John Deere W540 Pdf Download

John deere w540 pdf download

The new Combines W-Series is packed with great features that optimize your performance and productivity while keeping your costs low.

John deere w540 pdf download

Click on a feature below to find out more. The spacious new Deluxe Cab keeps operators alert, relaxed and productive — no matter how long the job takes or how tough the going gets.

Ergonomic Controls All the controls are logical, ergonomic and easy to understand. The tilt-and-telescope steering column adjusts to fit your operators in seconds. Comfortable Air Suspension Seat The air suspension seat offers outstanding comfort all day long. Superb Visibility Visibility at unknown levels provides the driver best comfort and full glance to keep the harvest under control.

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The ultimate visibility comes from the new shape and design of cab corner posts and increased glass area. With a Command Touch armrest, a Command Center armrest display and digital corner post display, the W-Series provides effortless control over all operations. Master Control Lever The master control lever fits your hand perfectly to give you remarkably smooth hydrostatic speed control. Controls are intuitive to understand, and fast to locate. These include:. Digital Corner Post Display The clearly arranged corner post displays provide a quick overview of all primary machine information such as forward speed, engine rpm, losses and warnings.

All this information is displayed permanently, avoiding confusion or the need to navigate multiple menus. One addition is the new power meter which shows the percent of available power used. This information is required to continually maximize the performance of your machine. GreenStar 3 CommandCenter Display This display puts vital machine and crop information within easy reach, making it simple to make quick adjustments to critical controls.

From one panel, you get quick access to:. With an added video camera, the screen is automatically triggered to display the reversing camera for example. The video function also lets you monitor sensitive areas like unloading without the need for additional monitors. GreenStar Display The GreenStar display provides state-of-the-art performance and unparalleled ease of use. This all-new monitor features a 26 cm colour touch screen.

John deere w540 pdf download

It can run all i-Solutions you need to make your operation more productive — e. Further highlights include a USB port for data transfer, and video functionality. John Deere R Series Platforms deliver lower, faster cutting that you can easily adjust to suit your conditions.

They are available in widths from 4. No Rust. Stainless steel feed plates in front of the auger ensure smooth, even feeding to the intake auger, year after year, season after season. Maximum Visibility The small diameter reel tube, open ends and open spider frames give operators the best possible view of the knife and crop dividers.

Smooth Intake The massive mm intake auger provides plenty of feeding capacity, and is 4-way adjustable to keep material flowing smoothly.


That means much better feeding performance in difficult conditions. No daily maintenance is required. Short and Long Folding Crop Dividers Just fold the dividers into the platform for transport — no need to remove them before you use the roads. And no need to carry heavy attachments or search for storage space either.

Material is actively transported from the cutter bar to the feed auger in a constant flow.

John Deere W540 W550 W650 W660 T550 T560 T660 T670 C670 Repair Manual [Combines]

This easy-to-fit solution uses sheet metal covers on the reel to prevent spiking of the heads. Features include solid center frames and support wheels, and heavy-duty axles and tires. RapsProfi II Rape seed can be challenging to harvest: the stems are interwoven, and the pods burst when they hit the cutterbar.

This extension cuts losses by up to 30 kg per hectare, so it pays for itself in no time. Fits easily, no tools required. Higher yields and hybrids with tougher stalks are a real challenge at harvest.

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Gentle Geometry The special design of the stalk rolls ensures optimal material transport. Stalks are drawn through more gently, and then chopped finely and consistently by the StalkMaster chopper.

Choose either a 6-row or 8-row folding version. However tough or green your crop may be, the high capacity feederhouse on the W-Series converts it into an even mat that feeds the separator perfectly. Visibly Better The long feederhouse design gives operators a full view of the header and its height-of-cut without having to lean forward.

They can also see the stubble height behind the header.

Easy Adjustments The front plate can be adjusted fore and aft to compensate for different tyre sizes, crops and conditions. This ensures optimal transition from the header at all times.

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The proven W-Series is known all over the world for reliable, cost-effective performance. With its mature walker technology, it combines high productivity with gentle threshing and excellent straw quality in a wide range of conditions.

