Leaving Netherfield Pdf To Word

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

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Leaving netherfield pdf to word

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hurst" An overly long epilogue in which everyone gets Hurst Saves the Day, Mr.

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Not only is their father ill, they are struggling through the worst winter that England has seen in decades. Meanwhile in London, the Hursts discover that arranged marriages aren't so bad after all, and that a little kindness goes a long way. The Bennet family is still recovering from the sudden withdrawal of their Netherfield neighbors when disaster strikes. This is my very first story, so please be kind.

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

I know I have a lot to learn. I hope you all enjoy it! Pale November sunbeams slipped briefly through the leaden clouds, so low in the eastern sky they were nearly horizontal.

Their light poured fleetingly over the Hertfordshire landscape and through the carriage window, vexing and inconveniencing Mr. Gilbert Hurst, one of the passengers therein. He had been feigning sleep, leaning his head against the side wall of the carriage with his eyes screwed tightly shut. But it had been too early in the day, even for him.

Too early as well to be stuck in a carriage with his wife Louisa and her sister, Miss Caroline Bingley. Caroline was in a state of near euphoria, having convinced their friend Mr.

Darcy that their party urgently needed to leave Netherfield, the estate her brother was leasing in Hertfordshire, and return to London. Now he was going to have to listen to Caroline crow all the way to town. She was in rare form. Hurst felt the slightest twinge but absolved himself, leaving her to contend with Caroline alone.

Finally, Louisa too pretended weariness, which quickly turned into fitful sleep.

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Darcy rode alongside the carriage, his face impassive. He was also glad, even relieved, to be leaving the small society of Meryton behind. So relieved in fact, he was fighting the urge to gallop all the way to town.

To be sure, the Netherfield estate was satisfactory, and upon improvement could be excellent. No doubt he was doing his friend a great service, discouraging him from pursuing a woman whose family was inferior and mercenary.

It was his duty, and he knew that someday Bingley would thank him. He squeezed his eyes shut and dismissed the vision. If she had had a larger fortune, or better connections, he might have been in some danger, but that was not the case. A minor distraction.

I will acquire a suitable wife in town this season, and that will be the end of it. Gilbert sought out the soothing comfort of a bottle of wine in his study, while Louisa retired to her room. Hurst had the distinct impression that he had been impatient to leave their company. Within the hour, Bingley and Darcy returned to the townhouse.

Pride and Prejudice/Chapter 12

Caroline was waiting to receive them. She had asked Louisa and Gilbert to be a part of the family confab, but they had both refused, pleading exhaustion.

Louisa really did look tired and unhappy, but Hurst had simply wanted no part of what was to come. Caroline and Darcy were going to tell Charles that the lovely young woman he had lost his heart to did not return his regard. Then the doors burst open, and Charles walked quickly, almost running, out of the room and down the stairs to the front door.

His friend was right behind him.

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Ensconced in a sagging armchair with his feet comfortably propped on a threadbare ottoman, Hurst sipped his wine, reflecting on the previous weeks. He was glad to be back in town, but he had not thought Hertfordshire so bad. Surprising, since he did not usually have any inclination toward country life. Hurst had not even considered the residents of Meryton as beneath him as Caroline did, even though his own family ranked quite above the Bingleys.

Certainly, he had seen examples of behavior that could be considered vulgar and gauche, but he could see that in town, too, among the ranks of the nobility. If Mrs. Bennet was avaricious, loud, and crass, so were dozens of fashionable mothers of the ton.

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He had discovered that Mr. Bennet had a sly sense of humor, and had enjoyed a pleasantly satirical conversation with him at the ball until the older gentleman had been called away to prevent Miss Mary Bennet from monopolizing the pianoforte.

He had enjoyed meeting Miss Jane Bennet, and felt that Louisa had relaxed a bit around her. Hurst knew that Bingley had fallen utterly in love with Miss Bennet. He had seen Bingley in love several times before, but this time it was different. Everyone there, sophisticated or gauche, had noticed. Yes, Miss Bennet seemed composed and tranquil, but Hurst had observed a bond growing between them.

Chapter twelve of the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice.

Perhaps Darcy has never been in love himself, or perhaps his experiences with the ton had made him cynical. Hurst snorted.

The marriage mart of the ton would make Cupid himself cynical. And Caroline, of course, never noticed anyone, unless she thought they might be advantageous to know. Hurst, however, had discovered himself to be envious of their budding love.

Leaving Netherfield sheet music for piano

As he had danced with his wife that evening, he had been unable to put it out of his mind. It was, in fact, the nascent attachment between the two young people that had precipitated their abrupt departure. Caroline fumed at the possibility of her brother forming a connection with the Bennets, any of them. Their family estate was small, and it was entailed.

She had, of course, long had her sights on Mr.

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It was a match that would raise the Bingleys far beyond the taint of trade, which was where their own fortune had originated only two generations before. Caroline had barely tolerated Netherfield and its environs. She was never happy rusticating except when they traveled to the Darcy estate of Pemberley.

Having been schooled with the highest ranking families, she had visited any number of country seats.

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

A few years before, after Charles and Darcy had formed their friendship, an invitation to visit Pemberley had been extended to the Bingleys. Caroline had already chosen Darcy as her future husband. The prestige of such a match would surely, finally, bring her acceptance among the haute ton. Once she saw Pemberley, she could think of nothing else.

Mr. Hurst Does a Kindness, Or, Courtship of Dreams

Darcy and Bingley drew up in front of the Darcy townhouse on Brook Street. Both men handed their horses to a pair of grooms and Bingley followed his friend into the house. Darcy guiltily had no wish to exacerbate his profound disappointment by forcing him to be in proximity to his sister, so he had pressed his friend to stay with him.

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Uncharacteristically ill at ease, Darcy needed time to collect himself after the distasteful scene he had just been party to. He stood, woolgathering, at the bottom of the staircase for some moments and then, shaking himself, retreated to his study for a drink.

Within the hour, the butler knocked on the door and announced his cousin, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.

The Best of Intentions

Mother saw you riding in Grosvenor Square today and told me that you were back in town. I had not expected your return so soon. The Colonel rolled his eyes. I fail to understand how she is so ineligible. Pemberley needs a mistress, and we both know Georgiana needs more female companionship. Richard studied him.

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

A few days after settling back into their home, Hurst received a letter from his solicitor, requesting a meeting to discuss an investment opportunity. He readily agreed and returned the message, not wishing to spend any more time listening to his sister-in-law pontificate about society.

His conscience niggled at leaving Louisa alone with Caroline, but any efforts on his part to separate the sisters in the past had come to naught, and he was resigned.

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

Their marriage had been a business proposition. The Hursts were an ancient family, fallen on hard times.

Leaving netherfield pdf to word

Gilbert and his younger brother Arthur had been working to rebuild the family fortunes, which had suffered from the profligate behavior and disastrous investments of their father. Louisa had brought her 20, pound dowry to the marriage, and Gilbert had brought his old and distinguished family name. It had been an important step toward the Bingley family objective of recasting themselves as gentlefolk.

The marriage had been one of the last arrangements made by old Mr. Bingley before he died. Gilbert and Arthur were all that was left of their family. Gilbert remembered their mother, the quiet force of stability for his father, who had been a something of a loose screw before his marriage.