Cups Pdf Centos 6 Install Dhcp

Cups pdf centos 6 install dhcp

Install and configure DHCP server on centos 6

It is useful for LAN network, but not generally used for production servers. Read more about dhcp here. Edit this configuration file and update the ethernet name.

Cups pdf centos 6 install dhcp

So as a first part, copy the content of sample configuration file to the main configuration file. Sample configuration file may be changed as perversion you have installed on your system.

Install DHCP Package

First, edit DHCP configuration file and update subnet details as per your network. For this example we are configuring DHCP for In some cases, we need to assign a fixed IP to an interface each time it requested from dhcp.

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Setup host-name is optional to set up. At this stage we have a running dhcp server which is ready for accepting requests and assign them a proper ip. Now login to that client machine and edit Ethernet configuration file.


You will get that dhcp server assigned an ip address from the defined subnet. If you have connected to client pc from remote login, Your session can be disconnected. I, Rahul Kumar am the founder and chief editor of TecAdmin.

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Cups pdf centos 6 install dhcp

At the moment scenario is, I have got 7 different subnets, each on a different VLAN, I want to configure dhcp scopes for those networks.

I managed to configure the same on Windows , because it is very simple and easy to configure by the help of dhcp scopes. Can you please help??? This process is used for the LAN network. For the production servers, DHCP is also used.

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dhcp server configuration in centos 7

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Cups pdf centos 6 install dhcp

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