Mahmood Ghaznavi In Urdu Pdf Quran

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

The Story of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi is a household one in this region. For one section of the people, the greatest hero of all times. For the other section, the greatest curse for their way of life.

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The truth really is hidden in massive stereotypes. But that is not the point of this blog. In Ghazni was devastated by a massive Earthquake. Buildings went down , including a lot of monuments. A massive reconstruction plan was started, and there was massive American aid for all this.

It is reputed that the Mausoleum of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi was damaged and the grave sprung open by itself. The internet delivers a video and a lecture by Maulana Tariq Jameel that the body of the great Sultan was found intact, and his hands were so soft, as like he was buried there and then.

A thousand years had made no difference on the decomposition of the body. Fine, but then, the incident should have been recorded, photographs taken and the fact announced in massive campaign. Simple stories leave person in doubt. We know of the body found in Austria in Snow after years. It was intact, but not really in the modern sense. Everything was there, but withered in its on way.

Mummies of Pharaohs are of the same line, or the Aztecs or the Mayas.

Book Name: Kanzul Iman Urdu

Even Chinese mummies have been discovered in liquid. But in in simple wooden coffin, or otherwise, it is not possible for any body not to suffer decomposition. If it an act of faith in people, to believe in the supernatural, scientific thought does not allow any speculation. A more probable thing could be that for research purposes, the body of the Sultan was stolen by some foreign lobby.

And the body replaced by a fresh one so that the original may not be missed by others. We are men and women of science. We do not believe in speculation. We would have loved an image of the great Sultan himself.

We know what the Russians did with Amir Timur and reconstructed him. But only bones were there. Here is just another mythical story for religious consumption. No documentation, nothing! From this about 3 Kilometer is situated a village I mean 50 years back named Mahmoodbooti. This, then a village comprise a Mohalla named as Shah Mahmood.

Birth and Early Life

I was born in this village 6 years after independence, and lived there for next 25 years. I used to move and play in the streets of Mahmoodbooti. There were present a graveyard with Mohalla Shah Mahmood. People removed almost every large sized tile slim brik , the graves were built. Half a kilometer before the village There was a large Graveyard. Shah Gohar was a general of Sultan Shah Mahmood.

There is an old Masoleum building very similar in design but much larger in dimentions of the picture of Mazar of Mahmood Ghaznavi you posted here, There were also present graves of sepoys in front of this mazar built with large sized tiles.

History of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi in Urdu-Hindi (سلطان محمودغزنوی کی کہانی)

The residents of Village Mahmoodbooti appointed an old person to keep the buffaloes ,and donkeys away from the graveyard.

Later he was removed by the villagers due to his activites and handed over to Auqaf.

Translator: Imam Ahmed Raza Khan

Instead I came across your blog. Similar incident happend in Iraq see picture on internet a german team also filmed theOpening of Sahab Graves….. That film was also played in cinimas of iraw…unfortunately on internet only pics are remaing… of that day. The grave of Sultan Mahmood is solid stone and we will give pictures of it.

Recitation of the Holy Quran

Already given in books. One can continue to believe in whatever one believes, and such stories are told all the time. The Quran tells us to think and ponder and we do. Many mummies are preserved all over the world.

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

Even bodies preserved in ice that are years old. But flesh decays. That is the Law of Allah. Some bodies are not eaten by insects.

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A body of an Egyptian Princess is finger sensitive in British Museum. You touch it, it allows pressing. No miracles. Laws of Nature. But this is not the end world.

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The next dimension has to come too. It is not very old story and it was witnessed by many of that time. However, War in tored the evidences. A Muslim does not need certificate of nincompoops.

Outside the Quran itself, anything can be spun. Documentation is required in everything.

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

What were his achievements.? But nature never forget. See the revenge of God. Not only the Gazhani which was built by looted properties but Even his tomb has been completely destroyed. Even the door of his tomb were taken away by British army. Gazhani is a cursed place as it has given birth to a thief,murderer and a plunderer.

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi and slave Ayaz -A Wonderful story illustrating Ubudiyah

This city can never prosper. Mahmood Ghaznavi was a pious and brave man with great character.

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

You say him looter as he punished the Hindus 17 times and defeated them in all battle fields. He was a true Muslims and highly respected person having huge wealth of his own. He did not need to loot u every time at the risk of his life but what he did was purely for cause of Islam and to punish barbaric and ferocious Hindu rulers. We hope Bhim Sen you were not part of the riots in that Modi generated with pillage arson rape and thousands Muslim dead in your city Ahmedabad Gujarat.

The hate in your heart cannot go away for you nurse an inferiority complex for we ruled you for years with such grace.

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We brought egalitarianism in your part of the world who would not treat their own people with love and compassion. Remember 27th February, we do not like to repeat that.

Kanzul Iman Urdu Translation Of Quran Pdf

Singh g…one thing in this whole speech is truth…. Muslims ruled Bhimsen ji.. Aapne yo taarekh ke bade bade historians ko bhi maat de di.

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

Yun kehna munaseeb rahega ki rajputon ne apni zubaan badal di.. Hamein achchi tarah yaad hai ki — Shrimati Indira Gandhi ji ne kitni achchi lagaam lagaayi thi aap Rajputon ko.. I hate every so-called warriors whose only achievements are murder and looting others. Think yourself about their deeds. What they did for the upliftment of the humanity.

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

They looted others and built grand mausoleums and palaces. What they did even for their own subjects?

Mahmood ghaznavi in urdu pdf quran

Did they built educational institutions or learning centres? Even years before Islam ,Hindus who were your ancestors established greatest university in the world at Taxila [now in Pakistan]. U may hate and abuse Hindus but never forget that your forefathers and ancestors were Hindus and it were they who suffered the tyranny,rape and looting by these so-called Islamic warriors.

They were mostly Turks and had nothing to do with Afgan or Indians [are before partition].

Mahmud of Ghazni

Pakistani Muslims infact, suffered more than any other people of the subcontinent. Do u have any knowledge about the barbaric acts of Abdali who burnt Lahore and many more cities.

Know about Nadir Shah of Iran? He looted Mughal emperor and carried away more than princess to Iran for selling in Persian Bazaars? Please think with unprejudiced mind and evaluate these middle age terrorists. Let me tell u one more thing.