Promag 53 H Pdf File

Promag 53 h pdf file

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Also See for Promag 53 Operating manual - pages Operating instructions manual - pages Safety instructions - 20 pages. Page of Go. Page 87 - Commissioning using the Class 2 master Table of Contents.

Foundation fieldbus electromagnetic flowmeter pages. Foundation fieldbus electromagnetic flow measuring system description of device functions pages.

Promag 53 h pdf file

Foundation fieldbus electromagnetic flow measuring system pages. XX Amplifier V 1. Page 4 Page 5: Safety Instructions Strict compliance with the instructions in the Operating Instruction is mandatory.

The measuring system described in this Operating Instruction thus complies with the statutory requirements of the EC Directives.

Caution: Do not attempt to lift the sensor with the tines of a fork-lift truck beneath the metal casing. The Empty Pipe Detection function see Page offers additional protection by detecting empty or partially filled pipes.

Caution: Risk of solids accumulating. Do not install the sensor at the lowest point in the drain.

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It is advisable to install a cleaning valve. Caution: Risk of damage. Do not support the weight of the sensor on the metal casing: the casing would buckle and damage the internal magnetic coils.

Endress+Hauser Proline Promag 53 Operating Manual

The resultant increase in the rate of flow improves measuring accuracy with very slow-moving fluids. Movement of the cable can falsify the measuring signal, particularly if the fluid conductivity is low.

The sensor is designed for installation between the two piping flanges. Consequently, do not remove these covers until immediately before the sensor is installed in the pipe.

Promag 53 h pdf file

The high-temperature version is always used for applications in which high ambient temperatures are encountered in conjunction with high fluid tempe- ratures.

Pre-installed process connections are secured to the sensor with hex-head threaded fasteners.

Promag 53 h pdf file

Make sure that the welding machine is not grounded via the sensor or the transmitter. Tack-weld the Promag H sensor into the pipe. I Div. The procedure for turning these housings is described in the Ex-specific documentation. Slide the housing into the opening in the panel from the front. Screw the fasteners onto the wall-mount housing. Place the threaded rods in the fasteners and screw them down until the housing is seated tightly against the panel.

Press the side latches on the display module and remove it from the electronics compartment cover plate.

Endress+Hauser Promag 53 Operating Instructions Manual

Rotate the display to the desired position max. Does the device correspond to specifications at the measuring point, see Page ff. Warning: Risk of electric shock.

Promag 53 h pdf file

Exposed components carry dangerous voltages. Make sure that the power supply is switched off before you remove the cover of the electronics com- partment. Switch off the power supply before opening the device. Do not install or wire the device while it is connected to the power supply.

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Failure to comply with this precaution can result in irreparable damage to the electronics. Note: The Promag 53 can also be supplied with the option of a ready-mounted fieldbus connector. More information on this can be found on Page Connecting the cables: — The Promag 53 can therefore be supplied with a ready-mounted fieldbus connector.

The majority of Promag sensors have, as part of their standard configura- tion, a built-in reference electrode, which ensures the required potential equalisation. As a rule, this is sufficient to eliminate the need for ground disks or other measures.

Con- nect the transmitter or sensor connection housing, as applicable, to ground potential by means of the ground terminal provided for the purpose Fig. However, it is still possible that in some cases due to a plant's ground- ing design that a large equalisation current will flow over the reference electrodes. Electrical connection of meter Notes Does the supply voltage match the specifications on the nameplate? Note: During the project planning, please remember that the Promag 53 consumes 11 mA.

Caution: To prevent severe device failures e. This means that two Class 2 mas- ters can access the Promag 53 at the same time. However, you must make certain that they do not both attempt to write the same data, since otherwise the data consistency cannot be guaranteed.

Promag 53 h pdf file

As an aid in programming with Commuwin II, all of the Promag 53's device functions are clearly arranged in a matrix. Valid flowmeter addresses lie within the range 0… Configuration of the totalizers Promag 53 disposes of 3 totalizers.

The following description provides an example for totalizer 1.

Basic Set Up of an Endress + Hauser Promag 53

Page System Integration This guarantees that the first measured variable agrees with the field equipment of other manufacturers. The second AI block can be freely selected as Promag 53 is capable of producing a calculated mass flow see configura- tion example on Page 98 ff. Page 91 PNO.

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Page 92 This differenciation is the result of a specific implementation in the master systems. The measured value is por- trayed in the first 4 bytes in the form of flowing point numbers in accordance with IEEE standard see IEEE floating point number. The current volume flow, totalizers and calculated mass flow can be displayed on the basis of these measured variables.

The calculated mass flow is derived from the vol- ume flow and a fixed density.

Page 96 Control variables output data manufacturer-specific Promag 53 is capable of processing control variables during the cyclic data exchange e. The following table shows the control variables output data that can be transferred to Promag Page 97 Only activate the data blocks which are to be processed in the automation control sys- tem.

Promag 53 h pdf file

A blinking double-arrow symbol will appear on the display to show that Promag 53 is communicating with the automation control system.

The GSD file is used here. Configuration data Page The first AI block is always assigned to the volume flow. This guarantees that the first measured variable agrees with the field equipment of other manufacturers.

The second AI block can be freely selected as Promag 53 is capable of producing a calculated mass flow. Page Cycle Times The duration of the sampling intervals will depend on the type of sensor that is being used, the nominal diameter and the energy supply 50 Hz, 60 Hz, DC.

The typical processing times of Promag 53 can be found in the following table: Sensor Exterior cleaning When cleaning the exterior of flowmeters, always use cleaning agents that do not attack the surface of the housing and the seals.

Promag 53P

Page Trouble-shooting In the event of a serious fault, a flowmeter might have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. You will find a preprinted form at the back of this manual. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure. Page Extension of boards 6, 7, 8 : Insert a thin pin into the hole 5 provided for the purpose and pull the board clear of its holder.

Assembly is the reverse of the disassembly procedure. This design permits the measuring electrodes to be replaced or cleaned under process conditions see Page Make sure that the seals at the tip of the electrode are clean.

XX and V 1. Potential equalisation see Page 58 ff. Weight see Page ff.

Features and specifications

Page EC Directives. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document pages.

Promag 53H

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