Interview Questions On Networking For Freshers Pdf Creator

Interview questions on networking for freshers pdf creator

Computer Networks Questions and Answers.

Basic Networking Interview Questions for Freshers Experienced PDF

Q1: What is a Network? A: In terms of computer science, network is a collection of two or more computer connected together is a Network. Networking is a process in which computing devices are connected logically and physically for sharing data with each other. A: Node is the smallest unit and it is connection point through which connection and data transmission is possible.

Different devices connect together through a node and it can be your computers, mobile phones.

Networking Interview Questions

A: Gateway: A device through which two different devices connect with each other. Earlier gateway was a different device but now days it is embedded with routers. Routers: It is layer 3 Network devices used to connect two or more network together and it forward data packets between them.

A: It is a wire or any connection medium which connects only two computers. It is opposite to topologies as here only two circuits are connected.

Interview questions on networking for freshers pdf creator

A: It is also called as Channel Access Method in which several devices are connected to same medium and then share the data. This method is totally dependent on the multiplexing.

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Interview questions on networking for freshers pdf creator

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Interview questions on networking for freshers pdf creator

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Interview questions on networking for freshers pdf creator

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