Luciferian Witchcraft Michael W Ford Pdf

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

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No part of this book, in part or in whole, may be reproduced, transmitted, or utilized, in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief quotations in critical articles, books and reviews.

Illustrations by Various medieval sources and Gustave Dore.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

Sigils, Seals and Yatukih designs by Michael W. Ford Qlippothic Sigils illustrated by Michael W.

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It can also be a beautiful and challenging task. Chaos was not only the rule, it was the law! Yet, wisdom is often like a serpent, it may find a way into the most steadfast foundation, to grow and illuminate within. Upon the numerous rituals, focus points and all the works written, I felt a surge a fire, a calling, a purpose greater than anything I have ever done.

Michael W. Ford Books / Luciferian

My goal was simple yet daunting: define the Luciferian Faith. I have crossed yet another path which I never could foresee. What you have here is something inspired; a book which I hope will illuminate many. I think every walk of life may benefit from it, it offers strength and self-accountability through self-realized goals. It also is a faith, the Luciferian Path and the various Satanic ideas may now be brought to one.

May you find this work useful, may you grow in the illumination of the Luciferian Flame! Lucifer represents wisdom found through self- exploration. Lucifer symbolizes rebellion with a purpose; knowledge, wisdom and power. Lucifer represents utilizing fantasy and symbolism to open the Gates of Hell; the underworld is the world of power. Lucifer represents Balance spiritually and physically, that Light and Darkness are equally important to the mental and physical health of individual.

Lilith represents the wisdom and instinctual power of both woman and man, that the feminine is the motivator of all life.

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Lilith represents independence and freedom of spirit. Lilith represents sexual liberation and the desire to seek what you wish, with responsibility and regard to the law. Lilith represents the thirst for continued existence in time, the immortality of the spirit beyond flesh. Lilith represents the darkness surrounding the Light of Godhood, the bearing flame of her mate, Samael. To worship Satan in the way Christian Monthestic supplication is conducted is self- degrading and considered weak by Luciferians.

We do not worship Satan nor bow before anything else.

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There are many types of Luciferians! Some are Athiests, believing in the symbol of Lucifer as a self-transformation symbol. Some still view Lucifer as a symbol of self- excellent, knowing darkness and light, viewing spiritual and material development equally important yet still regard themselves as the Only God that is.

This is of course the highest law, You are the Only God which is — all Gods exist through you. What is Magick? Magick is the art of causing change internally and externally in accordance with the Will.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

Magick is the art of transformation into a sense of divine consciousness, thus it is meant to improve and assist the Luciferian. Magick is a part of the religious aspects the Luciferian faith, the left hand path is one of self-imposed rebellion to bring forth strength and wisdom.

In the process of Magick, know that you must be willing to embrace both the demonic and angelic to become as Daemon, a powerful embodiment of the Luciferian Faith.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

Herein is no blind faith, rather through self-exploration and determination is found the keys to the light of self-godhood. You know of Satanism and the different paths within it. This Book is meant to unite Magick and Ideology, to solidify results and to conquer all in your life. Reject anything calling on blind faith! Experience and validate , use the talents you have to become.

Affectivity is the result of desire in action. With focus, you can become anything you desire. Through affecting the world around me, I gain power. Through power I can become stronger in mind and body. Through this power I can ascend as Lucifer I am the only god which is. This Light burns as the dual star, illuminating in motion.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

I am the Angel of Immortal Light, beautiful and free to all I can awaken those who seek me within God is emptiness, yet I am the fire and fullness of spirit I care nothing for the weak or those needing a light above them I love those who love themselves as within myself I can only be sought within The spirit of the Air is the power of the earth Seek me in the air and aethyr I come forth as a raging lion, clothed in the sun My essence is the Mighty Dragon, my hidden self I am the brightness which outshine all others 13 Fallen from the Aethyr, my wisdom was cloaked in shadow In utter darkness awakened, I rose with all forms of Beast and Reptile Clothed in the Sun I rose as beautiful man Who knew both of the Heights of the Empyrean And the Depths of Hades I am the Prince of the Powers of the Air My names are many!

