Gianni Vattimo Filosofia Pdf File

Gianni vattimo filosofia pdf file

Gianni vattimo filosofia pdf file

Gianteresio Vattimo born 4 January is an Italian philosopher and politician. Gianteresio Vattimo was born in Turin , Piedmont. He studied philosophy under the existentialist Luigi Pareyson at the University of Turin , and graduated with a laurea in While remaining at Turin, becoming Professor of Theoretical Philosophy in , he has been a visiting professor at a number of American Universities.

Gianni Vattimo vol. 1 - Opere

Vattimo says he was exempted from military service. He was elected a member of the European Parliament first in and for a second mandate in He is openly gay and a nihilist who has embraced Nietzsche's idea of God's death.

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Vattimo's philosophy can be characterized as postmodern with his emphasis on "pensiero debole" weak thought. This requires that the foundational certainties of modernity with its emphasis on objective truth founded in a rational unitary subject be relinquished for a more multi-faceted conception closer to that of the arts.

He draws on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger with his critique of foundations and the hermeneutic philosophy of his teacher Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Perhaps his greatest influence though is the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche , whose "discovery of the 'lie', the discovery that alleged 'values' and metaphysical structures are just a play of forces" , plays an important role in Vattimo's notion of "weak thought. Vattimo rejects any notion of a transcendental structure of reason or reality that would be given once and for all.

This does not imply the loss of truth, but a Heideggerean reinterpretation of truth as the opening of horizons.

Gianni Vattimo vol. 2 - Opere e articoli

Such truth is deeper than propositions which are made possible by such openings. Philosophies then are always responses to contingent questions, they are 'ontologies of actuality,' a thesis that can be confirmed by the historico-cultural links of particular philosophies.

Gianni Vattimo, Es Buena la PosModernidad?

For hermeneutics to be consistent with its own rejection of metaphysics, it must present itself, argues Vattimo "as the most persuasive philosophical interpretation of a situation or 'epoch'" To do this, Vattimo proposes a reading of hermeneutics as having a "nihilistic" vocation.

To Vattimo, hermeneutics has become boring and vague, lacking any clear significance for philosophical problems. His answer is to insist on the nihilistic consequences of hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is not a metaphysical theory in this sense and so can only be "proved" by being presented as the response to a history of being, a history of the fabling of the world, of the weakening of structures, that is as the occurrence of nihilism.

Gianni Vattimo

This nihilistic reading of history involves a certain attitude towards modernity , whereby modernity is dissolved from within through a twisting, distorting radicalisation of its premises. Vattimo uses Heidegger's term Verwindung to capture this post-modern recovery from modernity. History as a process of weakening secularisation and disenchantment are other terms Vattimo uses "assumes the form of a decision for non-violence" For Vattimo it is only when hermeneutics accepts its nihilistic destiny that "it can find in 'negativity,' in dissolution as the 'destiny of Being' In , after leaving the party of the Democrats of the Left, he endorsed Marxism , reassessing positively its projectual principles and wishing for a "return" to the thought of the Trier philosopher and to a communism , rid of distorted soviet developments, which have to be dialectically overcome.

Vattimo asserts the continuity of his new choices with the "weak thought," thus having changed "many of his ideas.

Gianni vattimo filosofia pdf file

The new Marxist approach, therefore, emerges as a practical development of the "weak thought" into the frame of a political perspective. The authors explain the book Hermeneutic Communism as follows: "Although the material published here has never been released before, there are two books that have determined the production of this text: Gianni's Ecce Comu: Come si diventa cio che si era and Santiago's The Remains of Being: Hermeneutic Ontology After Metaphysics In the former, Vattimo emphasized the political necessity of reevaluating communism ; in the latter, Zabala insisted on the progressive nature of hermeneutics.

Hermeneutic Communism can be considered a radical development of both.

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Vattimo added his name to a petition released on February 28, , calling on the European Union to remove Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations and grant it full recognition as a legitimate voice of the Palestinian people. On July 22, , in response to the IDF military operation in Gaza against Hamas attacks on Israel , Vattimo said he would personally like to "shoot those bastard Zionists" and thinks Europeans should raise money "to buy Hamas some more rockets.

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Vattimo has been accused of antisemitism. Renzo Gattegna , the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, accused him of antisemitism , writing "words of hatred that don't add anything new and are accompanied by the squalid reproposal of anti-Semitic stereotypes".

Reacting to his statements and to others like it, the foreign ministers for Italy, France and Germany said that they condemn anti-Semitic slurs as well as violence that has occurred at pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Europe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from G.

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Italian philosopher and politician. Turin , Piedmont , Italy.

Sobriquet Magazine. Retrieved Ecce comu. Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. Bari, Italy.

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July 17, Retrieved July 23, Luxemburg: Newslux Sarl. July 23, The Local.

Gianni vattimo filosofia pdf file

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Gianni vattimo filosofia pdf file

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