Ldsg Schleswig Holstein Pdf Editor

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

The following is a list of rulers usually dukes who ruled both Schleswig and Holstein , starting from the first Holstein count who received Schleswig, until both territories were annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in ; and afterwards, titular dukes.

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In the course of history, the County of Holstein was several times partitioned among the inheriting sons into up to six lines. Until the Rendsborg branch united by inheritance all branches except of that of Holstein-Pinneberg. It remaining a separately ruled territory in Holstein until its line was extinct in , when Holstein-Pinneberg was merged into the then Duchy of Holstein.

In turn much of the current westerly, northerly and easterly suburbs within Greater Hamburg were ceded from Holstein on 1 April Cf. Greater Hamburg Act. North Schleswig had merged into Denmark in Some Lauenburgian and Mecklenburgian municipalities were exchanged by the Barber Lyashchenko Agreement in With Otto's death, the main line of Schauenburg was extinct, and Holstein-Pinneberg was acquired by Christian IV for the royal share of the Holstein duchy.

Schauenburg went to the House of Lippe. The smaller Holstein-Pinneberg remained a county further ruled by the House of Schauenburg. In , after Christian III's brothers reached majority, they partitioned the Duchies of Holstein a fief of the Holy Roman Empire and of Schleswig a Danish fief in an unusual way, following negotiations between the brothers and the Estates of the Realm of the duchies, which opposed a factual partition.

They determined their youngest brother Frederick for a career as Lutheran administrator of an ecclesiastical state within the Holy Roman Empire. So the revenues of the duchies were divided in three equal shares by assigning the revenues of particular areas and landed estates to each of the elder brothers, while other general revenues, such as taxes from towns and customs dues, were levied together but then shared among the brothers.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

The estates, whose revenues were assigned to the parties, made Holstein and Schleswig look like patchwork rags, technically inhibiting the emergence of separate new duchies, as intended by the estates of the duchies.

The secular rule in the fiscally divided duchies thus became a condominium of the parties. As dukes of Holstein and Schleswig, the rulers of both houses bore the formal title of "Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Dithmarschen and Stormarn ".

The dynastic name Holstein-Gottorp comes as convenient usage from the technically more correct Duke of Schleswig and Holstein at Gottorp. The Danish monarchs and the Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp listed below ruled both duchies together as to general government, however, collected their revenues in their separate estates.

Similar to the above-mentioned agreement Christian III's youngest son John the Younger gained for him and his heirs a share in Holstein's and Schleswig's revenues in , comprising a third of the royal share, thus a ninth of Holstein and Schleswig as to the fiscal point of view.

John the Younger and his heirs, however, had no share in the condominial rule, they were only titular partitioned-off dukes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of consorts of Schleswig-Holstein.

Main articles: House of Schauenburg and House of Estridsen. Christian IX — Frederick VIII — Ernst Gunther — Albert — Friedrich Ferdinand — Wilhelm Friedrich — Peter — Christoph to date. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from April Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ingegerd of Norway c. Estridsen Part of Denmark. Boedil Thurgotsdatter before one child.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

Margaret Fredkulla c. Schauenburg and Holstein. Ingeborg of Kiev four children.

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Titled dux Daciae [2] i. Duke of Denmark. Richeza of Poland c. Eric II the Memorable. Malmfred of Kiev c. Lutgard of Salzwedel c.

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Adela of Meissen c. Helena of Sweden c.

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Valdemar I the Great. Sophia of Minsk c. Adolph II before one son.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

Count of Schauenburg and Holstein, ceding the latter to Valdemar II in in order to be released from his captivity. Christopher I. Between , titled dux Iuciae [3] i.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

Duke of Jutland. Gertrude of Bavaria February Lund Cathedral no children. Valdemar II the Victorious. Dagmar of Bohemia one son Berengaria of Portugal four children. Titled dux slesvicensis [4] i. He also invaded Holstein in , and resigned in , after being expelled.

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Valdemar III the Young. Eleanor of Portugal 24 June Ribe Cathedral one child. Jutta of Saxony 17 November six children. Heilwig of Lippe four children. Count of Holstein by military victory over Valdemar II; he later resigned and became a monk.


Matilda of Holstein 25 April Schleswig Cathedral four children. Adolph IV four children. John I. Elisabeth of Saxe-Wittenberg or four children.

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Sons of Adolph IV, ruled jointly. On the aftermath of the death of their father in self-retirement, they divided their possessions: John received Holstein-Kiel; Gerhard received Holstein-Itzehoe and also the county of Schauenburg. Gerhard I. Elizabeth of Mecklenburg eleven children Alexia of Montferrat no children. Holstein-Itzehoe and Schauenburg.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

Margaret Sambiria five children. Valdemar III. Margaret of Rugia or three children. John II the One-Eyed. Margareta of Denmark two children. Sons of John I, ruled jointly.

Adolph V the Pomeranian. Euphemia of Pomerania-Wolgast or one child. Margaret Sambiria regent. Christopher I five children.

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Agnes of Brandenburg 11 November Schleswig Cathedral seven children. Valdemar IV. Elisabeth of Saxe-Lauenburg one child. Gerhard II the Blind.

List of rulers of Schleswig-Holstein

Ingeborg of Sweden 12 December four children Agnes of Brandenburg one child. Adolph VI the Elder. Holstein-Pinneberg and Schauenburg. Helen of Saxe-Lauenburg 14 February seven children. Henry I. Heilwig of Bronckhorst four children.

Ldsg schleswig holstein pdf editor

Gerhard III the Great. Sophia of Werle four children. Gerhard IV.