Be cautious in this spirit, who it will feed more from you than You may take from it. Be indulgent in both the spirit and body Let the flesh become not a trap Not the mind or spirit by this accord 19 She guides by instinct and that which is known in silence She is the crown of the serpent who strikes for food She is the jaws of the beast of prey as it bites down for survival She is the friction of lovers as desperation is satisfied The Mother of Darkness resides in all flesh Yet is found by the spirit, for she is my bride Only with her can I be found The Mother has opened her wound before us Resound in a glimpse of a tomb V.

Ask not how to serve Me, Already you attend lust and ambition within. Effortless, eternal, does this scourge tear, agitate and loose, Prepare!

It is I you witness last before drawing last breath! Dragon, My serpent, You he prostrate for pleasure sake! Your calves bend - not to be punished, Joy and hunger, lust and end.

Suffering, exquisite, there might also be found A parade of joy in a most desperate release. I copulate into clay and begat impure vessels!

The New Pinnacle Of Luciferian Ascent

Sacrifices of blood save none from their fate; Indeed! Blood and its architect-father, My elixirs, Drink deep - your vomiting, a timeless symphony unto Me. Dare laughter and lament in anguish as the cattle-brand burns, And clay becomes moist before simmering to dust, Impure echo, it is. Through mountain crevices, to ruin the stream, To rot the rivers and disease the deltas Before searing your wounds with scaling infection, yet Fear no loss of blood!

Only capitulate desires in My name, Upon the clay, within blood-stricture. Where there was Void I give you blind aggression. Aspiration, I replace with ambition.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

Where faith and hope once thrived Only lust and anger lie spilt over like a drunken whore, Gasping at a chance of merriment In the stinking, bloated breath of my kiss, Which hearken generation upon generation, fathers beget sons, Each more venom-bloated than the one before, and Each new daughter jaundice-blooms new revulsions, A legend!

Consorts of Mine burning with blood-tears of Jealousy, Reign finding respite in such undreamt ways! Lilith, throat-reaper, typhoon-within-waters! Igrat, changing monies in temples of flesh!


Naamah, My voice! Crafter of My words!

Basic Spells and Invocations in Luciferian Magick

Mahalat, enchanting and bending both knee and will! Devour the clean, excrete in awe. Yet even among fearsome beauty as such, Daughters of earth cause them gravest of shame!

And you, sons of darkness, Mad acquiescence, My exploding sun-sons, You edify and enrich Me!

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Yet I see, within, a part of you. A place I find alien and strange. Unfathomable calm in the midst of hell-storms, 23 Unweave as I might, I can pour out no more, Flowing into this place I may, But no ebb returns. Neither corrupt nor ignite this thing, I find Steadfast as earth and yet a viscous abyss, makes Intellect without form, a hot breath without mold.

Adamu: Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick

Bonfires of shadow amongst drought- desert tinder. No place might I puncture, finger or foot, as I scale in blindness. I am Great Samael! Yet as I gaze, A mask of falls way into a swirling beyond! Liquid-obsidian, what is your name? I find no definition to which I might cling.

Luciferian witchcraft michael w ford pdf

Detailing memory, burning souls into shell, Myself known-best by Dominion and Death. Its knowing rings clearer than this, slippery void. Averting my gaze is the only recourse, Unknown this deeper thing within. I asphyxiate light, Mahalat sings it forth, Lips of Naamah oxidizes minds.

Luciferian Goetia

Igrat spreads hunger, she-trader of souls, As Lilith conjoins as whore-sister-mother, All fragments in ruin from My three minor-wives, Lilith swoops all the fragments, malformed, Shoves them in me, melted and swallowed, Savoring the taste of purity and poison. Ingested, subverted- dominion ever-quickened- Cyclical force, My children aborted, Aborted and eaten. I am this Thing, their Darkness within.

Yet, again, I say to you, impenetrable one! The unspeakable mysteries which plateau In midst of the sickest Lilitu fornications. I am Spark-Hunter, Gestate of man! Thousands of millions of Wombs, am I! Walls of wombs cast of mirrors, echoes of light, Focus as I may to bend the rays such, From titanium prisms to titanium prisons, an Amniotic breath which brings suffocation. Sustained is the womb by umbilical feeding, Vessel unaware of the systems plugged in.

You are My darkness within!