Kalpa Sutra Pdf In Gujarati

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

Obeisance to the Arhats!

by Hermann Jacobi

Obeisance to the Liberated Ones! Obeisance to the Religious Guides! Obeisance to the Religious Instructors! Obeisance to all Saints in the World!

First Lecture.

This fivefold obeisance, destroying all sins, is of all benedictions the principal benediction. In that period, in that age lived the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira, the five most important moments of whose life happened when the moon was in conjunction with the asterism Uttaraphalguni; to wit, in Uttaraphalguni he descended from heaven , and having descended thence , he entered the womb of Devananda ; in Uttaraphalguni he was removed from the womb of Devananda to the womb of Trisala ; in Uttaraphalguni he was born; in Uttaraphalguni, tearing out his hair, he left the house and entered the state of houselessness; in Uttaraphalguni he obtained the highest knowledge and intuition, called Kevala, which is infinite, supreme, unobstructed, unimpeded, complete, and perfect.

But in Svati the Venerable One obtained final liberation. The knowledge of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira about this was threefold; he knew that he was to descend, he knew that he had descended, he knew not when he was descending. In that night in which the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira took the form of an embryo in the womb of the Brahmani Devananda of the Galandharayana gotra, the Brahmani Devananda was on her couch, taking fits of sleep, in a state between sleeping and waking, and having seen the following fourteen illustrious, beautiful, lucky, blest, auspicious, fortunate great dreams, she woke up.

An elephant, a bull, a lion, the anointing of the goddess Sri , a garland, the moon, the sun, a flag, a vase, a lotus lake, the ocean, a celestial abode, a heap of jewels, and a flame.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

When the Brihmani Devananda, having seen these dreams, woke up, she-glad, pleased, and joyful in her mind, delighted, extremely enraptured, with a heart widening under the influence of happiness, with the hair of her body all erect in their pores like the flowers of the Kadamba touched by rain-drops- firmly fixed the dreams in her mind , and rose from her couch.

Neither hasty nor trembling, with a quick and even gait, like that of the royal swan, she went to the Brahmana Rishabhadatta, and gave him the greeting of victory. Then she comfortably sat down in an excellent chair of state; calm and composed, joining the palms of her hands so as to bring the ten nails together, she laid the folded hands on her head, and spoke thus: 5.

O beloved of the gods, I was just now on my couch taking fits of sleep, in a state between sleeping and waking, when I saw the following fourteen. He grasped the meaning of those dreams with his own innate intellect and intuition, which were preceded by reflection, and thus spoke to the Brahmani Devananda: 8.

We shall have success, O beloved of the gods, we shall have pleasure; we shall have happiness, beloved of the gods, we shall have a son! Indeed, beloved of the gods, after the lapse of nine complete months and seven and a half days you will give birth to a lovely and handsome boy with tender hands and feet, with a body containing the entire and complete five organs of sense, with the lucky signs, marks, and good qualities; a boy on whose body all limbs will be well formed, and of full volume, weight, and length, of a lovely figure like that of the moon!

Thus saying, she accepted the true meaning of the dreams, and enjoyed together with Rishabhadatta the noble permitted pleasures of human nature.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

He was then enjoying the permitted pleasures of divine nature under the great din of uninterrupted story-telling, dramatical plays, singing, and music, as beating of time, performance on the Vina, the Turya, the great drum, and the Patupataha. And he viewed this whole continent Gambudvipa with his extensive knowledge called Avadhi. Bending his left knee and reposing on the right one, he three times placed his head on the ground and lifted it a little; then he raised his bracelet-encumbered arms, and joining the palms of his hands so as to bring the ten nails together, laid the hands on his head and spoke thus: I here adore the Revered One yonder, may the Revered One yonder see me here!

