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She slowly slid it in until it stopped, Sarah moaned softly. Then Rachel got down on her hands and knees behind Sarah— butt-to-butt, and shoved the other end back into her tight love-hole. Sarah watched and caught on quickly by leaning forward, pulling the dong out of both pussies and pushing back again.

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She quickly grabbed it and rammed it home. Fuck my pussy, Rachel! Rachel impatiently waited while her sister enjoyed her orgasm. Rachel was already well primed and with Sarah rubbing her clit madly it only took about four strokes of the dildo to take her over the brink.

She lay herself down on her belly on the carpet, happily exhausted, about 12 inches of dildo protruding from her still-quivering pussy. Thank you for the new toy, Grandpa. But I think I still like your weiner- I mean- penis better. All four were lying in various places with content smiles- Abby and Sarah with a hand cupping their vulvas.

My cock, spent from fucking Roxy, started to respond to the bouquet. Roxy observed staring at my growing member. Come on, you guys, your mom will be here soon.

Get cleaned up and dressed. Abby pouted.

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They all headed into the bathroom and with the usual giggling and whispering came out dressed. We sat and watched TV only a short while before my daughter drove up to get them. The three ran and hugged their Mother.

Hi, Mrs. They all nodded. Abby came up to me grinning and indicating for me to pick her up for her hug. She clamped her legs around me- her dress was between me and her pussy but I could still feel the hot moistness.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and thanked me.

Grandpa’s Milk – Chapter 11

Her dress stayed put and her sopping pussy slid down my body- my cock splitting her vulva as it passed. Her wet puffy pussy briefly wrapped halfway around my cock as she dropped to the floor. She continued to grin at me as she straightened her dress and joined her siblings. My cock glistened with her juices. I gave my daughter a quick kiss and a hug and they were on their way. Lastly, Roxy came to me and hugged her firm tits against my belly.

The stiff nipples poked me even with a sundress between me and them. I love you SO much!! Tears ran down her cheeks.

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Baby girl! You are SO welcome! I love you, too! I squatted down and gave her a kiss and another hug and stood up. She gently grasped my penis and bent down and kissed it on the glans.

A drop of drool from it clung to her lips and she licked it off, smiling. I showed her to the door and waved as she rode away on her bike. I went and poured myself some milk and grabbed a couple cookies. I had to admit I was looking forward to having a couple days off from being stroked, sucked and fucked by a gang of horny young girls.

The next day I basked in the ability to do whatever I wanted- when I wanted. Except, of course, for milking the goats. I went grocery shopping to stock up on things before the girls returned in two days. I DID miss them, though. I kept the dildo, unwashed, on the coffee table and sniffed it from time to time remembering their sexy, beautiful, hairless pussies.

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I heated up a frozen dinner and finished it. I was just going for some ice cream when the gate intercom rang!


Now the only way for somebody to get to the door is to get through the gate. To get through the gate I either have to buzz them in or they have to know the combination. I poured 3 glasses of milk and took them to the table by the door. Their hair was just past the shoulder and a bright orange. One had it in two braided pigtails and the other pulled into plain pigtails. Any visible skin was covered in brown freckles.

They were stunning beauties with blue eyes!

They wore their unmistakable Girl Scout uniforms albeit a little small and the hems short. Their faces were flushed and their eyes round as I opened the door. They both let out their breath in a sigh of relief but also a note of disappointment on their faces as they looked me up and down. Of course! So you are friends with Roxy!

They turned their backs to me toward their backpacks and bent over to get the cookies.

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As they reached down their dressed rode up and exposed their bare asses. With their heads down they tried to stifle a giggle between them.

They came up with two boxes of cookies each and turned around to hand them to me, blushing profusly. I went into my wallet and found a twenty and two tens. I winked at them. They giggled and blushed even more. Thanks, Grandpa John! I handed them each a glass, sat down on the porch across from them and started opening a box of cookies. I intentionally kept my legs together until I handed Terry the open box.

They were busy getting cookies out of the box but when Tanya handed the box back to me her gaze went down to my crotch and she dropped the cookies and gasped. Terry followed her gaze and her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

My cock and balls dangled beneath me. I sat back down and munched on a cookie seemingly oblivious to my exposure.

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They looked at each other, incredulous, and giggled covering their mouths with their hands. Terry pulled out one of the ten dollar bills and handed it to me.

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I looked at her puzzled. But we thought being naked all the time would be cool and wished WE could do it too.

They took positions in front of me-side-by-side and sat down cross-legged. They nonchalantly picked up cookies and milk. Right Terry? Is that true, Grandpa John?

The glans puffed into a shiny helmet. The girls got up and approached me for a closer look. Smith, I mean John, may I have your permission to touch your boner-er- penis?

She ever-so-gently touched the glans with one finger and thumb. I promise not to tell anyone! Tanya had gone from gentle touching to wrapping her hand around my member and giving gentle squeezes.

Welcome to!

She slid her hand up to the glans and squeezed it. It collapsed under her pressure only to re-inflate when she let go.

She giggled at this discovery. She let Terry try it and started checking out my balls and Terry took over the examination of my rock-hard penis. And FUCK! Her free hand had disappeared under her dress and there were a couple wet spots on the concrete below her crotch.

She stared intently at my drooling penis and suddenly popped the head into her mouth, sucking the pre-cum from it. They stood in front of me matter-of-factly naked except for shoes and socks. Their entire bodies were covered in brown freckles- some darker where the skin was exposed to sunlight.

I scanned their nubile young bodies up and down lingering on their puffy, bald vulvas.