shabbat Shabaton and the land Shabbat Shabaton and for us, His people Isaiah-Yeshayahu and see chapter And a look in Luke 24 only Shabaton is present so this would make it the weekly Shabbat Shabaton and from the Interlinear Book of Scriptures the word order is not in order, translators made an improper word order, not according to the Hebrew.

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Hoshea His people He raises and they rebuild the waste places and Yeshu heals the people and the land, it now becomes our responsibility to teach Torah from the Father made possible through Yeshu, He saves His people. Also should one see this in the called New Testament then we point to Hebrews until the times of setting things right the things of the Torah being imposed, the translaters used the word reformation, of this they may justify their teachings-doctrine, called commonly accepted of their ways, orthodox teachings.

Must see Psalm Yeshayahu-Isaiah chapters read all of each for it is close and be prudent wise you will need to store food, the ruin of the land see image you must and image Mattityah. The plague closes in image , now with image the coming forth of His people continues.

Shem tov hebrew matthew pdf

Now continuing to translate we must remember that those left are still in positions of leadership over the ones coming forth out of the ruins for Yeshu by Yeshu do not get involved in anarchy-lawlessness ask for help He hears. Also still a time of ruin and rationing and housing controls of many things out of control, one of the words used by the analytical lexicon to describe the Hebrew word of Psalm root is to cut off; ruin destruction or extermination also plague over all a contagion.

Along with the ruin-plague there would be rapid communication of an influence [as a doctrine or emotional state ] an influence that spreads rapidly. The author of this word having related it to the French revolution? This to the whole of nations, this era of communications. Remember He is bringing out His. I cannot express the ruin, in ever way it is very hard to picture and the only way to stop it will be Yeshu and Ab-Father and our turning to Him so in Daniel 9, with our whole heart, and actions.

This book, and the twelve sections numbered are according to the writings in Hebrew of Mattityah-Mathew also the gift of Yah to Mashiyach containing His letters sent out and swept away by all the great ones establishing their brand of teachings-ordered readings. Find in the scriptures what you are doing relative to the Torah the foundation remove the stinking parts.

Shem tov hebrew matthew pdf

For A time this has been hidden-asleep and it will remain to the world, we have been granted a vision of what shall come and in peace not by war. Wars are of man and not of the Creator Yahvah Elohim and Son. And it has been said that the people bring the things of destruction on them selves and so it will be for the awful things about to come and the disgusting things being done to us now, a time as never before and never shall be again.

After completing the book numbered 12 also called Hebrew Matthew, the other eleven books also have the words to the notzrim-teachers of Torah, called the invited ones. Starting with book one and the first pages of each of the other eleven books, that we may see what great things have been given to the notzrim, bringing Torot-Torah from Moshe.

Shem tov hebrew matthew pdf

The translating of the eleven books will take some time, wait and watch doing what is right and given by our Creator. Also as a note having acquired a copy of a Shem Tov from Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New york, and compared the several lines to prove the usefulness of the chapters missing from the British Library Book Shem Tov.

The word changes from the British Library copy are profound in just two lines there were 6 word modifications. And in this section of chapter 23 Tzadey Chet line four would have one to desire the Pharoshim and their wise ones, the teaching of Yeshu were that these we were not to teach-not a word, and if so He would have an inferior product-student.

This copy of the Jewish Seminary can not be used to continue MattityahGift of Yah or Mathew and end of Book one of Shem Tov-image none page one blank page 2, image numbers are of the prophets addressing the notzrim: Copied out year translating began in to English And in looking into the writings I have seen that the first letter of each line and last letter of each line composes words, when assembled in order as written, top to bottom of the image as lines are numbered this adds two-2 more lines of scripture.

Will number these as first letters of each line and last letters of each line of each image and work from this way, and then I looked and they read up, so see the following images , , Of Image Gathered as plundered contemplate with pleasure from this as looming up as a mountain Shem Tov-Name Good a light this standing boldly out this of notzarim and to transcribe copying in a sense of guarding as a leader of the flock to know you will also and grow old and not speak of on encounters of them and you become complete in covenants of cepher-scroll [scriptures] this having a vision of sleep in five to expand in sleeping shall our selves in bringing out this name of standing to ages veiled.

Image first letter of each line down then up and the same with last letter of each line : His apple of the eye [Yisrael covenants] He will deepen the cup to Him these for additionally inheritor guest caused to wander going astray crossing over-changing sides [to move to the Hebrew way-Torah] to name-have standing apple of the eye [letters up] govern and four square-straight cause to make abundant shaving off these to be clear shine these will be and He reveals [last letters down] to be bright from a deviation making amazed His gems-diamonds of worms lifting selves up out of for Yahh of Yahvah to cause to preserve you of torot [fem.

