Gate 2012 Syllabus For Cse Pdf Printer

Gate 2012 syllabus for cse pdf printer

Every year the examination is held on the first Sunday of the month of February.

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Every year lakhs of people apply and appear for the GATE examination. Below we have highlighted few points such as GATE CSE Syllabus Aptitude question types and all other question type information for the students going to appear in these examinations.

Syllabus of GATE CSE - Average Marks of Subjects

The question paper generally has only fundamental concepts and topics we might have encountered during our graduate studies. Time is essential, hence time management and being chary of the answers we mark is crucial. Candidates can choose to apply and appear for any of the subjects since there are various fields one can go and master as long as they meet with all the requirements for the eligibility criteria of the esteemed institutions.

Gate 2012 syllabus for cse pdf printer

The subjectsthey can enlist themselves are given in the site with their respective subject codes. The pattern for all the subjects are same. These are mainly the topics in which the examiner is going to focus on while setting the paper:.

Gate 2012 syllabus for cse pdf printer

These subjects for most candidates were completed during their undergrad. Hence covering the syllabus for the GATE examinations should be somewhat easy.

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Since they are familiar with the topics and the pattern of the paper is simple and easy to understand, they should focus on topics and concepts that they are barely acquainted with. For computer Science and Information Technology, the syllabus can be divided into 10 sections.

Gate 2012 syllabus for cse pdf printer

They are:. Section 1 is generally common for all the branches and fields in the GATE examination. Besides these technical sections, there is one section of General Aptitude which is of mere 5 marks but still is a score elevator and hence should not be neglected. Other question including these questions together comprise of the marks.

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And about 25 marks to 40 marks will be devoted to numeric answer type questions among the other questions. There is also negative marking for all of the questions except for numeric format questions.

Gate 2012 syllabus for cse pdf printer

One mark is awarded for themultiple-choice question which have the weightage of 1 mark, and those questions have a negative marking of o. The multiple -questions that have weightage of 2 marks have a negative marking of 0. GATE is can be difficult to crack but with due diligence and focus, one can achieve their goal and thus high scores in the GATE examination.

Students who are looking to download the same can get it right from this page.

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