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Simple, Dependable Technology The whole threshing system is designed for simple, reliable operation and quality results. Yet thanks to the large powered separation area, the W-Series keeps pace with many competitors that use more complicated active separation systems. Threshing Setting the large inertia drumand long concave separation area for a wide range of crops and conditions is really easy.

The difference in speeds between the straw mat and the threshing drum ensures thorough initial separation. The adjustable second concave extends the active separation area. Walkers Long, stage walkers ensure excellent separation in difficult crops, gentle handling for higher straw quality, and lower fuel consumption. The grid design permits active grain capturing. Power Separator The Power Separator uses pull and release technology to free trapped grain from the dense straw mat.

The benefits are impressive, especially in damp conditions or dense crop. Our Quadra-Flo cleaning system is ideal for high-yield crops. It ensures top quality grain, and can handle the heaviest volumes of material. Set and Forget Quadra-Flow provides a clean grain tank sample with minimal adjustments in all conditions. Deep auger troughs provide uniform distribution of material to the cleaning system with less bunching, even on side slopes. Four Fans Four Dual-Flo cleaning fans blast a strong, constant stream of chaff-eliminating air in two directions.

The high-pressure differential blasts trash away while allowing grain to fall to the shoe.

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Sorting Made Simple The chaffer and sieve easily sort separated grain. Optional electric adjustment of the cleaning shoe makes optimization simple. Our up to 11, liter grain tanks are the perfect match for the uncompromising productivity of the W-Series. The electrically operated covers open wide for maximum capacity, and the tall, fountain-style loading auger has a U-joint that makes maneuvers and storage much easier to handle. Featuring fine cut chopping quality and even distribution behind the combine — even across the widest bouts.

That makes this machine perfect for no-till and minimum-till fields.

John deere w540 pdf download

Electrically Adjustable Vanes This option helps operators keep an even spread pattern in cross winds and in hilly conditions, by allowing them to direct the spread to the left or right of the machine.

Perfect for farmers who bale straw and use for bedding purposes.

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Horsepower you can depend on The secret to this impressive power lies in the dual turbochargers 1 fixed, 1 variable geometry and the high-pressure common rail system. The high capacity cleaning system and air-to-air after cooling also improve engine performance.

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All you need is diesel — no Urea AdBlue is required. This famous John Deere Extra Power makes it much easier to harvest on-the-limit without fear of stalling. Plus an additional horsepower boost is available above rated power during grain tank unloading for continuous harvesting performance. A John Deere exclusive! Hilly terrain is hard on operators — and when grain slides to one side of the cleaning area, it can cause performance loss too.

HillMaster solves both problems at a stroke. Fill Grain Tanks to The Brim Since the grain tank stays level, you can fill it right up and save on unloading stops. The improved side-to-side weight distribution gives you more traction and stability.

John deere w540 pdf download

And the level cab helps operators stay fresh and focused all day long. These advanced, web-based telematics solutions give fleet managers real-time answers to the challenges that matter most. You can compare different machines and get detailed productivity reports. Moreover JDLink Harvest Module supports alerts to your mobile device so you know if machines are standing in the field waiting for grain carts or fuel, real time.

It is the first real time management system designed for customers not just at the desk but for managers who are on the move during harvest monitoring their total operation. With your agreement your dealer is able to remotely access your machines from his dealership location. So if you have a failure he can access trouble codes and details about your machine. He can even make software updates and diagnostics all from his dealership ensuring that when he does arrive he is well informed on the likely failure.

No longer lost time trying to give him directions or having the technician arrive at the yard instead of the field where you need him. All that helping to keep your machines running more and letting you make well informed decisions in real time.

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With our satellite-based hands-free AutoTrac system, every pass matches the full cutting width of your platform. Since the combine does the steering, your operators are less stressed and can focus on optimizing their output.

Special sensors on the header provide real-time data on the position of the row RowSense. When the data flow gets interrupted, AutoTrac fills in the gaps automatically by providing GPS data instead.

Together, these two systems ensure maximum uptime — and unparalleled harvesting accuracy.