Fundamentals Of Healthcare Finance Gapenski Pdf

Fundamentals of healthcare finance gapenski pdf

Kristin L.

Fundamentals of healthcare finance gapenski pdf

Prior to receiving a doctorate in health services organization and policy with a concentration in corporate finance, she worked in public accounting serving non-profits and clients in the insurance industry. You're currently accessing eBooks.

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Why Healthcare Costing Matters to Enable Strategy and Financial Performance

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Fundamentals of healthcare finance gapenski pdf

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Fundamentals of healthcare finance gapenski pdf

In today's evolving healthcare environment, astute financial management is more important than ever to an organization's economic well-being. Leaders throughout the enterprise—not just financial managers but clinical and operational managers, too—must have a solid grounding in finance to be able to improve care and deliver value. Gapenski's Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and applications of healthcare finance that managers use daily.

In clear and succinct language, the book provides readers—from students and entry-level managers to more experienced practitioners with newly added management or financial responsibilities—with a detailed overview of finance topics ranging from planning and budgeting to financial operations, capital investment, and risk analysis.

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Practice scenarios, examples, self-test questions, sidebars on financial practices in healthcare, and running glossary definitions help bring these topics to life. This book's original author, Louis C. Gapenski, PhD, was recognized both nationally and internationally as an expert in healthcare finance. In this new edition, authors Kristin L.

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Reiter and Paula H. Song further refine Dr. Gapenski's concepts and teachings.

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In addition to updated examples and statistics, this edition includes new or expanded information on:. Gapenski's Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance equips readers with the knowledge, vocabulary, and understanding they need to interpret financial data and to communicate and work effectively with finance leaders in their organizations.

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