Then the following internal, reflectional, desirable idea occurred to the mind of Sakra, the chief of kings and gods: Thus he reflected and called Harinegamesi, the divine commander of the foot troops; having called him, he spoke thus: Having done this, return quickly to report on the execution of my orders.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

Having arrived there, he made his bow in the sight of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira, and cast the Brahmani Devananda, together with her retinue, into a deep sleep; then he took off all unclean particles, and brought forth the clean particles, and saying, 'May the Venerable One permit me,' he took the Venerable Ascetic Mahivira in the folded palms of his hands without hurting him.

Thus he went to the Kshatriya part of the town Kundagrama, to the house of the Kshatriya Siddhartha, where the Kshatriyani Trisala dwelt; he cast her and her attendants into a deep sleep, took off all unclean particles, and brought forth the clean particles, and placed the embryo of the Venerable Ascetic Mahivira in the womb of the Kshatriyani Trisala, and the embryo of the Kshatriyani Trisala he placed in the womb of the Brihmani Devinanda of the Gandhariyana gotra.

Having done so, he returned in that direction in which he had come,. In that period, in that age the knowledge of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was threefold; he knew that he was to be removed; he knew that he was removed; he knew not when he was being removed. In that period, in that age, on the thirteenth day of the third month of the rainy season, in the fifth fortnight, the dark fortnight of Asvina, after the lapse of eighty-two days, on the eighty-third day current since his conception , the embryo of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was, on the command of Sakra, safely removed by Harinegamesi from the womb of the Brahmani Devinanda to that of the Kshatriyani Trisala, in the middle of the night, when the moon was in conjunction with the asterism Uttaraphalguni.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

In that night in which the embryo of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was removed from the womb of the Brahmani Devananda of the Galandharayana gotra, to that of the Kshatriyani Trisala of the Vaasishtha gotra, the former was on her couch taking fits of sleep in a state between sleeping and waking; and seeing that these fourteen illustrious, beautiful, lucky, blest, auspicious, fortunate, great dreams were taken from her by the Kshatriyini Trisala, she awoke.

In that night in which the embryo of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira.

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Then Trisala saw in her first dream a fine, enormous elephant, possessing all lucky marks, with strong thighs and four mighty tusks; who was whiter than an empty great cloud, or a heap of pearls, or the ocean of milk, or the moon-beams, or spray of water, or the silver mountain Vaitadhya ; whose temples were perfumed with fragrant musk-fluid, which attracted the bees; equalling in dimension the best elephant of the king of the gods Airivata ; uttering a fine deep sound like the thunder of a big and large rain-cloud.

Then she saw a tame, lucky bull, of a whiter hue than that of the mass of petals of the white lotus, illumining all around by the diffusion of a glory of light; a bull whose lovely, resplendent, beautiful hump was delightful through the collection of its charms, whose glossy skin was covered with thin, fine, soft hairs; whose body was firm, well made, muscular, compact, lovely, well proportioned, and beautiful; -whose horns were large, round, excellently beautiful, greased at their tops, and pointed; whose teeth were all equal, shining, and pure.

He foreboded innumerable good qualities. Then she, with the face of the full moon, saw the goddess of famous beauty, Sri, on the top of Mount Himavat, reposing on a lotus in the lotus lake, anointed with the water from the strong and large trunks of the guardian elephants.

She sat on a lofty throne. Her firmly placed feet resembled golden tortoises, and her dyed, fleshy, convex, thin, red, smooth nails were set in swelling muscles.


Her hands and feet were like the leaves of the lotus, and her fingers and toes soft and excellent; her round and well-formed legs were adorned with the Kuruvindavarta [an ornament, according to the commentary], and her knees with dimples. Her fleshy thighs resembled the proboscis of an excellent elephant, and her lovely broad hips were encircled by a golden zone.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

Her large and beautiful belly was adorned by a circular navel, and contained a lovely row of hairs black as collyrium, bees, or clouds, straight, even, continuous, thin, admirable, handsome, soft, and downy.

