Jawab E Shikwa Urdu Pdf Converter

Jawab e shikwa urdu pdf converter

Jawab e Shikwa English is an effort to translate the original Urdu text of Jawab e Shikwa in English for better understanding of the lovers of Urdu language.

Jawab e shikwa urdu pdf converter

Allam Iqbal produced great Urdu poetry. He was respected by people from all walks of life for his subtle, sublime, realistic and universal approach towards life. He wrote social poetry , religious poetry , political poetry , love poetry etc.

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But the most discussed of all his poetry remained Shikwa, the complaint , and Jawab e Shikwa, reply to the complaint. Where Shikwa was a plaint of a common Muslim of today, the Jawab e Shikwa was the reply of the God Almighty to the woes of suffering Muslims. The meanings and scope of this poem could even be spread beyond Muslim sense but since the Shikwa was by a Muslim in the historical prospect; therefore, we tend to comment on it in a rather confined way.

Dil se jo baat nikalty hy asar rakhty hy, par nahi taqat e parwaz magar rakhty hy.

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Passionate prayers are always effective, Though without wings, they may fly up to the heavens. Qudasi al asal hy rifat pe nazar rakhti hy, khat se uthati hy gurdon pe nazar rakhty hy. Ishq tha fitna gar o sarkash o chalak mera, aasman cheer gya nala e be baaq mera.

Jawab e shikwa urdu pdf converter

So effective was my wild love that it proved clever and buoyant enough, With its daring complaints, it pierced the layers of the sky. Peer gurdon ne kaha sun ke kahen hy koi, boly sayary sar e arsh baren hy koi. The skies were amazed and they wondered if someone was hiding about, The planets spoke that whosoever it is, find them on the highest sphere where God sits on His throne.

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Chand kehta tha nahi ahl e zameen hy koi, kehkashan kehti thy posheeda yahen hy koi. The Moon thought it was some mortal from the earth, The Milky Way believed it was hiding in it.

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Kuch jo samjtha mery shikway ko to rizwan samjha, muj jannat se nikala nuwa insan samjha. It was Rizwan, the keeper of the gates of heaven, that understood my plaint, He recognized me as the man expelled from heaven.

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Thi farishton ko bhi herat ke ye awaaz hy kya, arsh walon pe bhi khulta nahi ye raz hy kya. Even angels were wondering what sound was that, Even the celestial beings were unable unveil this mystery. Tasar e arsh bhi insan ki tag o taz hy kya, aa gaye khak ki chutaki ko bhi parwaz hy kya.

They were surprized if man could reach the highest celestial layer where God sits, They were stunned that man has learnt to fly this high.

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Jawab e shikwa urdu pdf converter

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