Paris Metro Map 2015 Pdf Tax

Paris metro map 2015 pdf tax

However, it is actually one of the easier systems to follow and a great way to find Paris tourist sites , as we hope this short overview of the RATP Metro will show.

Paris metro map 2015 pdf tax

There are 14 main lines on the Paris Metro, with two supplementary lines, and each of these lines is known by its number. In addition, when deciding which platform you should use, then you will need to look for both the number of the line, and the station at the end of the line.

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For example, if you need to head north on Line 12, you'd look for a sign that said "12 Porte de la Chapelle", which looks like this on the map:.

Whereas if you were heading south, you'd look for a sign that said "12 Mairie d'Issy", which looks like this on the map:.

Paris metro map 2015 pdf tax

When reading the Metro Map, you'll notice there are three main symbols you will see when looking at station names. Firstly, there is the regular station, which will look like this on the map:.

Paris RER Lines

The second type of symbol represents stations that do connect to one or more other Metro lines, and that would look like this:. They both mean the same thing - i. Finally, there is the line terminus, which looks like this:.

Riding the Metro in Paris: The Complete Video Guide

The numbered circle, such as the 3 in the case of Gallieni, indicates that this is one of the terminus points of the no. However, we suggest that you take a good Paris guide book with you, and the one that we use and recommend is Michelin's Paris Par Arrondissements Plan Atlas.

Paris Subway Map

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Click on the image above to use an interactive version of the Paris Metro Map. The Paris Metro is run by RATP, and their website will always contain: the most up-to-date Paris Metro map , which is a full-sized and interactive version of the one shown above and which includes the RER lines too a printable Paris Metro map PDF, which you can download to your computer.

Paris metro map 2015 pdf tax

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