How To Join Domain In Windows Xp Pdf

How to join domain in windows xp pdf

Windows XP Professional: The Missing Manual by L.J. Zacker, Craig Zacker, David Pogue

Daniel Petri January 8, On the Computer Name tab, type a name or description in the box, and then click Apply. This name will help you identify the computer on the network and in the Network Neighborhood, so please try to be as specific and as methodic as possible. This is a bad thing.

How to join domain in windows xp pdf

On the Computer Name tab, click Change, and then enter the domain membership information. Enter the username and password of a user that has enough right to create computer accounts in the domain for example — a Domain Admin group member.

If a computer account was already established in the domain then you can enter any username and password of any valid user for example — your own domain username and password. Note : Home Edition is not designed to join domains; only workgroups.

Joining a Domain in Windows XP Pro

To join domains, use XP Professional version or above. If you are unfamiliar or uncertain about performing these tasks, you can use the Network Identification ID Wizard to help you.

This step starts the Network ID Wizard. This wizard is new to Windows XP, and its purpose is to guide you with a series of questions that can enable the computer to be added to either a workgroup or domain.

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You can move backwards and forwards in the wizard by using the Back and Next buttons. If you select option 2, the wizard requests you to click Finish to restart the computer.

If you select option 1a, a dialog box is displayed that requests the following information:. The next page requires the domain name to which the computer is to be added and the username and password of an account that has the rights to add a computer to the domain.

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The next page enables the user account from the previous page to be added to this computer. The next page enables that newly added user to have various rights on the local computer. The user may be added to the following built-in groups on the local computer:.

N ote : If the computer is a member of a domain, the computer also maintains a local domain with security accounts that pertain only to that computer. If the domain box is not displayed, click the Options button to display the domain box.

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Then, select the required domain from the menu. Windows Deployment Planning Guide. To join a domain.

2 How to join XP Pro to Windows Server 2003 Domain

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How to join domain in windows xp pdf

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How to join domain in windows xp pdf

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How to join domain in windows xp pdf

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