Hindu Temple Architecture Ppt To Pdf

Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

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The former two are associated with Vishnu , Surya and Shiva temples while the third is mainly with Chamunda and Durga temples. The Rekha Deula and Khakhara Deula houses the sanctum sanctorum while the Pidha Deula constitutes outer dancing and offering halls. In Kalinga, the ancient land of Sakta cult, divine iconography existed since the mythological era. Present day research implies that idols deities were placed under auspicious Trees in the ancient days.

And maybe today a Temple in general carries various minute details and the overall shape of some heritage tree. The various aspects of a typical Kalinga Temple include Architectural stipulations, Iconography, historical connotations and honoring the traditions, customs and associated legends.

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Besides these primary set of specialists, various supportive functions are carried out by other people. Primarily certain classes of stones are considered auspicious for the construction of Kalinga deula temples. Though clay bricks have been used in very rare cases most Kalingan temples are built using these stones.

Various aspects like type of soil, shape of the Plot, location of the plot, availability and type of space and ground water level, etc. Color, density, composition and moisture content of the soil discriminates between the best, middle, sub-middle and worst kind of soil. Based on Vastu Shastra , a rectangular, square, elliptical or circular plot of land is selected in order of preference.

Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

This is an intricate and ancient method in Shilpa Shastra , by which the temples direction and the auspicious moment for beginning the sacred construction is determined. Like the present day Geomorphology , Seismology , Topology etc. In many instances we see such depictions on walls and motifs. As temples in every of their details depend on proportions, complex ancient methods are used for correct geometric designing and executing the ground plan bhunaksa to ensure long term stability and aesthetic appearance of these huge structures.

Temple Architecture

Simplicity or intricacy of the temple is reflected in this ground plan. Temple architecture in Odisha evolved over a long period of time. Stipulated architectural principles with ample provision for artistic improvisation enabled the progressive generations. Temples in Odisha are based on certain fundamental principles of stability and take their cue from the human body.

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Accordingly, each part is given a different treatment throughout, from the architecture to the final ornamentation of the Temple. Temples in Odisha in the classic local style very often have a figure of Gajalaxmi in lalitasana as their lalatabimba or central protective image over the doorway to a temple or the sanctuary of one.

North Indian temple architecture

Baitala deula , a 9th-century Hindu temple typical Khakara temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda , Bhubaneswar , Odisha. Example: Konark temple , Konark.

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Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

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Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

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Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

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Hindu temple architecture ppt to pdf

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