Orx T Six Transmitter Manualidades

Orx t six transmitter manualidades

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Quick links. ORX T-Six transmitter.

Orx t six transmitter manualidades

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Orx t six transmitter manualidades

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The original firmware looks rather primitive though. Original firmware is good enough for 2 servo wing with conventional tail altough adjusting possibilities are limited.

Orx t six transmitter manualidades

However, looks like very limited for flying wings and 4 servo wing. Veeeery clever.

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I don't think HK designed the electronics of the 9XR either. Contact Rob Thomson. Slope Soaring, FPV, and pretty much anything 'high tech' Looking at the effort required to properly port, debug and support the firmware to the Taranus and Sky9X boards Quite allot for little gain.

Orx t six transmitter manualidades

This might be tricky, depending on how well if at all the display protocol is documented, e. If hobbyking would flash these with openTX by default if it was available for this radio, this could spark some interest.

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If this would be likely to happen is up to anybody's imagination First step would be to find out which display is used and how it is driven, if this information is not available one would have to probe the display with a logic analyzer and reverse engineer the protocol.

Somebody with the required motivation and skills would have to write a display driver based on the gathered information.

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At this point the hardest part should be done remember, I have no idea how complex all the other required changes to the code might be and others might become interested in testing and contributing to this port. This would be reason enough for me to buy the thing at least.

Orx t six transmitter manualidades

I would be interested in beta testing and giving input and reverse-engineering hardware, but I definitely lack the programming skill to achieve a nearly stable and usable port of openTX to this radio.