Musset Andrea Del Sarto Pdf To Excel

Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

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Sarto, Andrea del, born - died artist Edward Kaiser, born - died copyist Arundel Society commissioned and published. The copy was commissioned by the Arundel Society.

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Founded in , the society commissioned and published reproductions like this one in order to promote knowledge of the art of European Old Masters. This copy was published as an heliogravure in The original work by Andrea del Sarto , located in the small Scalzo cloister in Florence, belongs to a cycle of frescoes painted between and , depicting episodes of the Life of Saint John the Baptist and the four Virtues.

The Charity was painted around Monochrome watercolour showing a female figure Charity holding a putto in her arms.

Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

Two other young boys stand on each side. Museum acquisition in , from the National Gallery of Art, London. Watercolour copy made for the Arundel society and published in as an heliogravure.

This monochrome watercolour is a copy made around for the Arundel Society by Edward Kaiser after the fresco painting by Andrea del Sarto representing the Charity.


It was printed as an heliogravure and distributed by the Arundel Society in Original Work The Florentine painter Andrea Del Sarto had a long-life relationship with the Compagnia dello Scalzo for whom he painted in the Scalzo cloister twelve monochrome fresco paintings depicting episodes of the Life of Saint John the Baptist as well as the four Virtues Faith , Hope , Justice , Charity. He painted the first scene Baptism of Saint John around and continued to work on this cycle throughout his career, proceeding in an anticlockwise direction from the figure of Charity c.

Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

Arundel Society The Arundel Society was founded in to promote knowledge of the art through the publication of reproductions of works of art. The Society was named after Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel , important aristocratic patron and collector of the early Stuart period.

The Society was intended to reach the largest possible audience through these reproductions. Subjects were chosen because of their instructive meaning rather than their popularity. The founding members of the Arundel Society were all acknowledge experts on Italian art.

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For instance, Sir Charles Eastlake —; painter and art administrator , whose house was the meeting point of the Society, was Director of the National Gallery in London from until and during his tenure, he began one of the finest collections of Italian art in Britain. Other preeminent members were John Ruskin , English writer, painter and collector , who supervised projects including the watercolours series of the Upper and Lower Church in Assisi, and Sir Austen H.

Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

Layard ; English archaeologist, politician, diplomat, collector and writer. Although photography was increasingly popular, as photographs could only be made in black and white, chromolithography was chosen as it was felt to be closer to the principals of the Arundel Society: they were coloured and had the aura of traditional prints.

In this way, copies were more like the originals. The Society reached the height of its popularity in the s. However, by the end of the century, it faced mounting criticism with regards to the accuracy of its watercolour copies.

The Society ceased its activities in At this time the availability of second hand prints had increased and the Society found it difficult to find market for its chromolithographs.

Moreover, photographic reproductions were becoming increasingly popular thanks to technical advances. His art had a considerable influence on Florentine painting in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The image of an exceptionally gifted artist but of a timid nature and a spoiled destiny was created by his first biographer, Giorgio Vasari It was perpetuated along the centuries and found an strong echo in romantic nineteenth century fantasy, inspiring literature works such as a play by Alfred de Musset Andrea del Sarto , or a dramatic monologue by Robert Browning Andrea del Sarto , Although this was considered with positive value in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries, in the Nineteenth century it was connoted as too academic.

It explains why only seven of his works were copied by the Arundel Society compared to the numerous copies after Fra Angelico, Benozzo Gozzoli or Giotto.

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John the Baptist by Cesare Mariannecci ca. They were both published as heliogravure in The text, accompanied with a engraving and a collotype of the fresco painting, as well as with a collotype of the original cartoon, is a important evidence as to how Andrea Del Sarto and his works were viewed during these years.

Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

I only possess the engravings by [Benedetto] Eredi and [Giovanni Battista] Cecchi, Firenze , and they certainly give one but a poor idea of the originals. The fresco was particularly damaged in the lower left corner and Kaiser paid attention to reproduce all the damage on the original.

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Copyist Edward Kaiser was an Austrian water-colourist and lithographer. He studied in Vienna where he became a famous portrait lithographer from the late s to the s.

After a first sojourn in Rome in , he returned to Italy in , spending his time between Rome and Florence.

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He decided to devote his career to the copying of great works of art, a taste he had already developed in Vienna, making copies after the paintings in the Belvedere. He started to work for the Arundel Society in Although his first copies were not greatly praised, he soon received important commissions, such as the copying of the frescoes in the upper and lower churches of San Francesco in Assisi under the supervision of John Ruskin. He finally returned to Vienna in , where he spent the rest of his life, dedicating himself to oil and watercolour portrait painting.

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Musset andrea del sarto pdf to excel

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