Eucharistic Prayer Ii Pdf Editor

Eucharistic prayer ii pdf editor

Eucharistic prayer ii pdf editor

Advance preparation for their introduction will begin shortly. I think it is true to say that most priests, and almost all laity, are fairly unaware as yet of what this will involve.

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We are posting here the new text for Eucharistic Prayers I and II, to give a sample of what is coming down the line. It would be good if priests got together to talk about these, and maybe even better if they gathered some lay people from the parish and see what they think. Do this in memory of me. Eucharistic Prayer III.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Home Page. Language Most appalling is the style of English used in this new translation.

It is unbelievably archaic. The easy flow of the current set of prayers has been replaced by a cumbersome and convoluted style that will be almost impossible to read with meaning and that will be totally removed from the everyday English of ordinary people.

Secrecy Concern must be expressed at the secrecy that has surrounded the discussions on this New Missal. It is regretful that priests have been totally ignored in this process.

Eucharistic prayer ii pdf editor

Is it that they are deemed as having nothing worthwhile to contribute? How disheartening for priests.

The German Language Order of the Mass

Ignoring Lay People At a time when we are inviting our lay people to become more involved in the day-to-day running of our church they too, on this central issue of the Missal, have been completely ignored. It seems that they too are not regarded as having any valuable role to play in this process. So much for lay involvement! Confusion If the New Missal is launched as planned, we could have a situation where it may be fully accepted in some churches, where it may be fully rejected in others, and where many churches may end up with a pick-and-mix version of the Mass from both Missals.

Division Furthermore, an enforced introduction of the New Missal could give rise to much anger and frustration among laity, religious and priests.

In these difficult times, our church needs all this like a hole in the head. Real Problems Many people will be aghast to think that our church leaders seem to be more concerned about these totally unnecessary changes to the wording of the prayers of the Mass than they are about the REAL problems facing our church today.

Conclusion A revision of the Missal and its prayers may be necessary, but the version that is about to be imposed on us within the next year or so is not the answer. I call on the Association of Catholic Priests to give immediate and urgent priority to addressing this issue.

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Most lay people, indeed most priests and bishops, do not have the necessary competence to translate liturgical texts. I have no knowledge of root canal work, so I have no business telling dentists how to do their work.

Why is it, within the Church, that everybody, even if he have no competence or expertise, is suddenly thought suitable for such work?

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I wonder if this comment will get through the Association of Catholic Priests moderation? Very simple question. What is wrong with the existing Euch prayers? Patrick, I found an interesting article yesterday.

Eucharistic prayer ii pdf editor

Basically the translation into English was rushed and used a method of translation which was unfit for purpose. Damien, the link you give plays off the new translations of the preces against the texts, which everyone agrees are sawdust.

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But all the collects etc were excellently translated in and could have been used to the immense spiritual benefit of us all over the last 12 years if the Vatican had not shut them away in a drawer like the Third Secret of Fatima. Now we are going to get rubbishy translations of these prayers as well as of the ordo missae, to the immense spiritual detriment of us all.

Eucharist or Eucharistic?

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