Shakespeare Influence On Literature Pdf

Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

How William Shakespeare influenced literature Introduction William Shakespeare is the most remarkable and unforgettable literary figure. His contributions to the world of literature is priceless and beyond reproach. In fact literature would have had little meaning in the absence of this prolific writer who widely wrote about life, love and death. The universal themes got a beautiful touch from him Shakespeare et al His poetry and drama give an impression of a literary writer who had vast knowledge of human psychology.

Shakespeare explored drama and poetry with most of his dramas being crafted poetically. However, it is the drama that brought him so much fame in the world of literature.

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He was influenced by Seneca who was Roman tragic dramatist and also the medieval plays. Seneca mainly advanced the theme of revenge and showed horrible deeds including blood on the stage devoid of hesitation. The Thesis Statement explores the works of Shakespeare and how these works immensely influenced literature.

Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

Apparently, the magnitude of that influence is what makes the works of Shakespeare to dominate in the literary world up to date. Besides, he has inspired many writers of all time with his works being studied by many and his plays have been as well made into movies and even performed live on stage. In addition, most of his plays were focused on making sure the reader feel the kind of emotions that go on through his plays Shakespeare et al His works give us a clue of how could have been for him apart from helping out society by giving us new words which definitely had new meanings attached to them.

His literary works have been a fundamental part of the history whereby kings and queens enjoyed his writings.

He got married to Anne Hathaway at only the age of The couple had three children namely Susanna and twins Hamlet and Judith. He was an English poet and playwright. Shakespeare began a successful career in London as an actor, writer and also co-owned a playing company.

This above history clearly indicates where he got inspired to write his plays. Therefore, his successful career as a writer and actor did not just happen suddenly but it was a gradual process that took quite sometime Cahill Being a family man gave him an upper hand and was better placed to become role model to many writers and readers alike. This is because having a wife and three children is an indication of the respect and worth Shakespeare accorded the family institution.

Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

His family was granted with the honor of Court of Arms after being a highly recognized writer even by the state. He dedicated himself to acting and writing and hence his hard work and diligence attained fruition.

He was in a position to write several of his famous plays while he studied in London and commenced his long journey towards accomplishing success. He achieved much success in the literary world four years after relocating to London. He was famous with his key genres for play which included history, tragedy and comedy. Apparently, he began writing while he was attending school. He would later on retire to Stratford in where he passed on three years afterward.

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His burial took place in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church. He left behind a wife, Anne and two children. In addition, his rich legacy remains an inspiration to many modern writers and readers of his works in Europe and other continents.

Today, his literary works like plays and poetry are incorporated in the literature curriculum of many schools.

William Shakespeare’s Impact on Theatre

Contributions of Shakespeare A lot of contributions have been accredited to Shakespeare particularly in the modern culture. His legacy mainly facilitated the capacity of modern people to interpret literature. His style of writing plays has influenced the way people understand old English as well as the way writers have been and still write their plays. Shakespeare has incorporated many words to English language thus expanding the vocabulary base.

Therefore, he qualifies as one of the great writers in world history who have dignified this language. The introduction of new words to English language is outstanding as it has clearly shown as a new meaning to English. Thus, English became practical means of reaching out to the masses not only in England but across the globe especially the English speakers.

Shakespeare's influence on modern literature

Shakespeare has also given an insight into human character something very few writers can afford to do besides demonstrating how beautiful the written and spoken word can be. In a nut shell, this famous poet and playwright still lives on through his writings, words and sayings which are attributed to him despite the fact that he died nearly years ago.

The influence of Shakespeare on Literature William Shakespeare has greatly influenced the literature through his works. There are also a surging number of young learners of literature who have developed great passion to reading his poems and plays Bloom The growing interest in his literary work has therefore prompted many governments to include the plays and poems of Shakespeare into their curriculum.

The plays are played in schools, during festivals and theaters. In his play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare explores the elements that keep together relationships thus making them last for relatively longer time.

Renaissance: William Shakespeare (English) -

Apparently, it is true in the modern society that everyone is working hard to ensure they accomplish dream of having love just like Romeo and Juliet did. The story mainly features soldiers who are tirelessly waiting for the ghost to emerge Shakespeare et al In addition, Hamlet focuses on human relationships and the religion.

Shakespeare acknowledges the existence of cases of murder which in some instances followed by revenge attacks. It is conventional that the works of most people who wrote in English language were influenced by Shakespeare.

He is also reported to have influenced highly recognized novelists like Charles Dickens, Melvin Herman and Thomas Hardy.

Shakespeare's influence

This is mainly seen in his stage directions. Shakespeare had great impact on poetry as well. A number of English poets whose works were characterized by theme of self-consciousness also got deeper influence and motivation fro Shakespeare Bloom The writings of Shakespeare were mainly influential to s English poetry.

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Today, authors still borrow words from his writings. Shakespeare used the old English to advance his opinion and views particularly about what goes on in the society.

The idea of using old English gained positive feedback with most of the modern writers struggling to incorporate hid ideas into their works. This has seen several novels, plays and poetry getting characterized by ideas, style and the way Shakespeare wrote his literary works. Works of Shakespeare are read in schools in the US as well as colleges. Mostly, they touch on reality about what goes in the society Cahill His writing is therefore a milestone towards improving the quality and themes upon which most of the literary works today are founded.

Conclusion William Shakespeare will always go down the history lane as one of the most successful and highly celebrated writer of all seasons.

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Today, works of Shakespeare are read by people from different races, ethnic backgrounds and nationality across the globe. Like many writers of his time, the works of Shakespeare have influenced writers of poetry and plays of 21st century. His ideas and opinions are still applied by present authors of poems and plays to enrich their literary works. Shakespeare will forever be in the minds of the people in the modern society because his works have always reminded them that the past is a determinant of what the future holds Cahill Moreover, his writings will undoubtedly help many people expand their vocabulary and open up opportunities for studying his writings.

There Shakespeare has become an important landmark in literature hence its necessary for students to study his literary works.

Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

It is explicit that Shakespeare was the master of the artistic quality of the English language. His extraordinary skills in writing will forever remain a challenge unattainable for the modern writers of literature.

In fact the modern writers would only imitate his style of writing as well as borrow some of his vocabularies Bloom As You Like It. London: Arden Shakespeare, Cahill B.

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Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

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William Shakespeare: a quintessentially American author

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Shakespeare influence on literature pdf

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