Dungeon Master Guide 2 3.5 Pdf995

Dungeon master guide 2 3.5 pdf995

So, what computer software are you guys planning to use with this adventure path? I've yet to come upon anything that is more helpful for a campaign than the inevitable hassle of bringing a laptop and finding a place to put it, and not get in the way of playing.

Well, I'm going to use DM Genie. I introduced it in my Shackled City campaign, and it's been extremely helpful for me, especially for the big fights. Any suggestions?

Dungeon master guide 2 3.5 pdf995

To be honest there just isn't a likeable enough program currently out there that can manage my DM'ing style.

Although given the strength of my current group I could well be running this campaign over Fantasy Grounds. I've never seen this before.

Excellent for when you need an NPC in a pinch. Actually Lillith is the one doing most of the work and the person who brought the database into being I have actually a registered version of DM Genie, and will probably use the campaign manager.

Velvetlinedbox May 15, , am I never thought of using software before, I just have notes and notes. Are they really that helpful, if so which ones would be best.

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The biggest issue, with any software, is "does it work for you? Try a bunch of different software, like the ones people have listed in this thread. I have a bunch of pieces that I've never finished. This might be the time to get going.

Dungeon master guide 2 3.5 pdf995

Mostly all of these are in the "final phases" and I just need to get around to them. Also wanted use my own Wiki I'm not ambitious enough to create one. Any suggestions on a good one? I was thinking of downloading the one for Wikipedia. MediaWiki the one used by wikipedia is great, but perhaps a bit much - PBwiki is quite good for campaign stuff.

I use both on my LAMP system as well. Well, DM's Familiar of course! Manage the combat, reference library, and to keep all my notes organized. Lillith, that's what I've been looking at. I'll need the MySQL installed for all my other stuff, so it's not a problem. Course I wrote it so I might be biased.

Dungeon master guide 2 3.5 pdf995

Thanks, but I'll pass. Checkout the other tools I use as well as my projector setup at My Gaming Setup.

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I'm currently using "show me" screens on my table. Here's some screen shots. The middle monitor for the GM is replicated on the two monitors for the PCs. The software that came with the video card allows me to have multiple desktops.

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Background images can be put up on each side of the middle, but we usually use PDFs and Media Player. If you want to show something, just slide it from one monitor to the other. At first, the other GMs were hesitant, but they love it now!

One drawback is that the monitors are hard to move. But I'm looking into display racks that can solve that. My group used to be exclusively computer based, using custom software one of the guys had written. When I took over in the DM's chair, I used the system only as long as I had to and then eliminated the use of computers at the table. Everyone was hidden behind monitors and did not interact as they should; the social aspects of the game had disappeared and browsing the internet became a problem.

Since then, the game has become much better, and I don't think that anyone would have the systems back if given the choice. We have one laptop set aside for fast online references, PDF reference and character creation, but that is it.

Thus, I will not be using software at the gaming table though I will continue to make great use of Excel and GIMP to track things offline, prepare images and do my planning. One thing I do like about technology is the IM aspect see here. I think that the passing of notes can be a bit of a kill on the campaign.

You're right on the monitors. I would keep them however, just find monitors small enough not easy, but I'm trying to avoid things like web surfing and the "hide behind" aspect. That way I can still be "up to date" and social. I use excel for many things, including tracking exp, loot, npcs, and other good stuff. You can grab my excel speadsheet I designed for use with Savage Tide and very easily use it with any adventure or campaign. I put a copy up at The RPGenius website.

It's a bit of work but the payoff is really nice. You can see an example map in play at my webpage.

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I also refer to d20srd from time to time when I need a quick rule lookup on some things I don't use that frequently e. Or is it just me I'm thinking about getting a second and third job so that I can save up for one of these Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if someone hacked together the ability for everyone to write their pizza preferences on the table, someone set down a cellphone, and it'll handle combining the topping choices and placing the order without debate and taking time away from the game.

As you can tell, I've also thought it can definitely be an awesome gaming table. Once they open this up for outside software development and the hardware prices start coming down, I am so unleashing my. Net-fu on it. A lot of these things are available now in standard computers, but with the new interface, way neat-o wireless capability, and multiuser ability so that you don't have a bunch of faces hidden behind computer screens or secret surfing, Surface really takes it to a new level.

It's still awfully high, but it's not out of the question for some people well, it is out of the question for me and many others, but not like the level of how a Ferrari is out of the question.

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Plus as they get to be mass-produced and little bits inside get improved, the price will drop to I would think something comparable to other PCs easily within the year range they mention. I think it's unique and useful enough for a variety of activities that it will have the momentum to make it past that initial "costs way too much for ordinary mortals" and survive to the point of becoming affordable.

We don't need to lower the lights. We often leave the light off that is directly over the table, but the projector is usable even with it on. Of course, not computer included. But it's a 42 inch touch screen! That technology is a huge leap forward.

We were discussing it at work today for work applications, but of course my mind drifted to gaming and someone out of the blue pointed out at you could wear little fingerlets with barcodes on them to identify who was who and make a great pvp game that way.

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Guess I am not the only gamer in the office. Yeah, but I'd think that the software is what allows the multi touch, not the screen itself. Wouldn't a mirror cause the image to be side switched? So you would have to mirror maps in advance to display them correctly?

Most of the projectors we use at my work have a button to reverse the projected image and flip it for that matter. If you were to rear screen project you would need the feature as well.

Its very quick and easy. As far as I know all these programs are PC-centric with "workarounds" for us Mac users Festivus Jun 13, , am Andrew Turner wrote: Durn wrote: does anyone use a Mac with these programs?

Of course, you need excel to run it so there is that added expense. I have tried it in OpenOffice 2. My Savage Tide excel sheet opens and functions just fine in OpenOffice 2.

Dungeon master guide 2 3.5 pdf995

Org - On my laptop web browser, for quick rules refrence searching. COM has some nifty tools for online play say a player is out of town.

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The dice tool is cool for a laptop at the gaming table, but not really good for online play. I'm contemplating getting the full version. During play I consult d20srd.

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I use PCGen too. Not only for the character gen stuff, but also for setting up all the NPC and monster encounters beforehand and then I run the in the GMGen tool that is included which also calculates all the XP. Since Pathfinder is OGL content, there should definitely be a group effort to develop a dataset to support any new monsters, items, feats and what have you As Pathfinder subscriber I am interested in that kind of support myself, and as a PCGen developer I'm also in a position to have some influence on this.

So, unless Paizo doesn't want us to, which looks unlikely to me, I guess Pathfinder support will be included in PCGen sooner or later. Excel spreadsheet to keep track of XP. I just put in the current party level, CR of the creature and either the name or short description and it adds it all up, etc.


Tact-tiles for mapping, and Peter aka, "alternate" son to keep the PCs maps, Skip to keep notes, and Chris aka, son to be the party strategist and planner. I plan on running the Pathfinder series using Fantasy Grounds - www. I was going to put a post here but considering most of the people that post here are going to be purchasing the Pathfinder series it may be moot.