Her waist, which contained the three folds, could be encompassed with one hand. On all parts of her body shone ornaments and trinkets, composed of many jewels and precious stones, yellow and red gold. The pure cup-like pair of her breasts sparkled, encircled by a garland of Kunda flowers, in which glittered a string of pearls.

Jaina Sutras, Part I

She wore strings of pearls made by diligent and clever artists, shining with wonderful strings, a necklace of jewels with a string of Dinaras, and a trembling pair of earrings, touching her shoulders, diffused a brilliancy; but the united beauties and charms of these ornaments were only subservient to the loveliness of her face.

Her lovely eyes were large and pure like the water lily. She sprinkled about the sap from two lotus flowers which she held in her splendid hands, and geacefully fanned herself. Her glossy, black, thick, smooth hair hung down in a braid. Then she saw, coming down from the firmament, a garland charmingly interwoven with fresh Mandara flowers.

It was white through wreaths of fragrant flowers of all seasons, and brilliant through splendid, beautiful embellishments of many colours.

Towards it came humming swarms of different kinds of bees, and filled with their sweet noise the whole neighbourhood. And the moon:white as cow-milk, foam, spray of water, or a silver cup, glorious, delighting heart and eyes, full, dispelling the compact darkness of the thickest wilderness, whose crescent shines at the end of the two halves of the month, opening the blossoms of the groups of Nymphaeas, adorning the night, resembling the surface of a well-polished mirror.

She was of a white hue, like a flamingo, the stars' head-ornament, the quiver of Cupid's arrows, raising the waters of the ocean, burning as it were disconsolate people when absent from their sweethearts, the large, glorious, wandering headmark of the celestial sphere-beloved in heart and soul by Rohini. Such was the glorious, beautiful, resplendent full moon which the queen saw. Then she saw an extremely beautiful and very large flag, a sight for all people, of a form attractive to the beholders.

It was fastened to a golden staff with a tuft of many soft and waving peacock's feathers of blue, red, yellow, and white colours, and seemed as if it would pierce the brilliant, celestial sphere, with the brilliant lion on its top, who was white like crystal, pearlmother, Anka-stone, Kunda-flowers, spray-6f water, or a silver cup. Then she saw a full vase of costly metal splendent with fine gold, filled with pure water, excellent, of brilliant beauty, and shining with a bouquet of water lilies.

It united niany excellencies and all-auspicious marks, and stood on a lotus shaped foot , shining with excellent jewels. It delighted the eyes, glittered and illumined all about; it was the abode of happy Fortune, free from all faults, fine, splendid, exquisitely beautiful, entwined with a xyreath of fragrant flowers of all seasons.

Then she saw a lake, called Lotus Lake, adorned with water lilies. Its yellow water was perfumed by lotuses opening in the rays of the morning sun; it abounded with swarms of aquatic animals, and fed fishes. It was large, and seemed to burn through the wide-spreading, glorious beauty of all kinds of lotuses.

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Its shape and beauty were pleasing. The lotuses in it were licked by whole swarms of gay bees and mad drones. Pairs of swans, cranes, Kakravakas, ducks, Indian cranes, and many other lusty birds resorted to its waters, and on the leaves of its lotuses sparkled water-drops like pearls. It was a sight, pleasing to the heart and the eye.

Then she whose face was splendid like the moon in autumn, saw the milk-ocean, equalling in beauty the breast of Lakshmi, which is white like the mass of moon-beams. Its waters increased in all four directions, and raged with ever-changing and, moving, excessively high waves.

It presented a splendid and pleasant spectacle as it rushed to and from the shore with its wind-raised, changeable, and moving billows, its tossing waves, and its rolling, splendid, transparent breakers.

From it issued camphor-white foam under the lashing tails of great porpoises, fishes, whales, and other monsters of the deep. Its agitated waters were in great uproar, occasioned by the vortex Gangavarta, which the vehemence and force of the great rivers produced; they rose, rushed onwards and backwards, and eddied.

