Dxid Fm 101-5-1 Operational Terms And Graphics Pdf

Dxid fm 101-5-1 operational terms and graphics pdf

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Dxid fm 101-5-1 operational terms and graphics pdf

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Dxid fm 101-5-1 operational terms and graphics pdf

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Dxid fm 101-5-1 operational terms and graphics pdf

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FM 1-02 (FM 101-5-1) MCRP 5-12A 2004 (OBSOLETE) : Operational terms and graphics.

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This manual is a dual-Service US Army and US Marine Corps publication introducing new terms and definitions and updating existing definitions as reflected in the latest editions of Army field manuals and Marine Corps doctrinal , warfighting , and reference publications.

When communicating instructions to subordinate units , commanders and staffs from company through corps should use this manual as a dictionary of operational terms and military graphics.

This manual incorporates changes in joint terminology and definitions as reflected in JP as amended through June and provides a single standard for developing and depicting hand-drawn and computer-generated military symbols for situation maps , overlays , and annotated aerial photographs for all types of military operations. The symbology chapters of this manual focus primarily on land military symbols applicable for the Army and Marine Corps.

In addition to terminology , this manual includes the following updated lists : approved acronyms and abbreviations with their expansions ; two-letter country codes ; brevity codes and their meanings ; procedural words ; and tactical tasks.

Military symbols ; Signs and symbols ; Field manuals ; Terms and phrases. Washington, DC : Department of the Army,. Date, Original.

Dxid fm 101-5-1 operational terms and graphics pdf

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