Pioneer Vsx 930 Pdf Editor

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

Who Sells What: Pioneer.

Pioneer VSX-930 Gapless Test + IControl AV5 App

Win Events E-Books. We have a soft spot for Pioneer AV receivers, after one of its high horsepower LX range occupied the central position in a reference system for several years.

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

The Pioneer VSX is from the more conventional end of the range, using normal A-B power amplifiers — seven of them — and a set of features pared down to its price, and chosen well. There are seven sets of speaker outputs — so no spares to allow easy switching between different connected configurations. The back panel connections are very much reflective of today. Component video? A few.

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Analogue audio? Ah, but that very special extra analogue audio input for phono, with a 3. Turntables are definitely back!

Coaxial and digital audio inputs?

Pioneer VSX-932 AV receiver REVIEW

One of each. The receiver supports Bluetooth 4. Network media also, with Ethernet and dual-band The Pioneer supports the Fireconnect multiroom system.

Devices from Harman Kardon and Onkyo the latter now the same company as Pioneer also support this system.

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It supports high resolution multichannel sound, which is quite beyond the abilities of the other systems. It has a very attractive design, the text rendered in a modern font and delivered in a blue, white, black colour scheme. At that point you get to cycle through a list of 10 speaker configurations 2. There is no setting for redirecting amplifiers for use in a second zone, because multi-zone operation is one of the things not supported here.

The calibration system took three or four minutes on my 5. I had to turn it up several notches for it to be detected and then all went well.

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The receiver only supports one crossover frequency for small speakers, so some compromise may be required with them. Network set-up offers the usual choice of wireless or wired. I went the former way.

That then offered a scan of networks or the use of an iOS device to deliver the wireless set-up.

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

For a change of pace I chose the latter. That could be tricky at one time because receivers were often 2.

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

The iOS system has been streamlined since I last used it; follow the instructions and within a couple of minutes everything is ready to go, with no need to enter a password. Naturally the first action was to get some Ultra-HD Atmos-encoded material running. Mad Max: Fury Road it was. I think that the system may have set the subwoofer a few decibels higher than optimal, but otherwise The HDR, wide colour gamut picture was transmitted through the receiver flawlessly, while the digital audio bitstream was stripped out and decoded just about as well as in any receiver.

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For very troublesome speakers you might want a receiver with higher rated amplifiers, but with regular models this receiver did a fine job of producing high volumes of highly focused surround sound. The TV reported that the picture was UHD, wide colour gamut, high dynamic range, so it had come through without compromise.

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The Dolby Surround implementation which interprets height from non-Atmos content did an excellent job of delivering a full hemisphere of sound using two overhead speakers to provide a sense of height. The Pioneer Remote App on an iPad Mini 4 showed the signal handling, making it clear that the Atmos was being properly handled. The receiver is quite omnivorous with regard to digital audio. And likewise for local digital media.

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That flexibility is very welcome since presumably some households may not have DLNA support. Chromecast works with any window in the Chrome browser, regardless of OS, along with a number of apps such as YouTube and Netflix audio only, of course, with this receiver. The Wi-Fi connection worked very well for the most part, but it had two limitations in my environment — others may have different results.

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

First, the receiver would not appear as an AirPlay speaker in iTunes on my computers, nor on an iPad Mini 4. Your mileage may also vary on that, because speed depends a lot on congestion in the relevant frequency bands. When I switched over to the Ethernet connection, both problems were instantly solved. And, indeed, using the Pioneer Remote App. The practical difference is that the former is dumber. Software on a smart device tells a DLNA server to send the music to the renderer, and it converts it.

It is the software that is the player. But this receiver is a player, which means it has to issue the requests itself for the music to the DLNA server.

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You may do that using its own interface. It simply talks to the receiver and acts as an interface. The net result is the kind of the same, except that for full functionality you must use the Pioneer Remote App, not a third party app. Another reason for using the Pioneer app: gapless playback of run-on tracks, instead of interminable pauses between.

I used the iOS version of the app on an iPad Mini 4, and it worked beautifully.

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It was reliable, stable, dialled up music from the server fast and just generally did what it ought to do without fuss. And of course I broke out the vinyl. The volume control needed a fair bit of clockwise rotation for a respectable level.

Pioneer vsx 930 pdf editor

In theory there would be more noise thanks to the increased gain of the receiver, but in practice, any such noise was quite inaudible, given the relatively high noise levels of vinyl. Related Articles. But Pioneer has managed to load up on functionality — at an attractive price. In addition to big movie power, this Denon is a music machine — it even likes a nice chat.