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The Indian Constituency insists that the State governments are responsible for Health in India rather than the Central Federal government. Each state ensures that the nutrition and standard of living of the people are improved and a healthy living is ensured throughout the country.

Though there are a lot of obstacles India is striving hard to reach a Healthy Living state through various measures.

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Includes : Blood tests, Scans, Nutrition, Counseling sessions, anti-addiction programmes. In the olden days mental hospitals were the destination of psychiatric treatments.

This scheme aims at providing mental health services by organizing workshops and counseling for people at various stages of life. District mental Health Programmes comes under NMHP which provides mental health services under the particular district thus reaching a lot of people. Cancer is one of the major health problems in India.

This topic covers about various Health programmes implemented in India

The goal of NCCP consists of 4 major activities. The first goal is to educate the people on the hazards of tobacco usage.

The next goal is the early detection of the disease and diagnosis by screening and self diagnosis. The third goal is to build the treatment facilities and the final goal is to provide a calming environment during the final stage of the illness. Tata Consultancy Services believes in healthy employees give better results.

They engage in regular health screening of their employees as poor health leads to decreased output.

National Health Programmes and Schemes in India Part A

They have physical activities to reduce obesity which is the major cause for various chronic diseases. They also have sleep management and stress management sessions which helps their employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Giving importance to health should start from childhood. This can be ensured only in the school environment.

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Introducing health programmes in India have started early from Present day SHP makes sure that the school children are given medical examination periodically, vaccinated annually and given workshops on healthy eating and living. Includes : Establishing vertical units, Survey Education implementation, Treatment. NLEP was launched in to eradicate the problem of leprosy.

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Tuberculosis is an ancient disease. No drug or treatment was available for TB until 20 th century. Until then only healthy food, fresh air and dry climate was suggested for the disease.

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The invention has evolved with the years and now TB is controlled to a great extent. Pilot phase of National Programme to control Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Stroke was started in with the mission of achieving healthy population and to change the misconceptions regarding the diseases concerned.

The objectives of this programme are to prevent, diagnose and if deducted to manage the disorder appropriately.

National Programme for Control of Blindness was launched in with the mission to reduce the condition of blindness in the country. Their goal is to promote the awareness of eye care, to emphasis the importance of preventive measures and to expand the research facilities of ophthalmology.

National Health Programmes In India

They also aim to reduce the backlog of blindness through various stages of treatment and quality care. Various services are done at the State, District level and each Primary Health centre in the country is responsible for the health of the area.

Operational research, treatment depot and drug distribution is done by these centers.