La Heredera Lynsay Sands Pdf Free

La heredera lynsay sands pdf free

Let the hunt begin… Lisa Madison wants a husband, and she has just the candidate in mind: Robert Langley. Trouble is, the infuriating man insists on seeing her as the impish girl she once was—even as every other gentleman in London has taken notice of her womanly…charms. And then Lisa does what Robert least expects: gives up on him!

As feigned indifference gives way, blistering passion burns at last. But just before the pair can give in to hard-won bliss, an enemy with unfinished business lurks threatening to destroy them both. She will insist on every one of her grandchildren entertaining us with a musical performance. Then frowning, she turned to peer at her.

I just have a bit of a headache and a stomach complaint.

Lisa held on to her smile until the door closed, and then rushed to the window to watch her older sister traverse the front walk to the Radnor carriage. The moment the slender blonde climbed inside and the carriage pulled away, Lisa immediately rushed out into the hall and upstairs. Forcing a grimace, Lisa placed a hand to her forehead and moved toward the bed with a little sigh.

I have a bit of a headache and should like to rest awhile. Please be sure no one disturbs me. She then leapt up, suddenly all excited motion and activity.

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Morgan was still inside, and then hurried to the door. She listened briefly and, hearing nothing, opened it to peer up the hall.

La heredera lynsay sands pdf free

Finding it empty, she immediately slid out of her room to scurry to the stairs. Lisa held her breath until she got to the landing.

She paused and exhaled slowly, ears straining. But when a steady silence was all that came from below, she took another deep breath and crept quickly down the steps. She was halfway to the parlor when the kitchen door at the end of the hall began to open. Panic rising in her, Lisa quickly ducked into the office to avoid discovery, praying no one saw her as she eased the door closed. She listened at the door in hopes of hearing when it would be safe to continue on her way, but frowned when silence met her ear.

Either whoever had opened the kitchen door had changed their mind and not come out after all, or someone was even now traversing the hall but the door she stood behind muffled the sound.

Sighing, she shifted on her feet, impatient to be on her way, and then dropped to her knees and pressed her eye to the keyhole. But she knelt there long enough that she was sure anyone coming from the kitchens would have passed by now.

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Getting back to her feet, she took a breath, crossed her fingers for good luck and eased the door open. A little sigh of relief slipped from her lips when she found the hall empty. Lisa listened for a moment just to be sure no one was on the stairs and then scampered quickly up the hall to the parlor door and slid inside.

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The relief she felt as she closed the parlor door was rather extreme considering she was only halfway out of the house. She still had a long way to go to make a clean get away. She quickly donned the heavy cape, pulled the hood over her head, and hooked her pelisse over her wrist.

La heredera lynsay sands pdf free

Then, clutching the gift to her chest, Lisa hurried to the French doors and peered out. The parlor overlooked the side yard of the house. As far as she could see, there was no one about. She was also hoping that there would be no reason for any of the servants to suddenly look out the front door or one of the front windows and spy her escape. When she reached the front gate and slipped out without anyone coming out of the house or arriving to stop her, Lisa thought she was home free.

However, when she turned from pulling the front gate closed, and started to bustle up the walk, she came to an abrupt halt as her maid, Bet, suddenly stepped out of the bushes to confront her.

Her freckled face and stance were triumphant, her legs slightly parted, arms crossed over her chest, and one eyebrow arched. What are you doing creeping about out here?

I am your mistress.

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Handers was a dear, but he would pass the information on to Richard the moment he returned. And it would be all well and proper. She had been almost relieved when Mrs. Morgan had suggested in her letter that she come alone. Christiana had been rather difficult about her friendship with the woman, asking if she was the one who had given her the banned book about Fanny, and suggesting she may not be the kind of friend Lisa should acquaint herself with.

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Going alone had seemed simpler than trying to convince Christiana to accompany her. It was more proper to have her maid accompany her anyway.

La heredera lynsay sands pdf free

Now she decided it may be the best way to handle the matter all around. Gentle ladies simply did not travel unescorted in London. Sighing, she finally nodded.

Now that she was on her way, she was actually looking forward to the visit. She had found Mrs. The one the men were all goggling over until his lordship had them take her and her carriage into the village to be repaired? Simms said Mrs. In fact, Mrs. Simms had barely met Mrs.

Morgan in passing when her carriage had broken down on Madison land and been brought to the house. Lisa smiled and nodded, then quickly climbed into the carriage. Lisa and Bet exchanged an uncertain glance at that reaction and then the coach rocked as the driver reclaimed his perch. When the carriage began to move, they could do little but settle back in their seats. However, Lisa was suddenly a tad nervous, worried that Mrs.


Morgan would be annoyed with her for bringing Bet along on this visit. Morgan at the inn during the five days the woman had been stranded there waiting for her carriage to be repaired, she had taken her with her a time or two as well.

And what was proper, or at least ignored, in the country was different than what was allowed in London. While it had been her original intention, now that Bet had made her comments about what was proper here, Lisa had to agree her first plan of going alone had been rather foolish and thoughtless.

The ride to Mrs. At least it seemed a long time to Lisa who sat fretting in the back of the carriage with an obviously worried Bet. It was a small thing really, a book she thought the woman might enjoy. Morgan had given her during their visits in the country inn.

Those had been…well, frankly, they had been rather shocking…and titillating all at the same time. Lisa had found herself fascinated by the tale of the prostitute Fanny and her adventures. Lisa scowled unhappily at the thought of Robert.

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Their nearest neighbor at Madison and Lord of Langley. He was also a dear family friend as well. And Lisa had been in love with the man since she was knee high. He was beautiful and strong and smart and…thought of her as nothing more than a little sister. Seeing Christiana and Richard so happy, and Daniel and Suzette so happy had made Lisa long for a husband and happy home too and it had galvanized her to make Robert realize she was not a child and was perfect for him.

And frankly, she was quite sick of it.

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Or at least try. Surely there would be someone there she would find attractive and could distract her from her interest in Robert? They had attended a ball with their sister, Christiana, the night they had arrived. It had been in the hopes of finding Suzette a husband. To achieve that end, Suzette had danced nearly every dance with nearly every single male in attendance.

With all but one, actually, Charles Findlay. He had not asked Suzette to dance, instead he had asked Lisa. Lisa smiled at the memory of the man. Tall, with aquiline features and ice blond hair, Findlay had been very attractive. But perhaps he would be there again tonight and again ask her to dance.

Lynsay Sands

If so, she would pay more attention. She would force herself to if she had to, Lisa thought grimly. She might even let him take her out on the terrace for air and allow him to kiss her so that she could see if he could stir any of those warm feelings Fanny had written about in her book.

If he did…well, then, Robert could go hang for all she cared. She glanced to Bet. The other girl was suddenly sitting a little straighter on her bench, her expression more alert as the coach came to a halt. She glanced around nervously as she waited for Bet to join her.

La heredera lynsay sands pdf free

Some of that relief was replaced with surprise when she was suddenly caught by the arm and dragged inside. She started to close the door then, but paused as Bet scurried inside.

I sent Gilly up to fetch Mrs.