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The datetime package version 2. There are applications available for converting between various graphics formats, for example ps2pdf and eps2pdf. Suppose you have a file called shapes. Check the pdftricks documentation for further information.

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There are other commands that are also defined specifically for PDF documents, however as with all T E X commands, these commands are low-level. Fortunately, the hyperref package provides an easy interface to these commands. One more thing to note: the hyperref package must always be the last package to be included unless of course, you are using a package that modifies the behaviour of the hyperref package, e.

The default action is to place hyperlinks in a rectangle. This would produce the following: See the course web site for further details. The backref package can be used to create a set of back-references within the bibliography.

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To implement this, use the backref option to the hyperref package. The backrefx package should be included after the hyperref package, e.

This is done automatically by B I BT E X, but it is something that you will need to remember if you are writing the thebibliography environment by yourself.

By default, the headings rather than the page number will be the hyperlink to the relevant chapter etc. The option linktocpage will swap this round.

If the option bookmarks is set, a set of PDF bookmarks will be created, allowing you to navigate your way around the document.

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The bookmarks can be viewed in Acrobat Reader either by clicking on the bookmarks tab, or selecting the menu option Window Bookmarks The option bookmarksopen can be set if you want all the bookmark subtrees expanded, and the option bookmarksnumbered can be set if you want the section numbers included in the bookmarks.

The bookmark entries are taken from the chapter, section etc headings, but note that the text in the PDF bookmark will not follow any L A T E X formatting.

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This leads to the warning:! This problem can be overcome by using a different page numbering style for the title page, that does not occur in the rest of the document. Note that text doesn't have to simply be text, it can be any L A T E X code, which means you could use a picture instead.

There are some packages that seem to interfere with the commands that generate these links. I've noticed that using the subfigure package seems to cause this problem. I haven't worked out why.

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I get the error pdfTeX error ext4 : link annotations can't be nested. This error can be caused by a page break occurring in the middle of a link. This is caused by the fact that the document containing the label definition uses the hyperref package, and the document referencing doesn't.

I'm using the xr package to cross-reference a label defined in another document, but I get the error:! File Document Properties Summary.

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Figure 1: Document Properties. Window Bookmarks. Option Size a4paper a5paper b5paper letterpaper legalpaper executivepaper. Option Action pdfcenterwindow Position window displaying document in centre of the screen pdffitwindow Resizes window displaying document to fit the size of the first displayed page of the document. Resizes window displaying document to fit the size of the first displayed page of the document. Sets the page layout when the document is opened.