G 30 S Pki Pdf File

G 30 s pki pdf file

Noer , produced by G.

G 30 s pki pdf file

Produced over a period of two years with a budget of Rp. The film depicts the period leading up to the coup and several days after it.

G 30 s pki pdf file

In a time of economic turmoil, six generals are kidnapped and killed by the PKI and Air Force , purportedly to pre-empt a coup against President Sukarno. General Suharto destroys the coup and, afterwards urges the Indonesian populace to commemorate those killed and fight against all forms of communism.

The film shows the G30S leadership as ruthless and planning "every move to the last detail", [1] taking joy in using excessive violence and torturing the generals, depictions which have been read as portraying "the state's enemies as outside the realm of the human".

The film was used as a propaganda vehicle by the New Order government until its collapse; televised annually on 30 September and became mandatory viewing for students.

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Since the fall of Suharto in , such use of the film has become less common. Although the film's artistic aspects remain well-received, its misrepresentation of history has been criticised.

By the PKI claimed millions of members, a growing number influenced by hyperinflation and widespread poverty. On the night of 30 September—1 October , a group of Indonesian National Armed Forces members calling themselves the 30 September Movement captured and killed six Army generals thought to belong to an anti-revolutionary "Generals' Council", including Commander of the Army Ahmad Yani ; another target, Abdul Haris Nasution , escaped. They also announced that President Sukarno was under their power.

Major-General Suharto, the interim leader after Yani's death, became aware of the movement on the morning of 1 October. By evening he had convinced a G30S battalion in Merdeka Square and those occupying the RRI building to surrender, without any bloodshed. By that time the G30S leadership had escaped, while Sukarno had withdrawn to his palace in Bogor.

G 30 s pki pdf file

The movie begins with a RRI radio announcer stopping the play of, and ejecting, a Beatles record and throwing it to a stack of Western cultural products, which is later burned. Indonesia is in turmoil.

The populace lives in poverty, while the rich flaunt their wealth. President Sukarno Umar Kayam is ill and may die. Meanwhile, his political concept of Nasakom nationalism, religion, and communism has promoted an explosive growth in the PKI.

G 30 s pki pdf file

The party, which staged a coup in , has been attacking and killing people throughout the country. The weakened president is also being manipulated by the party. Aidit Syubah Asa , Syam , and the Communist Party leadership secretly plan to use this as an excuse for their own coup.

The rank and file members of the Party accept the leadership's explanation and, with the help of "forward-thinking" soldiers and officers mostly from the Air Force , work to gather the Party's forces. They plan to kidnap seven generals said to be members of the Generals' Council , overtake the city, and secure Sukarno. The newly named G30S begins training. The rightist members of the Army are unaware of this upcoming coup, living happily with their families.

By the time they realise that something is amiss, it is too late.

On the night of 30 September—1 October, seven units are sent to kidnap the generals associated with the Council. Yani, who fights back, is killed in his home; Major General M.

Haryono meets a similar fate. Brigadier General D. Pandjaitan goes willingly, but when he prays for too long before entering the truck he is killed. Their bodies are then thrown into a well.

Later that morning, members of the movement take over the RRI office and force the staff there to read a speech by Untung Bram Adrianto , which states that the G30S has moved to forestall a coup by the Generals' Council and announces the formation of a "Revolutionary Council".

At Halim, the president speaks with the G30S leaders and declares that he will take full control of the Army. Another radio speech is soon read, outlining the composition of the new Revolutionary Council and announcing changes to Army hierarchy. The G30S leaders begin planning their escape from Halim, to be done before midnight. Suharto Amoroso Katamsi , awoken early in the morning, denies Untung's announcement, stating explicitly that there is no Generals' Council and making an adjunct record notes on the true nature of G30S.

As there is a power vacuum with Yani dead, Suharto takes temporary control of the Army and begins planning a counter-assault with his men; he is, however, unwilling to force a fight. He instead states that he will give a radio announcement, which is delivered after forces loyal to him retake the RRI office; it outlines the situation, describes G30S as counter-revolutionary , and states that the Army will deal with the coup. The G30S leaders flee Halim, and Suharto's troops retake the air base.

While PKI-affiliated soldiers fight, the Party leadership escapes and separates, planning to continue their struggle underground.

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Suharto is soon called to the secondary palace in Bogor to speak with Sukarno. There, the president says that he has received assurances from Air Marshal Omar Dani that the Air Force was not involved. Suharto refutes the statement, noting that the movement's arms were like those of the Air Force. The meeting eventually results in Suharto being confirmed as leader of the Army, working together with Pranoto Reksosamodra.

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The generals are interred elsewhere and Suharto delivers a hagiographic eulogy in which he condemns the G30S and PKI and urges the Indonesian people to continue the fallen generals' struggle. Noer , a Citra Award -winning director with a background in theatre.

He had previous experience in the genre, having made the war film Serangan Fajar Dawn Attack ; , which emphasised Suharto's role in the National Revolution. Hill suggest that Noer's creative input was minimal. Instead, "for all intents and purposes" the film was the work of its producer, Brigadier-General Gufran Dwipayana , then the head of PPFN and a member of the presidential staff.

Noer insists that he had remained independent while making the film. The book, which was meant to counter foreign theories about the coup, detailed the 30 September Movement as the government viewed it.

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Katamsi, on the other hand, studied Suharto's role from books and, by the time filming had commenced, felt as if "was Pak Harto, not an imitation of Pak Harto. Editing was done by Supandi. She considers an opening scene, where the PKI attacks an Islamic school, as likewise meant to show the "evil" nature of communists.

The PKI are portrayed as enjoying violence, with the film heavily featuring "eye-gouging women and decomposed, tortured bodies".

G 30 s pki pdf file

The Indonesian sociologist Ariel Heryanto records students as being "required to pay" to see the film during school hours, a fact not reflected in contemporary records. Dwipayana's influence ensured that contemporary reviews, especially synopses, repeated the government's position on the G30S coup. He felt, however, that the film felt too long and, as viewers knew instantly who the good and bad characters were, it became "nothing but a black-and-white portrait without any complex issues", which ignored the underlying problems which had sparked the G30S movement.

Suharto, after viewing an early screening, stated that the story was unfinished and suggested that a sequel was necessary.

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The film was broadcast by the state-owned network TVRI , and later on private television stations after they were established. In September , four months after the fall of Suharto , the Information Minister Yunus Yosfiah declared that the film would no longer be compulsory viewing material, reasoning that it was an attempt to manipulate history and create a cult with Suharto in the centre.

But real! Hilmar Farid, an Indonesian historian, called the film propaganda mixed with "some [of the New Order's] fantasies". In a interview, Katamsi admitted the film was in part overacted and that it had been a potent way to spread and indoctrinate viewers in the New Order's ideology.

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G 30 s pki pdf file

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