Remove Underline From Links Pdf Printer

Remove underline from links pdf printer

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Is it possible to make a document searchable but remove the hyperlinks? Even if I remove the hyperlinks from the document, [Adobe] Reader users can still click the links which open URLs in their web browser.

Remove underline from links pdf printer

Since a link to a website is valuable, why make it easy to check out the destination? Or, perhaps your source documents have a link to a destination which is out of date.

Remove Underline from PowerPoint Hyperlink

It might be easier to remove these links rather than correct them. A and B above are dynamically generated when the page is opened in Reader or Acrobat. You can remove embedded links inserted by authoring applications or by Acrobat.

Embedded links always take precedence over dynamically generated links.

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With this in mind, it is possible to generate embedded links in the document, then simply send the viewer to a null destination. If you have a long document, this could be a lot of work and you will need to be careful not to delete links you want to retain.

Remove underline from links pdf printer

Once selected, the links will be highlighted:. Click the Actions Tab :. Unfortunately, unless you encrypt the document, the process is completely reversible by a knowledgeable Acrobat user, but Reader users will be out of luck.

Thank you for the informative post. However, this is still a manual process. On a page document this is often time prohibitive. An action to globally delete dynamic links would be a better solution.

Removing Hyperlinks from a PDF and Feature/Gotcha

Is there anyway to delete internet links but retain intranet links? For instance, if I want to remove links in footnotes from a pdf but not remove the link to the footnote itself e. I do not know of a way to do that, sorry.

Remove web links deletes all links irrespective of the destination. For you diehards, I also provide a workaround. How do links get into PDFs anyway?

Remove underline from links pdf printer

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Remove underline from links pdf printer