Sal Rachele Soul Integration Pdf Creator

Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator

Channeled by: Sal Rachele, February 5, These are complex subjects or concepts.

Self-Empowerment, Soul Integration and Timeline Healing with Sal Rachele

Because we are new Guardians and Creator Gods of this new Galaxy, we need now to understand the Big Picture of those subjects for any future discussion. This is a document that show only the Big Picture using simple description. The channel has asked us to speak on a subject that is rather complex and misunderstood by most on Earth.

Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator

We will try to make the best possible use of your language. The channel will attempt to clarify any misconceptions brought about by the limitations of your language.

Soul Fragmentation

The subject of soul fragmentation must be approached from multiple levels of understanding. From the highest possible level, there is but One Soul because we are all One Being manifesting as individual facets. In the beginning, the One Being chose to experience itself as individualized fragments, or facets.

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As you can obviously deduce in the sea urchin, the spines are an integral part of the creature, but seem to have an individuality because there are sensors in the tips of each tentacle that experience the surrounding environment, relaying information back to the central core about such things as the location of food supplies, water temperature, etc.

When an individual, integrated soul leaves the Godhead to experience the outer worlds as an individualized spark of God, the connection to Source always remains intact. However, imagine for a moment that a single tentacle on a sea urchin splits into sub-tentacles that are all still connected to the main tentacle, but now consist of several smaller tentacles each moving in a different direction.

The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

That is the best analogy we have for the idea of soul fragments. The first set of integrated souls fragment into 12 pieces, or sub-fragments, in the manner of six male-female pairs. Each of these male-female pairs then fragment again as sub-sub pairs, etc. While there are approximately 6. So far our discussion involves only integrated souls; i. But what about non-integrated souls? What are non-integrated fragments? How did they become non-integrated, and can they be made whole again?

These are the questions we will attempt to answer next.

You Can Integrate Your Soul and Heal Your Timeline with Sal Rachele

The picture actually gets more complex when you consider that the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of individual souls representing integrated fragments is only part of the current story on Earth. Now let us take a look at non-integrated fragments.

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These are pieces of soul energy that get split off from an individual soul and attach themselves to other individual souls. These fragments are incomplete, meaning they do not have enough God essence to become fully conscious beings. They manifest as apparitions, poltergeists, ghosts, thought forms, discarnate entities and the like.

Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator

They attach to the auras of other souls and contaminate the integrity of such other souls. Non-integrated soul fragments occur when the emotional or mental body of an individual soul is traumatized by unhealthy alliances, such as possessive love relationships, karmic contract relationships, such as souls torn apart by becoming war casualties, perpetrators or victims of murders, rapes, etc, and any form of interaction between souls that results in cording, psychic attachments, or entity possession.

Sal Rachel – Healing Your Timelines

When we look at individual souls, we often see pieces of other souls embedded in the aura. These may appear as dark blotches, black holes or geometric anomalies. A psychic healer will often remove these energetic attachments and attempt to return them to the souls from which they fragmented.

Therapies that specialize in soul integration often include exercises whereby the non-integrated soul travels the universe in search of its missing parts, discovering other souls that have received its fragments, and negotiating with those souls to return the missing parts.

If you have unresolved emotional traumas, have become separated from a loved one to which you were emotionally attached, or have violent karma with another soul, there is a good chance that you have fragments of your own soul attached to these other souls. There are a number of techniques that can be employed to recover your lost soul fragments.

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The most powerful and effective tool is simply becoming aware of your lost soul fragments and asking your own God Presence to go wherever it is needed to reclaim these lost parts.

If you become aware that you have fragments of other souls attached to your auric field, you must release these fragments into the light and ask God to send the fragments back to their rightful owners.

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This process is way too complex for most people to consciously undertake, unless you ask your God Presence to do the retrieval and returning. You may experience sudden and intense memories of past loves or past hurts as your God Presence is returning fragments to their rightful owners or retrieving your lost fragments.

Soul Integration

Once you have cleansed yourself of fragments that do not belong to you, and once you have retrieved all your own soul pieces, the process of integration can begin. You must welcome back your fragments and merge them within your own being until you feel whole again. After you are back to being an integrated soul, you can then become aware of your higher soul family; the other 11 parts of your original integrated over soul fragment.

This is a very joyous occasion when you begin to make contact with your soul family. At some point, your soul family will re-unite, while at the same time preserving the individuality of each soul.

We know this sounds like a contradiction or a paradox, but the ultimate paradox is the fact that all souls eventually merge back into the Godhead, while at the same time becoming individual gods in their own right, free to create like our original God Parents.

Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator

Such is the case with soul families. We hope this discussion makes sense.

Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator

This is a challenge for us partly because this is a complicated subject to most people of Earth. We have, of course, only touched upon the intricacies of this matter, but you will likely have a clearer picture than when we began this discussion.

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Sal rachele soul integration pdf creator