Nepal Constitution 2072 In Nepali Pdf

Nepal constitution 2072 in nepali pdf

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Nepal is promulgating a new constitution on 20 September President Ram Baran Yadav had been officially promulgating the new constitution in the presence of Constituent Assembly members as well as in the presence of national and international diplomatic community.

The Constituent written by Nepali people and for Nepali people is a dream come true for Nepal. It took almost seven decades for Nepali people to realize this dream- a historic moment indeed.

Nepal constitution 2072 in nepali pdf

A cross section of indigenous peoples are protesting it as it has failed to address their demands of demarcation of provinces, republican set up among others. In the midst of all this, there has been agitation and few violent protests going on in many parts of the southern Terai part of Nepal.

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In the past few weeks, many people, both protesters and security personnel, have sadly lost their lives. Only 31 parties contested the Second Constituent Assembly Election.

Nepal constitution 2072 in nepali pdf

These 31 parties currently present in CA is preparing to promulgate the new constitution. For instance, some of the parties are for Federal structure and others are against it; some are in favor of secular system while others want the constitution to declare Nepal as a Hindu state. And still many others are not happy with demarcation of the federal states.

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I personally feel the Nepal is at a historic moment. I hope there will soon be a national dialogue in the coming days and the political consensus would be reached and constitution will be able to address the pending issues in due time. I am truly optimistic that democracy and republic in Nepal has come at a huge cost of the sacrifices made by Nepali people and it would be our moment of joy and pride to see Nepal declare a constitution as soon as possible and forge along the path of development and prosperity.

Nepal constitution 2072 in nepali pdf

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Nepal constitution 2072 in nepali pdf

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