Monaldi Sorti Secretum Pdf Editor

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

From their great enthusiasm for the Baroque, a truly baroque-style project manifested, one involving both their work and their lives.

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For five years, Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti did research in archives and libraries. Four more volumes are to follow.

All the book titles of the series will create the sentence Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium.

The books of Monaldi & Sorti

How the sentence ends, nobody knows, for the authors are keeping secret the titles of the final two volumes. Every book concerns such historical intrigues as conspiracies and forgeries, the exposures of which will radically alter our view of history.

Rita Monaldi was born in She majored in classical philology and specialized in the history of religions.

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She worked as a journalist for many years. He worked also as a journalist for many years.

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

Critics, booksellers, readers — all are enthralled. In many countries the authors have supplanted Dan Brown for first place on the bestseller list. No wonder: the suspense is of the highest level, the authentic characters are uncommonly alive, and the story, set during the colorful, multifaceted period of the Baroque, is fascinating.

Secretum — the Netherlands 3rd place , Belgium 1st place ; Germany 5th place , France 5th place , etc. A gigantic, perfectly functioning instrument that combines the qualities of an erudite mystery and a historical novel.

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A plethora of fantastic, unexpected twists and turns set against the background of international intrigue. A highly successful work with sensational revelations. Le Monde , France. Fascinating historical developments against the backdrop of state secrets.

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

A subtle, complex style. Last updating: Fall With their new historical thriller Secretum they surpass by far the inventor of the genre, Umberto Eco.

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

Like Alexandre Dumas, they have mastered the art of giving the proper reverence to Madame History. You will cling to the pages!

Monaldi & Sorti

Atmosphere instead of tension. The cover of the book should actually bear a sticker: Not for Dan-Brown-Fans! Based on years of research, their mysteries are ingeniously conceived and voluptuously written, keeping readers breathless in the suspense.

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

From this point of view they always respect the principle of variatio delecta: philosophical descriptions are alternated with action, descriptions of the world in the ancient times are interwoven with the psychological deepening of the relationship between Luis XIV and his mistresses, and then again intrigues, sometimes even like in a slapstick comedy.

Even humour is not missing, thanks to the parrot Cesar Augustus.

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Secretum is a fascinating baroque book. But above all thanks to the central subject: the world is a stage, with all the rhetoric and the masquerades that are all part of the game.

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What is truth and what lie, verity and falsehood, appearances and hidden reality? DPA State news agency — Germany.

Monaldi sorti secretum pdf editor

The main topics are power and intrigues. Bunte , Germany. Veritas is a real pleasure for the lovers of baroque writing.

Secretum – Rita Monaldi

Accordingly, everything in our novels, down to the smallest details, is historically documented or at least historically probable. Authentic as well are the friendships and enmities, just as they were in the reality of that time, and the physical appearances, idiosyncrasies, and manias of all the cardinals, ambassadors, and nobility… All the games and activities can be found in a variety of books about that era.

Acclaimed in his time, esteemed by those in power, and celebrated in verse by poets, he fell into historical oblivion after his death.

Their hero was a remarkable figure, truly as if a character from a novel.

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A castrato singer and composer, later an abbot, diplomat, and secret agent, a friend of popes and cardinals, princes and kings, Melani was born the son of a poor church-bell ringer. Thanks to his talents, keen intelligence, and destiny for intrigue, he was able throughout his long, adventurous life to achieve fame, honor, and wealth.

For decades he worked in close cooperation with Cardinal Mazarin and Louis, the Sun King — even acting as a spy in their service. Nobody of that period was in a better position to be privy to state secrets than Atto Melani.

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Certainly a decisive accomplishment of scholarship was their exact reading of these letters, which had until then been generally ignored by academic research.

This discovery and its literary manifestation in Imprimatur produced a certain amount of consternation among journalists and historians — and in the Vatican. The publication of the novel with its volatile revelations for the Vatican had an immediate impact on one particular priest, who happened to be the inspiration for the bishop in the novel. The first country in which Secretum and Veritas appeared was the Netherlands, the very country in which Italians of the 17th century published their writings in order to avoid papal censorship.