Send Pdf Document To Printer C# Array

Send pdf document to printer c# array

A very straight forward approach is to use an installed Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewer capable of printing:. Another way is to use a third party component, e.

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I'm new to c. I was looking all over the net for tutorials on how to print pdf, but couldn't find one. LPR is available on newer versions of Windows too e.

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Also, the printer needs to have a network interface installed and you need to know it's IP address or alias. I had the same problem on printing a PDF file. There's a nuget package called Spire.

Send pdf document to printer c# array

Pdf that's very simple to use. The free version has a limit of 10 pages although, however, in my case it was the best solution once I don't want to depend on Adobe Reader and I don't want to install any other components.

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It depends on what you are trying to print. You need a third party pdf printer application or if you are printing data of your own you can use report viewer in visual studio.

Send pdf document to printer c# array

It can output reports to excel and pdf -files. Looks like the usual suspects like pdfsharp and migradoc are not able to do that pdfsharp only if you have Acrobat Reader installed.

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It uses the default printer and from what I can see it doesn't even use any libraries, directly sending the pdf bytes to the printer. So I assume the printer also needs to support it, on one 10 year old printer I tested this it worked flawlessly.


Most other approaches - without commercial libraries or applications - require you to draw yourself in the printing device context.

Doable but will take a while to figure it out and make it work across printers. Code above launches RawFilePrinter. It is not free, but by making donation allow you to use it everywhere and redistribute with your application.

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Use PDFiumViewer. I searched for a long time till I came up with a similar solution, then I found this clean piece of code that does not rely on sending raw files to the printer which is bad if they get interpreted as text files..


PDFiumViewer comes via nuget, the code example above is complete. Pass in null values for using the default printer.

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Start ; Another way is to use a third party component, e. NET or C then print it.

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If so, how? For example: Process.

Send pdf document to printer c# array

Print ; pdfdocument. Dispose ;.

Send pdf document to printer c# array

It is possible to use Ghostscript to read PDF files and print them to a named printer. Hidden; process.

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Start ; process. Start Registry. GetValue "". ToString , string. How do I calculate someone's age in C? What is the difference between String and string in C?

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Send pdf document to printer c# array

What's the simplest way to print a Java array? How do I get a consistent byte representation of strings in C without manually specifying an encoding?