Create of You have these small little one being devoted and to both distresses of time and appointed happiness-well being His ones And being complete-have enough us and to give us abundant increase having intelligence-prudent-thinking us among men of covenant us which And will cause to make know what they are to perform accomplish as to royal laws an manners theirs will build up in trust of things true confirming to them and what of their words are shameful For these are by men to us in eyes-seeing of these knives of flint-distresses-words of evil masters of ours and they to us pounding flat and with hook for nose gathering of ones standing out of tribes people of our [Judah] many out of the wise these are knives of flint-words breaking down causing divisions by words of chastisement to our nation-people These with perversity by iniquities of theirs glaring these are causing turning away distresses by words of evil shall exile and this befalls unto them and in anguish madness of theirs and the helpless and the Torah for this shall be firm and whatsoever dissolved lamet as last letter of the word would mean lamad teaching of Torah and not to exist and in anguish they for always it has power to stand to the elder to them like royal decree And like this to manner for Shabbat to be continuous of us by deceiving as abolishing of us mourning us extortion of us and families of us and evil of them the levy to public service-labor over us to manner these of man fearing-face of like in hardness and his knowledge for and not in shame And such thing seen as spectacle-gazing stock of the scroll-scripture it is weighty to the senses honor will prevail to invited ones of scroll-scripture cause for joining walls of protection and Yahvah and words shall be absolute also they are wise to seeing they shall be contained as a limit of ground meal Also to release causing to make plain and those will bring in abundance of writings they like you and in that day Also not they bring words telling-declaring to people-tribes being of Him a Rock your El of Yah these causing oppression causing oppression.

Also holding controversies prepare self consider direct not shall be this for when against these retreat-withdraw to a private place to command for parched ground understand a community of wisdom of blindness sudden hostility And disesteem able to us people of Adoniu-Master our and those to be hostile to us. And all that And to times you shall make know these causing to make distinct giving understanding measure in guiding by speech also stand prepared to making right cause to you also shall fasten up-enclosing to the elders against us distresses it shall be poured out [as a drink offering] to speak causing from associates companions desiring to them and calling out to shall be Image Shem Tov first letter of each line down and up and the same with last letter of each line: searching out behaving pushing aside [choose good] sweating-work to Yahvah these to rise up ashamed they from like asking to be bound as sheaf-[firstfruit] [last letters] and these whom are to Me will lift selves up causing to declare give birth [new body] brightened polished blood [new] fearing Him of Yahvah appearance.

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To be ended cloud of darkness your and He shall turn with pride Yahvah His Majesty kindness this six [days of creation] maligning stabbing with words shall understand-having seen rushing eagerly coveting His Mountain [the City] to cause flames drawing out [figurative to deliver] them declare a day to grieve and with Me and these.

In places which speak words of Most High of the Scroll-Book battles-to consume as food of Yahvah to declare My Scroll-Book of these Most High of His and will speak words of command these will repair-restore in places Yahvah inspired speaking they of good purpose and then will Yehudim Call out to Me causing to become one and Name of renown He will be our Rock causing great numbers speaking of Most High trusting in faithfulness shall be these and to speak words of His wisdom also everyone of seeking running to explain declaring Me of this seeking out by inquiring also will be rock your, also they first the beginning in place And then they will explain declaring to those seeking out to Him.

And longing after separating they shall separate those seeking after to Him. And to Me now the humble ones they to teach these from among. And not now speak of Him or seeing of Me. This to stand out to Me to engrave [figurative] to explain declare to them He also will appoint you a home place of theirs eastward as before of Scroll-Book His now.

And shall be humble you seeking out inquiring after Scroll-Book Now this to engrave-write [figurative explain-declare] foundations of greatness being humble in Me multitudes of peoples and desiring answers and they answer the notzarim announcing establishing trust truth to them of testifying these ones reapers of the grain [Harvested by Yeshu] and will explain making plain accordingly enough also they shall cause to rise to heart of courage being soft in sympathy And they shall write a memorial record to themselves and when our Mighty Rock He to stand continually Mighty One of Most High firmness of security to moral fidelity our liberty free of hand with spoken words of before-meeting coming and going joining selves to community Him Most High now and Name of honor of character their causes to make plain explaining those seeking these shall become numerous, honorable as before Name of Him and dividing will [careful here the scribe is talking in their words as the book is today divided this would confirm the early followers used only Hebrew Matthew].

The Hebrew Version of Matthew – Shem Tob Matthew, Shem Tov

Have the fountain of knowledge, And by the action of making a new scroll these. And the fountain of knowledge it will be explained away [this word can be in to river Nile-back to Egypt ] partially of the text cutting into portions will cease too exist of learning the Torah. And the action of making new it shall turn back these and will assault us. And having divided it gathered When the fountain of knowledge they divided to divide was a miracle an omen it and out of this the first as opposite it's [Torah] presence the miracle of it to arrange words also came a miracle Most High cause to rise of them like appeared come forth and it to become one And will cause opposite its presence this with words against also not become high the miracle spit will cause opposite its presences this surely they have it in truth and in miracles and on them mountain of book of pages as thorn bush's and will be bad thing offered will having divided And it desires them to turn and to it they shall like for her divided portion all go its way from these two divisions.

When the desires of the heart for portions to two again divided. They unite [divided the book the woman].