Lenovo M93p Specs Pdf Download

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M93/p User Manual

Page of Go. Using your computer Page 32 - Navigating among screens on the Windows Page 33 - Navigating on Windows 8. Installing or replacing hardw Page 54 - Removing the computer cover Page 55 Page 56 - Accessing the system board components an Page 57 Page 58 - Installing or replacing a memory module Page 59 Page 60 - Replacing the optical drive Page 61 Page 62 Page 63 - Installing or replacing the card reader Recovery information Page - Performing backup and recovery operation Page - Using the Rescue and Recovery workspace Page - Creating and using a rescue medium Page - Reinstalling preinstalled applications a Page - Reinstalling software programs Page - Recovery information for the Windows 8 o Page - Recovering your operating system if Wind Page - Chapter 7.

Using the Setup Utility progr Page - Password considerations Page - Erasing lost or forgotten passwords cle Page - Chapter 9.

Troubleshooting and diagnost Getting information, help, a WEEE and recycling informati Restriction of Hazardous Sub Table of Contents.

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Troubleshooting Chapter Troubleshooting and diagnostics Troubleshooting procedure Lenovo 10A2 User Manual pages. Lenovo thinkcentre m83 User Manual pages. Machine types: 10a4, 10a5, 10aa, 10ab, 10df, 10dg, 10dh, 10dj, 10e8, 10e9, 10ea, and 10eb pages. Lenovo desktop pc safety and warranty guide 78 pages.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

Machine types: , , , , tipi , , , , tipi , , , , tipi , , , tipi , 68 pages. Tyypit , , , , tyypit , , , , tyypit , , , , tyypit , , , tyypit , 68 pages. Type , , , , type , , , , type , , , , type , , , type , 68 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents 8 or Windows 8.

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An introduction to Lenovo programs.. Attaching a cable lock Hard Disk Password Replacing the power supply assembly. Page 5 Safety and Warranty Battery recycling information for Taiwan.. Lenovo Web site Battery recycling information for the European Union. Lenovo provides documentation with instructions when it is appropriate for customers to install options or replace CRUs. You must closely follow all instructions when installing or replacing parts.

Page 8: Power Cords And Power Adapters or CRU, do not open the static-protective package containing the part until the instructions direct you to install it.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

Page 9: Plugs And Outlets Always turn off and unplug the computer before opening the cover. If possible, avoid operating your computer within two feet of high-traffic areas.

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If you must operate your computer in or near a high-traffic area, inspect and, if necessary, clean your computer more frequently. Page Laser Compliance Statement Do not spray any liquid detergent directly on the computer or use any detergent containing flammable material to clean the computer.

Spray the detergent on a soft cloth and then wipe the computer surfaces. Page Chapter 1. Product Overview Chapter 1. Product overview This chapter provides information about the computer features, specifications, software programs provided by Lenovo, and locations of connectors, components, parts on the system board, and internal drives. Features This section introduces the computer features.

The information covers a variety of models. It provides an operating system interface through which instrumented components provide information and notification.

ThinkCentre M93p SFF Desktop

Page 16 The operating system s listed here are being certified or tested for compatibility at the time this publication goes to press. Additional operating systems might be identified by Lenovo as compatible with your computer following the publication of this manual. This list is subject to change. To determine if an operating system has been certified or tested for compatibility, check the Web site of the operating system vendor. Page Specifications Control Panel. The icon name displayed in the search result or Control Panel might be different from the program name.

You can find the program by its program name or icon name as shown in the Lenovo programs available on the Windows 7 operating system table. Locate the program by the program name or the icon name and then click the program to launch it.

To find these programs, use Windows Search. Click a Lenovo program to launch it.

Lenovo M93p Tiny Desktop Review

If you cannot find the program you need, click the arrow icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to go to the Apps screen. Find the desired program in the apps list or search for it in the search box in the top-right corner of the screen. Page 20 As a result, you can access, edit, and share your files from anywhere.


With Lenovo Reach, you also can add your favorite Web services to your cloud desktop and stay logged-in to Web sites with the cloud password manager.

Page Locations The System Update program helps you keep the software on your computer up-to-date by downloading and installing software update packages Lenovo programs, device drivers, UEFI BIOS updates, and other third party programs.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

It divides your screen into multiple parts and then resizes and positions open windows into different parts to make the best use of your desktop. Some connectors on the rear of your computer are color-coded to help you determine where to connect the cables on your computer.

Page 23 Figure 3. Microphone connector Used to attach a microphone to your computer when you want to record sound or if you use speech-recognition software. Chapter Figure 5.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

Page 27 Figure 6. Page Locating Internal Drives Locating internal drives Internal drives are devices that your computer uses to read and store data. You can add drives to your computer to increase storage capacity and enable your computer to read other types of media. Internal drives are installed in bays.

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When installing or replacing an internal drive, it is important to note the type and size of the drive that you can install or replace in each bay and correctly connect the cables to the drive installed.

When you contact Lenovo for help, the machine type and model information helps support technicians to identify your computer and provide faster service. The following is a sample of the machine type and model label. Page Chapter 2. Additionally, in case of a hard disk failure, you can order Product Recovery discs from the Lenovo Customer Support Center. Page Navigating On Windows 8.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

Swipe in and out on the left edge of the screen. Representations of all available workspaces are displayed along the left edge of the screen. Tap the desired workspace. Swipe in from the left edge of the screen to navigate to the next available workspace.

ThinkCentre M93p Tiny Desktop

Page Using The Wheel Mouse Using the wheel mouse The wheel mouse has the following controls: Primary mouse button Use this button to select or start a program or menu item. Wheel Use the wheel to control the scrolling action of the mouse. The direction in which you rotate the wheel controls the direction of the scrolling action.

In the Taskbar and Start Menu section, click Customize icons on the taskbar. Click Turn system icons on or off and change the volume behaviors from Off to On.

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Follow the instructions on the screen. Move the pointer to the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen to display the charms.

Lenovo m93p specs pdf download

Then click Search and type Power2Go. Page Chapter 3. You And Your Computer 51 to 61 cm 20 to 24 inches , and position it so you can view it without having to twist your body.