Nom 050 Scfi 2004 Pdf

Nom 050 scfi 2004 pdf

In this page: Packaging and labelling regulation in Mexico Commercial and industrial norms in Mexico.

Nom 050 scfi 2004 pdf

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Packaging and labelling regulation in Mexico

Please check the spelling. Payment means Financing operations Risk management Incoterms Mexico: Packaging and standards.

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Labels must contain: manufacturer's name, importer's name, description of its components, risk warning if applicable, etc. Refer to NOM labeling regulations Languages Permitted on Packaging and Labeling It has to be written in Spanish, but it can also include expressions in other languages.

Nom 050 scfi 2004 pdf

Unit of Measurement The metric decimal system must be used. Conversion to other units of measurements can also be included.

Commercial and industrial norms in Mexico

Labeling Requirements There are specific regulations for goods such as mass volume products, living animals, books, magazines and press publications, among others.

They are issued by government agencies.

Nom 050 scfi 2004 pdf

There are also voluntary standards NMX. CC that can be applied on local, regional or national levels.

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These are the equivalent to ISO standards. Classification of Standards Official stamp 'NOM' with the name of the ministry of state that issued it.

NOM- 050- SCFI Información Comercial

Assessment of the System of Standardization Mexicans respect standards and consider them a signal of quality and safety for products and services. However, national standards are less known than the Standard ISO