Kalpasutra Vishay Jinendraji Maharaj - 2

Then she saw a celestial abode excelling among the best of its kind, like the lotus among flowers. It shone like the morning sun's disk, and was of a dazzling beauty.

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Its thousand and eight excellent columns inlaid with the best gold and heaps of jewels diffused a brilliant light like a heavenly lamp, and the pearls fastened to its curtains glittered. It was hung with brilliant divine garlands, and decorated with pictures of wolves, bulls, horses, men, dolphins, birds, snakes, Kinnaras, deer, Sarabhas, Yaks, Samsaktas, elephants, shrubs, and plants.

There the Gandharvas performed their concerts, and the din of the drums of the gods, imitating the sound of big and large rain-clouds, penetrated the whole inhabited world. It was highly delightful through curling,, scented fumes of black aloe, the finest Kundurukka and Turushka, burning frankincense and other perfumes.

It shed continuous light, was white, of excellent lustre, delighting the best of gods, and affording joy and pleasure.

Kalpa sutra pdf in gujarati

Its base was on the level of the earth, and it illumined with its jewels even the sphere of the sky. It was high and resembled Mount Meru. And a fire. She saw a fire in vehement motion, fed with much-shining and honey-coloured ghee, smokeless, crackling, and extremely beautiful with its burning flames. The mass of its flames, which rose one above the other, seemed to interpenetrate each other, and the blaze of its flames appeared to bake the firmament in some places.

After having seen these fine, beautiful, lovely, handsome dreams, the lotus-eyed queen awoke on her bed while the hair of her body bristled for joy.

Every mother of a Tirthakara sees these fourteen dreams in that night in which the famous Arhat enters her womb. Neither hasty nor trembling, with a quick and even gait like that of the royal swan, she went to the couch of the Kshatriya Siddhartha. There she awakened the Kshatriya Siddhartha, addressing him with kind, Pleasing, amiable, tender, illustrious, beautiful, lucky, blest, auspicious, fortunate, heart-going, heart-easing, well-measured, sweet, and soft words.

What, to be sure, O my lord, will be the happy result portended by these fourteen illustrious, great dreams? Thus saying she accepted the true meaning of the dreams, and with the permission of king Siddhartha she rose from her chair of state, inlaid with various jewels and precious stones in the form of arabesques.

What is Kalpa Sutra and why do Jains read it?

She then returned to her own bed, neither hasty nor trembling, with a quick and even gait like that of the royal swan, and spoke thus: Accordingly she remained awake to save her dreams by means of hearing good, auspicious, pious, agreeable stories about gods and religious men. At the time of daybreak the Kshatriya Siddhirtha called his family servants and spoke thus: Having done this, they returned to the Kshatriya Siddhirtha; joining the palms of their hands so as to bring, the ten nails together, laid the folded hands on their heads, and reported on the execution of their orders.

He, the thousand-rayed maker of the day, shining in his radiance, awakened the groups of lotuses. When in due time the god of the day had risen and by the blows of his hands or rays the darkness was driven away, while the inhabited world was, as it were, dipped in saffron by the morning sun, the Kshatriya Siddhartha rose from his bed, 59 descended from the footstool, went to the hall for gymnastic exercises, and entered it.

There he applied himself to many wholesome exercises, jumped, wrestled, fenced, and fought till he got thoroughly tired: then he was anointed with hundredfold and thousandfold refined different kinds of oil, which nourished, beautified, invigorated, exhilarated, strengthened, and increased all senses and limbs.

On an oiled hide he was shampooed by clever men with soft and tender palms of the hands and soles of the feet, who were well acquainted with the best qualities of the practices of anointing, kneading, and stretching; well trained, skilful, excellent, expert, intelligent, and never tiring. When by this fourfold agreeable treatment of the body the king's bones, flesh, skin, and hair had been benefited, and his fatigues banished, he left the hall for gymnastic exercises, 60 and entered the bathing-house.