Lcpdfr Officer Speirs Batman Games

Lcpdfr officer speirs batman games

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The allegation is related by not made by Private David Webster, where he says, " While I respect Ambrose as a historian most of the time, it seems to me that even recounting an allegation such as this without bothering to source it is in bad taste at best. Does anyone have any information about this particular incident? Thank you for your time and attention.

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He got the job done. But if you were around and talked to the men who worked under him, he was never liked. Now, he could turn around and walk away and talk to someone at my level and be a completely different guy. He could take orders.

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He was very likable. The stories about him are true. When I first heard, I was speechless. What he did was unbelievable, inexcusable.

Lcpdfr officer speirs batman games

If you talk to somebody in today's Army, they would say, well, how come he wasn't court-martialed? Well, you needed every man you had.

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Those guys that goofed up, didn't measure up, you couldn't just get rid of them. You needed the body, because if you lose that body, then somebody else has to shoulder twice the burden. You needed every body you could get. At Foy, he was the first officer I saw when I turned around.

It could have been anybody, but it was Speirs. I didn't ask, "OK, would you mind taking over?

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It was just a roll of the dice that he was standing there when I needed someone. Ronald Speirs was a legend to his fellow soldiers during World War II because of rumors that he had shot twenty to thirty German prisoners of war digging a hole on D-Day under guard.

It is rumored that he gave the prisoners cigarettes, gave them a light, and then shot all but one of them. This rumor has sparked much debate among veterans, and fans of Band of Brothers and Stephen Ambrose's book debating such things as: Did it actually happen?

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Where did it happen? How many prisoners were killed?

Lcpdfr officer speirs batman games

Was he ever called upon this by his superior officers? Stories from Easy veterans suggest the shootings did take place, including Richard Winters stating that Speirs suggested the rumors were true but never gave any details. However, if the shooting of the prisoners actually took place, its exact location cannot be conclusively determined.

Lcpdfr officer speirs batman games

Donald Malarkey claimed he heard a Tommy gun firing near the location of the prisoners on D-Day but did not actually see anything. Winters originally heard that the incident took place at Bastogne.

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Carwood Lipton claimed he heard it occurred in Carentan. Speirs never discussed the rumors publicly.

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Richard Winters, in his own book entitled Beyond Band of Brothers: The Memoirs of Major Richard Winters, detailed exactly what did happen when Speirs shot a sergeant in one of his squads for disobeying a direct order in combat. Winters notes that by shooting the sergeant, Speirs saved the lives of many other men. Winters also points out that Speirs did report this incident to his commanding officer and names the officer.

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However, that officer was killed in action the next day, and the incident was never pursued at any level. Winters suggests that officers higher in the chain of command were so desperate for competent field officers that they could not afford losing one of Speirs' caliber.

The soldiers serving under Speirs respected him immensely, but also feared him. This incident eventually faded away officially but became legend among the troops. Winters also seems to be very blaise about his actions. But we judge German war crimes differently than those of the allies.

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Do we? Balck ordered a drunk Colonel to be shot without a proper trial in which got him prison after the war. Malarkey says he heard a Tommygun firing in the rear on the day of the attack on Carentan, shortly before the attack commenced.

He was told that the sound was Speirs shooting PWs after giving them cigarettes.

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Dick Winters told me the story in , but he had heard it happened at Bastogne. Neither of them witnessed the incident, nor did Lt Gibson, who first related the tale to Ambrose. Art DiMarzio, a Dog Company trooper who always accompanied Lt Speirs on patrols also had no knowledge of the cigarette incident, although he did witness other similar incidents.

So, it is debatable whether this actually happened. BTW, Winters emphasized to me that he took a very dim view of prisoner shooting, that it was not a common mode of behavior in the th and that he felt ashamed of any such incidents which might have happened.

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You conveniently ignore the other examples I gave. You also conveniently ignore examples of the shooting of colonial infantry POWs in the French campaign that were never followed up by anyone, even when officers came forward to admit it, as discussed in another thread here. Also, who is "we"? All the best Andreas. The Germans were certainly no strangers to killing their own soldiers at the drop of a hat at that stage in the war, and there is a reference in the PD history by Niepold to armed force by officers being necessary to get its soldiers to attack or defend in spring I don't recall much discussion on that here.

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If he shot the POWs, that makes him a war criminal. If he shot the Sergeant, well that's a matter that is more difficult to judge on the evidence present. There's nothing "convenient" about it. If there is proof that the British overlooked war crimes committed by their own troops, while prosecuting German war crimes, let's see it -- in a separate thread. Further digressions from the subject matter of this thread will be deleted.

A pure assumption by my side.

Lcpdfr officer speirs batman games

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