Flash Pdf Viewer Php File

Flash pdf viewer php file

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The best PDF viewer just got better with the new Acrobat Reader.

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Create a Custom PDF Viewer With JavaScript

The commercial product from Adobe is called FlashPaper. There are no free alternatives to that. So embedding is your closest option. Here's an example of how that looks.

Flash pdf viewer php file

I know it is a bit late, but this can be useful for people that come here from searches. The best feature for my project is that it loads the PDFs 5 pages at a time, so getting the flash reader to try to display a 30Mb page PDF won't mean loads of bandwidth.

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Flash pdf viewer php file

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Flash pdf viewer php file

Wouldn't it be easier to just supply the PDF as a download and let the browser launch the Acrobat reader if installed? Flexpaper works great.

You can customize the controls, It has a beautiful output and yes, if you put some tricks on, you can mix the flipboard and imagemagick to create any flip pages you want.

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I know its late, any ways thanks a lot. You have given me one more option.

Flash pdf viewer php file

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Flash pdf viewer php file

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